Chapter 25

Dinner was delicious and Liam happily sat in his bouncy seat the whole meal. He really was a good baby. Piper's dad was coming over for dinner again tomorrow night. It was becoming routine for him to come over on Friday nights to do dinner and spend time with Liam. Piper loved it. Nicky and Morello usually came by once a week. Nicky swore Morello was getting baby fever and they were going to stop coming over so much but Piper and Alex both knew she was just as smitten with him as Lorna was. Taystee, Cindy, Watson and Poussey had been by a couple times to visit. Piper had written Red and sent a picture of Liam and asked her to show Boo and Suzanne.

After cleaning up from dinner, Piper took Liam into his room to change him and feed him one more time. He fell asleep while eating and she put him in his crib. He wouldn't stay there all night, but at least they had a routine of starting out there now. He would end up in the bed with her and Alex for a few hours then finish off the night in his bassinet in their room. Piper and Alex liked having him in bed with them but they both agreed it couldn't go on for too long or they would never get him out.

Kissing him on the head, she turned on the small lamp in the corner and checked to make sure the monitor was on. Closing the door nearly shut, she went to their room. Alex was in bed reading. Looking up when Piper came into the room, she put the book aside and opened her arms. Piper went to her and crawled in her lap. "Alex, can we talk for a little while? And you just hold me?" Piper tentatively asked.

"You know you don't even have to ask me that Pipes. What's on your mind?" Alex responded.

"Remember in the hospital when I asked you to help me shower? I was scared for you to look at me and you said you wouldn't look until I was ready?" Piper began

"Yes. It's been hard not to look Pipes, I'm not gonna lie. You've got a great ass and I love those legs but, mmm, I do love the front side of you." Alex told her.

"See, that's the problem. The body you used to love isn't there anymore. I don't look the same. The incision has healed and the swelling in my stomach has gone down but there is still a scar there and I've still got stretch marks. What if you see it and you don't want me anymore? What if you aren't attracted to me anymore?"

"Piper, don't be crazy. I'm so attracted to you it's insane. I want you so much, all the time, that I can barely be in the same room with you without getting wet. Sharing a bed with you at night, feeling you against me…it's been torture. I ache for you Piper. I think I've broken every toy we have in the last few weeks"

Piper felt herself getting hot listening to Alex tell her how much she wanted her. "What if I said I was ready for you to look at me, but I wanted you to go slow?" Piper asked

Moaning, Alex took Piper's ear lobe in her mouth and bit, then sucked it. Releasing it, she said "I told you earlier, whatever you wanted to do. We can go as slow as you want, do as little or as much as you want"

Trailing her finger down Alex's neck, she started down her chest and was just about to dip down the top of Alex's shirt to play with the swell of her breast when Liam chose that exact moment to let out a cry. Groaning, Piper went to get up. "No, I'll go. You go take a bath and relax. I'll put him back down and be back before you're done. We will finish this." Alex said. Kissing her, Alex moved Piper from her lap and went to get Liam.

Piper went to take her bath and she stayed longer than she intended. She was nervous. She felt like it was her first time with Alex all over again. She guessed in a way it was. They were new people now. She had a new body. Though Alex said she wanted her, Piper still had her doubts about how she would react once she really saw her.

When Piper emerged from the bathroom she heard music coming from the living room. Smiling and slipping on her robe, she went out to see what was going on. She found Alex in a thread bare tank top and boy shorts. Her mouth went dry. God, she was hot no matter what she wore. Spinning around fast to face Piper, Alex began to mouth the words of the song to her.

Pointing to herself, then to Piper:

"I love myself, I want you to love me"

Shimmying to the floor and looking up at Piper

"When I feel down, I want you above me"

Standing and covering her eyes

"I search myself, I want you to find me"

Looking Piper right in the eyes

"I forget myself, I want you to remind me"

Slowly walking towards Piper

"I don't want anyone else"

Stopping in front of her, running her hand down her body, ending up in her boy shorts and cupping herself

"When I think about you I touch myself. I don't want anybody else"

Shaking her head

"oh no, oh no, oh no"

She danced around Piper a bit more, all the while leaving her hands in her boy shorts and playing with herself. Piper felt like she had fire running through her veins. She wanted Alex. She wanted to be the one touching her. Turning to face her, she was surprised to find Alex right behind her. So close but not touching. Grabbing her hips, she pulled Alex to her. Every inch of them touching from the waist down, Piper leaned back and looked down Alex's body. She still had her hand in her shorts and Piper could tell she was slowly rubbing herself. Piper could feel the back of Alex's knuckles rub against her middle. Piper moved her eyes slowly up Alex's body. She could see her nipples through the thin material of her tank top and they were starting to harden. Flaring her nostrils and taking a deep breath, she finally brought her eyes up to meet Alex's. What she saw in her eyes sent a shot of lust straight to her sex. She felt herself swelling with need. "Take me to bed Alex" she stated simply.

Pulling her hand out of her shorts, she hooked her fingers through the loops on Piper's robe and started walking backwards, pulling Piper with her. The music was still playing but it had switched to "Fade Into You". A memory fluttered at the back of Piper's mind but she couldn't quite grasp it. Alex jerked Piper flush against her body and slammed her mouth into hers. As soon as their mouths connected, the memory came crashing in, full force. Their first time. Alex's old apartment. Up against the door. Piper's legs wrapped around Alex as Alex played with her, teasing her. Piper begging to be taken to bed. When she finally threw her on the bed and laid on top of her, "Fade Into You" was filtering through the speakers in her room. "How fitting" Piper thought.

In their bedroom, Alex turned Piper towards the bed and backed her up until the backs of her legs connected with the bed. Gently, she pushed Piper back until she was spread out on the bed. Alex had to remind herself to go slow. Pulling off her tank top and sliding her shorts down her legs, Alex climbed on top of Piper and started kissing her. Licking at her bottom lip, asking for entrance, nipping and licking some more until Piper opened up to her. Darting her tongue in and out of Piper's mouth, she propped herself up on her elbows and cradled Piper's head in her hands. Pulling away from Piper's lips, she kissed across her cheek, up to her temple, down to her eyelid, over to the other eye lid, her temple, her cheek and finally back to her mouth.

Piper was running her hands up and down Alex's back. She was enjoying the feel of Alex on top of her. She spread her legs so that Alex could settle more comfortably on top of her. Spreading her legs brought her swollen sex in direct contact with Alex's very naked pussy. Piper jolted at the contact. Moaning, she pulled Alex closer to her. Running her nails from Alex's ass up her back, she pushed up in to her. Throwing her head back and growling low in her throat, Alex looked down at her and panted out "I don't know what you want"

Looking Alex in the eyes, "I want you" Piper told her

"I'm right here" Alex mumbled before swooping down and taking her mouth in a searing kiss again. Piper felt her head spin. She wanted more. Reaching around to the front of Alex, she pushed her back slightly then cupped her breasts. Taking her right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, she started to pinch and rub. She took her left nipple between her lips and flicked and nipped in time with her ministrations of the right one. Alex was groaning and panting. "Pipes, let me feel you too. I want to touch you."

Sitting up and straddling her, Alex began to slowly undo Piper's robe. Never taking her eyes off Piper, she slowly opened the robe, pushing it to the side. Lying down on top of her again so that they were skin to skin, Alex started kissing Piper again. Making her relax again. She rubbed her breasts back and forth across Piper's. Piper gasped at the friction. Moving from her mouth once again, she started kissing down her neck. Stopping at the place right in the middle she knew drove Piper crazy, she sucked the skin in. Releasing it, she grazed her teeth down, then sucked the skin into her mouth again. Moving down again, she left a trail of wet kisses down Piper's neck. Across her chest. Piper's fingers were digging into Alex's hips by now, trying to bring her closer once again.

Leaning up, Alex shook her head no and told her to be patient. Bending back down, she captured her right nipple between her teeth and pulled. Piper shrieked and bucked. Alex chuckled to herself. Oh, her baby was ready. She was more than ready. "Alex, do that again. Oh God, it felt so good." Piper begged. Smiling, Alex repeated the motion to the right nipple, then switched to the left. Licking around her nipple when she was done, she moved down further. She felt Piper start to tense up. "Shhh baby, I got you. Relax. I won't do anything you don't want to do. All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will. Trust me." She whispered against her skin.

Slowly licking a hot trail down her stomach to her belly button, Alex dipped her tongue inside and swirled her tongue around. Pulling her tongue out, she kissed her belly button and everywhere around it. Pulling back, she shifted to the side a little and propped herself on her elbow. With her fingers, she started to gently rub Piper's stomach in lazy patterns. She was looking at Piper's face. Piper had her eyes closed and her mouth pressed into a firm line. She was breathing fast through her nose. "Piper, look at me. Only at me. Not what you're seeing in your head. Look at me" Alex commanded. Piper slowly opened her eyes and looked at Alex. "Stay with me Kid. You and me. No pretending. You are safe here, remember?"

Seeing Piper nod, she pulled her eyes away and looked at Piper's stomach. There was a light pink scar that ran slightly above her pubic line and there were stretch marks but Alex found them incredibly sexy. She traced each mark with her finger, then with her tongue. Placing kisses randomly across her stomach, she moved to Piper's scar. This she traced slowly and lovingly. She placed open mouthed kisses across the entire length of the scar over and over. Piper was starting to squirm and thrust up into her again. Looking up, she saw Piper watching her with hooded eyes.

"You are so beautiful. Here..." she whispered, tracing a stretch mark. "And here..." tracing another one. "And especially here..." tracing her scar again. She lightly licked the scar from one end to the other, then blew on it

"Please Alex…" Piper choked out

"Ok Kid…" taking her hand, she palmed Piper. She was soaking wet. "God Pipes, you're so wet. You are so ready baby." Alex ground out through gritted teeth. "Slow Vause" she reminded herself. Kissing lower, Alex moved her hand and slowly replaced it with her mouth. She licked a trail of fire from Piper's ass up to her clit, then blew on that same trail. Piper bucked up off the bed but Alex stayed with her. Licking from back to front again, she took her hands and spread Piper open so she could have better access to her clit. Kissing the insides of her thighs, teasing all around her clit, taking a long, lazy lick from back to front one more time had Piper begging her. "Now Al, please baby…please."

"Please what Pipes?" Alex said against her sex.

Feeling Alex's mouth move against her and hearing her voice muffled, knowing why it was muffled, made Piper shiver. "Make me come baby. It's been so long."

Smiling, Alex attacked Piper's clit. She did everything she knew to do and then some. Piper was writhing on the bed. "Alex!" she cried out "I'm coming baby, I'm coming"

Pulling her mouth away, Alex said "Show me Pipes".

Piper bucked up off the bed and panted out "I want you…inside me. Now!"

Alex slowly slipped two fingers inside and thrust in and out. She felt Piper's walls contracting, pulling her in deeper. She thrust harder and put her mouth back on Piper's clit. Piper shot off like a rocket, a high keening noise escaping her lips. Alex rode her out and licked at her until Piper pushed her head away. Kissing her way back up her body, Alex rolled Piper on top of her. Piper took Alex in an all-consuming kiss, tasting herself on her lips and in Alex's mouth. "You're turn" Piper said against Alex's mouth.

Alex stopped her. "We don't have to babe. Tonight was all about you. I can wait."

"Alex, I want you. I'm going to fuck my wife. Right now. Shut up and hold on." Piper said to her.

Running her hand down between her legs, she could feel Alex already swollen and dripping. Moaning, she latched onto Alex's neck while slipping a finger inside. She quickly slipped another inside and spread them, stretching Alex out. Alex gripped the bed and spread her legs wider. Piper started to pump in and out while continuing to suck on her neck. She was going to mark Alex but she didn't care. Alex started to thrust onto Piper's fingers. "More…more Pipes. God you feel so good". Piper spread her fingers once more, then slid a third finger in. Now every time she pushed in, her pinky finger would probe at Alex's asshole. Every time she touched it, Alex would clench and grunt. Sliding down her body a bit further, she took Alex's nipple in her mouth. She flicked in time with her thrusts.

Alex couldn't be still or quiet at this point. She needed more. It had been so long since Piper had touched her like this. She was surrounded by sensation. She could feel Piper all around her, in her. She could still taste her on her lips. "Piper…babe…fuuuck"

"Let go for me baby. Come for me. Lose it" Piper said. Two more thrusts and Alex came apart in Piper's hands. Sobbing Piper's name, she grabbed Piper by the head and pulled her up to her. She kissed her deeply while Piper still thrust inside of her, riding out Alex's orgasm. She hooked her leg around Piper and wrapped her arms around her. Piper pulled her hand away and ran her hands up into Alex's hair and gripped. Rolling them to the side, Piper pulled Alex as close as she could get her. Catching their breath, Piper felt like she was home again. Whatever nerves she had before were banished now. Piper still had a long way to go but she knew now, no matter what, Alex would stay with her. Alex wanted her for life. With that, she could work through anything.

"Alex, thank you. I love you." Piper whispered into the darkness

"I love you Kid. So much."

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