Falling Into Reason

Chapter 1

"ALEX! Alex! Baby!" Piper jumped in bed with Alex, wrapping her arms around her, kissing ever y inch of skin she could reach. Giggling Piper said her name again "Alex…"

Groaning, Alex rolled over. "Fuck Pipes, I was screaming your name as the sun came up, wasn't that enou…" her protests were muffled by Piper kissing her soundly. The kiss flared quickly, Alex moaning and reaching. Piper broke the kiss with a groan, panting and smiling.

"Alex, we did it!"

"Yea, all night, Kid" Alex said with a smirk. Looking from Piper's lips up to her eyes, Alex's breath caught in her throat. Those eyes, so full of love and life, they always stop Alex in her tracks. Those eyes drew her in from day one. Thinking back to that night, getting lost in her own memories, she jumps when she feels Piper smack her arm.

"Ow, Piper! What the hell?"

"Alex, pay attention to me! Did you hear me? WE DID IT! And I'm not talking about fucked all night long. Jeez, think without your pussy for a change."

"You've never complained about me thinking with it before. What are you….shit. No way. PIPER!"

Sitting up quickly, she nearly threw Piper off the side of the bed. Piper grabbed hold of Alex, smiling her big, open smile. The smile turned into a laugh as she held out the stick to Alex. Alex grabbed the stick, turning it this way and that, trying to figure out how to read it. Piper took it from her hands, flipped it the right way and said "Right there, see? Plus sign. We're gonna have a baby, Baby!"

Alex froze. She didn't know what to say. To think. They had been through two rounds of failed IVF. They promised each other that this was the last time. Alex knew how much Piper wanted a baby, their baby. She just couldn't stand to see Piper fall apart again. So, Alex insisted, Piper relented and they promised that if this round failed, there would be no more. They would look into adoption, or maybe even a surrogate. But no more for Piper.

"Piper…when…how? What….SHIT! Piper…" Alex grabbed Piper's face and kissed her. Sweetly. Tenderly. She tried to pour everything she was feeling into the kiss. It must have worked because she felt tears. She pulled back, looking Piper in the eyes, stroking her face, tracing the path of Piper's tears. She felt her own eyes welling and said "Yea Baby, we did it"