Twenty minutes ago:

Laura had come to a decision. She had decided that it was best to just get it off her mind, and she would tell Peter Parker how she felt about him. About how she wanted him so badly. After all, she knew that if she didn't, then she would forever be second-best, compared to the alien slut. She had spent several hour preparing herself. She had taken in the suggestions she had received from Megan, and dressed in a flattering way. But not in a way that she knew might upset him, or his Aunt.

She had opted for a simple red dress and a crisp black jacket. Both of which she was very uncomfortable in. They where to exposing, and served no function that could be useful, save for catching his eye. And the eyes of the occasional passer-by, many of whom did a double-take. But she did not care. Her only focus was the house that lay in front of her eyes. She could see a light on in the kitchen, and one in the upstairs hallway. She took in a very deep breath, knowing it was either now or never.

Laura took one tentative step forwards, only to be grabbed from behind. In an instant, her claws where extended from her hands, and she tried to whirl around to face her attacker. However, she was unable to break their grip over her. Which told her that the individual was strong. Very strong. Impossibly strong. And since Laura found herself unable to turn her head, she inhaled deeply, hoping to discover the identity of her attacker.

That was a big mistake on her part.

She could smell it. Her attacker was holding out a small canister in front of her nose. The lid was open, allowing the fumes to pour out. They entered her body, reaching her brain. She could feel her entire body trembling as she began to lose control. A thousand thoughts raced through her mind. How many people where nearby? How many would die within the next few minutes? Was Peter Parker nearby? Would he be able to put a stop to this? What would he think of her...

"Shhh," a voice said, interrupting her rapid train of thoughts, even as the urge to kill rose to a deadly height. "Shh...I just want him to see you for as you really are..." the voice. It was familiar. The last vestiges of her mind recognized it as belonging to Supergirl. With a feral roar, Laura forced herself out of the alien's grip, snapping her shoulder out of it's socket as she did so. She lashed out with her right hand, the one attached to her functioning arm, and tried to slice Supergirl's head straight off.

She didn't accomplish her goal. Instead, all she was able to do was leave a tiny red streak across the bitch's left cheek.

"Hmm," the alien smirked briefly, "stuff works faster than Luthor said it would. Now, as for you," She finished before Laura felt herself being blasted backwards, into the house. She slammed into and through the front door, and made a dent in the back wall.



"Oh," Was all Kara could say as she saw the dark-haired girl standing in the middle of the ruined living room. X-23 was practically dripping with rage. The remnants of her leather jacket where hanging off her shoulders, which where hunched forward. Her hair was matted, and all six metal claws where fully extended. "Crap."

"HRRAAGGHH!" the Mutant bellowed as she charged forward in a crazed frenzy. Luckily, Kara had plenty of time to get out of the way, simply by dashing to the side. However, X-23 proved to be much faster than Kara had anticipated, and bounded off the wall in a seemingly impossible feat of agility, in order to tackle her from the side. Kara found herself unable to dodge, and instead was brought down by the unexpected weight. "KILL YOU!" the crazed Mutant roared viciously as she swung her arm around, ready to slash Kara's face with her claws. Kara decided to let her, hoping that the blinding pain might be enough to make the girl realize that her fury was futile.

That turned out to be a mistake. In the mere seconds before the strike, Kara felt herself grow suddenly weaker. The metal grazed her skin like a match grazes a tinderbox, leaving behind a line of brief pain. She realized that the girl was covered in Kryptonite dust. Something which was nearly impossible to manufacture, unless you had the backing of either Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne. And Kara knew that the latter was unlikely to be involved. "HUURRAN'TYYUUTTRROLM-"

"Fuck you bitch," Kara snorted as she let loose a powerful blast of heat vision, which knocked X-23 into the ceiling. Using the reprieve, Kara launched herself to her feet, and felt the skin along her cheek. It felt raw, and she could definitely still feel it. Luckily, it seemed to be a relatively minor wound. If the Kryptonite had gotten into her bloodstream, then she knew she would be in serious trouble.

"HUUCCKKMESSSPLEASERRAGH!" X-23 screamed as she caught Kara off her guard again, and drew her claws across Kara's back. Kara, on the other hand, decided to take the fight into her domain. Which meant she had to get out of the house, and take the psychotic girl with her. So she did just that, holding X-23 by her arms as she sped out of the house at the speed of sound. Haakkouuut!" X-23 bellowed fiercely as Kara felt something slice against her thighs. The Mutant was trying to saw them off with her foot claws, which Kara would not have.

Knowing that her opponent could withstand the drop, Kara released her, somewhere over central park. But, at the last second, X-23 managed to break the skin on Kara's thigh. It wasn't a large wound, but seeing as the girl's claws where laced with Kryptonite, she could definitely feel it. She felt her strength ebbing away faster than before. The amount of dust that had settled in the wound was minimal, but it was enough to force her to the ground. Or, at least close enough for X-23 to leap up and grab her ankles with a vicious snarl. Kara kicked her away, but was pulled down to the ground fully as she reached for her earpiece.

"Supergirl to any Justice Leag-" Whump! She was cut off by being body-checked from the side by X-23, who attempted to dig her claws into Kara's back. Instead of relying on her powers, Kara relied on the training she had received as part of the League. She brought her legs close to her chest before pumping them out, kicking the clawed girl away. "Supergirl to all points. I'm under att-"

"This is Batman," a cool, crisp voice said trough her earpiece. "Backup should arrive in less than two minutes. Keep X-23 away from any civilians at all costs." That order puzzled Kara, She's after me, she thought as X-23 got back on her feet. Why is she- that question was answered as soon as Kara saw two joggers, as did X-23. Kara had only seconds to dash forward and catch the mutant before she reached the joggers.

"What the hell," Kara bellowed as she lifted the psycho into the air, and slammed her fist into her stomach. "Is your," she continued as she slammed the girl into the ground with a crack! "Proble-" her last words where cut short as X-23 kicked her in the stomach. Because of the Kryptonite exposure, Kara felt everything. She knew she was just lucky that the girl hadn't used the bladed part of her foot. What was unlucky was the fact that Kara had her feet knocked out from underneath her by a sweeping kick. And before she could recover from that, X-23 pinned her to the ground, and raised her claws for a killing blow. Kara managed to grab her wrist before the blow could be struck, and the two of them entered a contest of strength.

One which, under normal circumstances, Kara would have won in no time. But they where not under normal circumstances. Kara could feel her strength beginning to ebb away. At first, she was able to hold the claws back. But soon, she began to lose ground. Millimetre by millimetre the sharp claws edged towards her face.

"Irgghan'tsstoop!" X-23 screamed in a tone that Kara recognized as one of fear, not fury. She began to see the tears swelling up in the girl's eyes, even as she tried to kill Kara. The claws finally managed to reach Kara's forehead, gently grazing the skin as sweat built up on Kara's forehead. She had seconds to think of a way out of her situation. She tried to move her legs, but she was completely pinned. She tried to use her heat vision, but that power eluded her for the moment. Her only saving grace came in the shape of a man in a cowl, who covered the girl's face with something. In less than a second, X-23 dropped to the ground, unconscious.


"Hey, wake up sexy," a soft voice cooed, enticing him to open his eyes. He was in a well-lit room, lying on a soft bed. Very expensive fabric pressed against his skin. Easily more expensive than anything he could afford. In fact, he noticed that the entire room was that way. He rolled to his feet, finding that he was dressed in his hero outfit, and looked around the room. "'bout time," Kara cooed from where she stood against the wall. She was wearing her Supergirl outfit, which was perfectly trimmed against her exquisite body.

"Wha' happened?" he asked groggily. The last thing he remembered was Kara flying him home.

"You fell asleep, duh!" Kara replied with a coy smile as she crossed the distance between them.

"I...I did?" He asked, as she reached under his mask, and pulled it up.

"You did," she moaned before pressing her lips against his in a powerful kiss. "Now, where were we?" she smirked as she pushed him backwards, back onto the bed. He certainly couldn't complain, as she teased his crotch with her left hand, while her right removed her cape. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this," she said as she tugged at his pants, pulling them free with ease. He moved his hands up the side of her body, completely lost in the moment. He felt her shudder as his hands grasped her breasts. She moaned in pleasure as he moved one hand down, towards her skirt. He moved to remove it, just as a cry of pain split the air.

"Damn," Kara said as her expression changed. His Spider-sense went haywire, and he leaped out of her reach. He realized that he was not seeing Kara, but her doppelganger. And he knew he stood no chance of getting out alive, but he had to try. He leaped forward, and tried to kick her in the face. Instead of going left or right, she absorbed the blow without even flinching. And before he could react, she grabbed his leg, and swung him around, into the wall. "This could have gone so much better," Galetea sighed.

"How so?" Peter mocked as he rolled to his feet, and tried to get out of the path of her grabbing hands.

"Well for starters," Galetea shrugged as she managed to catch him on the shoulder. "We could have spent the night fucking so hard that we'd need a new bed," she continued as she slammed him onto the floor. "Same with tomorrow night. And then the night after that. And after that. And-"

"Endless sex with a deranged alien who-" Peter began as Galetea tossed him across the room. "-does sound like fun. Except for the whole evil supervillainess part. I-" She slammed her fist into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

"Admit it," Galetea said as she let him sprawl out on the floor. He tried to rise, but the pain in his side was blinding. He knew that easily half his ribs might be broken from that one punch alone. "You find me way more attractive than my clone."

"You're the clone, bit-" he tried to say, but was cut short by Galetea's foot being placed on his back.

"-and speaking of clones," Galetea smirked as she brought her head to be level with his. "What's going on between you and X-23? Trying to get a little action on the side?" Galetea continued as she licked his ear in a sensual manner. "We could have brought her into this little circle. Maybe have a threesome in the oval office. Or in the Hall of Justice. But no," she snarled as she gripped the back of Peter's head, and pushed it into the ground. "Everything just has to go wrong."