Christmas had finally made its way to Jump City. The snow gently fell upon the streets and rooftops as the moon glowed from behind the clouds, the crystal white blanket of snow adding to the moon's gentle light. The streets were nearly abandoned, for all the children were asleep, and their parents were preparing for Santa's imminent arrival. Decorations and banners were strung about the lamp posts and traffic lights. A forty foot high Christmas tree towered above all else in the town center courtyard, its lights and ornaments illuminating the winter wonderland. Christmas was finally here. Soft Christmas-Time music could be heard echoing from the city's central plaza.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas! Just like the ones I used to know!"

The joyful music began to compete against the sound of distant sirens fast approaching. Soft yellow lights became overpowered by intense flashing red and white beams. The music was now inaudible as a large white Jump City Ambulance sped past the courtyard, immediately followed by the T-Car. Eight tires burrowed through the layer of snow, tearing apart the smooth blanket that had just been covering the dark asphalt as they raced their way through the city streets.

Inside the ambulance, the driver peered through the icing windshield, gloved hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel. He briefly glanced over to his right where his partner was sitting.

"Shit shit shit shit fucking shit! When we got the call that some fuckhead OD'd, I didn't think that we'd be fucking taking him to the hospital!"

"Just focus on not getting us all killed, alright!" The passenger replied, her face reflecting the light of her computer monitor. "I'd very much like to live to see my kid unwrap his presents, ok? Just focus on driving, Tommy. It's just another routine drive."

"Routine? What the fuck is routine about this!? Here we are on Christmas Eve—"

"Morning now-"

"Morning, WHATEVER! And we got a dying Titan in the back of our truck! What if he doesn't make it? That'll be all on my head!"

The ambulanced leaned to the left as the vehicle made a sharp right turn.

"Just focus on getting us there!" The medic ended their discussion as she closed her laptop. She turned peered around her seat to look into the back of the ambulance. "Hey, how's he doin'?"

In the back compartment of the vehicle, tubes pumping liquids, IV bags, wires, cords, and other medical gear dangled and bounce around above the third medic's head. He was just finishing sticking a needle in his patient's arm with practiced precision as he turned to reply.

"He ain't doing too good. He's fading and getting colder by the minute."

The medic turned his head to the left and gazed through the door's window to see the T-Car following them not ten feet behind them. He couldn't see through their tinted windows, but he knew exactly who the four people in that car were. And he wasn't prepared to find out what they would do to him if he failed to keep their teammate alive.

He peered at the monitors that surrounded him.

BP 92

BP 91

Not good.

"Fuck. I'm calling it in!"

The medic set down his equipment and reached for the radio. He grabbed the corded microphone from its holster and pressed the button.

"JMC, we have an early-twenties' male found down, unresponsive. Possible overdose, substance unknown, pulse is sixty and thready. Respiration's eight, he's intubated and we're baggin' him now. Uhh BP, ninety over palp, patient is cool, pale and diaphoretic. Has aspirated, uhh GSC is three, we'll update en route, ETA, ten minutes."

He glanced down at the unconscious face of his patient. A patient he thought and hoped he'd never have. They all seemed so invincible. Too much was at stake to let this titan die. To let any of them die. He pulled the radio's microphone back to his face.

"Side note: It's Beast Boy."

Beast Boy laid on the medical bed, falling deeper into death's cold embrace, the bouncing vehicle causing his head to lightly bob left and right, his breath growing lighter with every passing second, lost in darkness. It was the first time in his life that he was able to fall asleep before Christmas Day.

3 Months Earlier

The Sun rose high above the Jump City landscape. It was noon on a cool September day. Fall was creeping its way into the leaves of the trees. Green was giving way to Orange. Titans' tower gleamed in the sunlight as it stood upon its personal island in the City bay.

Beast Boy snored loudly, still tangled up in deep slumber, his drool pouring onto his pillow. He laid on his stomach, his body sideways on the bed, his legs hanging off the side. Half of his body was covered by the dark purple bed sheets; his forest green hair twisted into his favorite hairstyle of bed-head.

The door opened, and a narrow beam of light sliced its way through the room. A cloaked silhouette let out an aggravated sigh and extended its arm towards the bed in the center of the room. The unconscious green man was enveloped in dark energy and was lifted towards the door, snoring the entire way through.

As his naked form made it to the hallway, the dark energy vanished and Beast Boy promptly landed on the floor. His face broke the fall with a loud thud. Beast Boy woke with a start as he wheezed; the air had almost completely left his lungs. Raven stood above him with her arms folded, her face as expressionless as ever.

"Beast Boy, if you are going to keep on sleeping with me in my room, this has got to stop."

Beast Boy looked around the bright and blurry hallway. He felt confused, with no idea where in the hell he was or how he got there. Was someone talking to him? He found a pair of blue shoes on the floor in front of him. He lifted his gaze upward to find a sexy pair of pale legs, followed by a dark blue leotard, a belt made of round red gems, a blue cloak, violet hair, and the most gorgeous pair of violet eyes that he had ever seen. They were gazing right at him with a displeased look within them.

"Morning Rae." He coughed out, still trying to catch his breath.

"I told you before; you need to stop sleeping in all of the time. It is almost one in the afternoon, and you haven't even taken a shower."

"Hey, I thought you liked my manly musk, remember?"

"Do you ever do anything other than eat and sleep?" Evading his question with one of her own.

Beast Boy stood up to look down at Raven. "Yes Raven. I also like to fu—" Raven abruptly placed her hand firmly across his mouth.

"Gar," she said quietly, "I love you, and I love the time we spend together both inside and out of this tower. But if you ever use that word to describe our time together in bed, I'll personally reintroduce you to my father. Are we clear?"

Beast Boy nodded, and Raven removed her hand from his mouth.

"Now please Beast Boy, try to get up earlier from now on. I don't want to have to wake you all of the time."

"Well how early would you like for me to get up?"

Raven thought briefly, "It would be nice if you meditated with me in the mornings. I wake up at around 5:30 to catch the sunrise—"

"5:30?" Beast Boy was stunned. "You want me up at 5:30 in the morning!?"

Raven sighed "Forget it, Gar I'll just—"

"No no no, it's okay. I just need to adjust my internal clock is all."

"You don't have to wake up so early if you don't want to."

"No it's alright."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. If it means spending more time with you, then I'll do it."

Raven let out one of her rare Mona Lisa smiles at that statement. Those smiles always managed to melt Beast Boy's heart, and make him feel all giddy inside. She kissed him on the cheek, and looked into his eyes.

"Your tofu is in the fridge. I also had Cyborg get you some soy milk."

She turned and walked away.

"Love you, Rae!" He shouted to her.

Raven looked back at him as she continued to walk away,

"Love you too. And please try to improve your meditating."

"I will!" He smiled.

Just before Raven turned the corner, she glanced at him one last time. Her eyes moved downward before going back to meet his eyes. She blushed.

"And get dressed before somebody sees you." She vanished behind the corner.

Beast Boy was confused until he looked down.


Was he standing there talking to Raven while he had morning wood the entire time? Buck ass naked?! He attempted to cover himself with one hand as he quickly punched in the code for Raven's bedroom door with the other and darted inside.

Beast Boy knew all too well that while Raven appeared bored and innocent on the outside, she had her own mischievous sexual thoughts and fantasies of him brewing inside her mind. He wondered if she had dragged him out there just to see him in all of his glory in bright lighting. He would find a way to return the favor.

In the meantime, where the hell did he dump his suit?

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