War of the Superheroes

It was a scene of absolute chaos. People ran through the streets, in a mad dash for safety as two god-like titans battled it out in the middle of the street. One was looming and ominous. It had a thick black body that bore more armour than skin. In fact, to most, it seemed as though his armour was his skin. And he was strong, to. With one hand, he had swept aside a tank as if it was nothing to him.

Against him stood a man who was much more than a passer-by would take him to be. Unlike his opponent, he wore clear blue clothing, adorned with a red-and-yellow crest, and a red cape. His hair was matted, and his cape was torn. But yet, he was like a cliff against a tsunami. He matched his enemy's strength with his own, blow for blow.

Around the two of them, their respective allies lay about, in various states of being wounded. To the left of the absolute carnage a man with black body-armour and a cape helped a woman with raven hair to her feet, as blood gushed down her arm.

"Your friends have abandoned you, Kal-El," the black-skinned being taunted as he drove his fist downwards, towards the one he had called Kal-El, who blocked the blow. He struck back, aiming for his opponent's ribcage. The blow landed very cleanly, sending his enemy back half a block.

"My friends," Kal-EL spat back as he used his super-speed to cross the distance between himself and his enemy, "are the reason I'm still standing, Darkseid."He finished as he struck Darkseid's jaw, sending him flying once more into the air, only to come crashing down again on the pavement.

"You are strong, Kryptonian," Darkseid spat as he struggled to his feet, reaching for his belt as he did so. "We will meet again, son of Krypton. I-"

"You aren't going anywhere!" a new, female voice shouted from the sky, as the one it belonged to shot downwards,, crashing into Darkseid. Dust rose as Kal-Ell rushed forward, almost afrait of what he might find in the crater. But he needn't have moved, as a body flew out from the crater, carried by two beams of red light.

"You sent the weak to do your bidding," Darkseid taunted as he got to his feet, "how very kingly of you," he finished as Kal-El rushed to the side of his cousin, Kara Zor-El. Kal-El didn't listen to his words, he only focused on checking Kara's vitals, which seemed to be normal. "I shall enjoy subjugating both of you to immense horrors when I return," Darkseid said as he pulled a remote from his belt. He pushed a button, and a circle of energy appeared from behind him.

"You aren't going anywhere..." Kara shouted weakly as he eyes glowed a deep red colour.

"Kara, no!" Kal-El shouted, but he was to late. She shot the beams of energy from her eyes, and struck Darkseid head-on. He stumbled backwards, into the circle of energy. What followed was a brilliant flash of light. Then, nothing.

What the hell am I doing? He thought as he dodged yet another bolt of energy. He was currently in the middle of New York, on the outskirts of a pitched battle between the gathered Avengers and a collection of their enemies, known as the Masters of Evil. The two groups had been slugging it out for most of they day, and neither side seemed to be able to gain an advantage. When the Avengers had called for the Fantastic four as backup, the Masters of Evil unleashed an army of doombots. And so, Peter Parker had found himself drawn into the pitched battle, despite his repeated claims that he had no place among the Avengers, given the fact that he was still in high school.

And speaking of school, that's where he should be, where he would be, if it wasn't for the fact that school had been cancelled, on accounts of the evacuation f a one-mile radius. And there where only two reason why he found himself in the middle of the battle. One, he knew he should be there, and two, his boss, J. Jonah Jameson would pay triple for pictures of heroes getting their asses kicked.

And so, Peter Parker had donned his Spider-suit and jumped into the fray. Currently, he was ducking underneath the sweeping, crushing strikes of the Incredible Hulk's arch-nemesis, the Abomination. A being who Peter knew full well was capable of tearing him in half. But only if he could see, so Peter covered the monster's eyes with webbing. He earned a vicious growl in return as he sped off, closer to the centre of the action,, where he knew he could get some good shots, at the very least.

He slid under a series of rockets fired by the Crimson Dynamo before being tackled by a Doombot. The robot quickly raised it's cannon arm, only for it to be lopped off by a thrown shield. Captain America's shield, to be exact.

"Best get out of here, son," the Captain remarked as he caught his defensive tool, "before-" He was cut off by a blast of energy that struck his side, sending him down to the ground.

"Captain!" Peter shouted as he moved to retrieve the super-soldier. At the last second, his spider-sense blared, and he ducked out of the way of a bolt of green energy. His eyes traced along the path that the energy must have followed, finding only a woman in green attire. Peter knew that looks could be deceiving, and that the woman seemed dangerous. He just didn't know how dangerous, until she fired another bolt of energy his way.

He rolled to the side, looking for either a reprieve or an opening. Luckily, he found the latter in the form of a charging Wolverine. The feral mutant distracted the spell-caster long enough for Peter to close the distance between them, and plant his fist squarely on her jaw. Uncle Ben told me to never hit women...but I'm sure he'd understand the situation I'm in. Peter thought as he rushed to the left, as two more founding Avengers, Thor and Iron Man, landed.

"Amora!" Thor shouted over the explosions and shouting, "This ends here!"

"No, God of Thunder," The green-clad woman replied as a mystical green field of energy warped itself around her, "It does not."

"Stop her!" Iron Man shouted as the circular arc reactor on his chest began to glow.

"Stark!" Peter shouted, understanding what could happen if he where to interrupt what looked like a method of trans-location. While he didn't believe in magic, he did believe that there was science that humans simply labelled as magic. And when science was misused, it could be deadly for all. "Don't-" But he was to late. Iron Man's chest exploded in a beam of pure energy, and struck the enchantress head-on. A wave of energy washed over everyone, and Peter collapsed on the ground, unconscious.