Prime Candidate

The city was in chaos. It had been over a decade since the west coast had its last great earthquake. Several smaller buildings were reduced to rubble, and many roads were now split and raised by almost two meters. The power was out. There was no cell phone service in the area, and emergency service teams were left unprepared. All save for one.

The Titans flew above the city in the T-Ship. Beast Boy looked down to the hordes of devastated civilians. He wondered how many were rendered homeless. His animal instincts were in a frenzy ever since the earthquake first hit the city. His mind was restless and he couldn't seem to calm himself. He was fidgeting in his seat until a familiar calming wave trickled through his mind. He sighed happily, and looked over towards Raven's cockpit.

Her mouth moved and a second later her voice spoke through Beast Boy's headset.

"You need to relax, Gar. I can feel your anxiety like a freight train."

"It's the animals. Their instincts, inside me. There freaking out over the earthquake."

"Focus. Take the brief time you have to meditate, and calm your nerves. I won't always be around to calm your emotions."

He forced a chuckle, "Is meditating your solution to every situation?"

"Only when I can't drink my tea."

Robin's voice echoed through the team's headsets, ending the couple's conversation "Okay team, here's the situation. The city's power station is damaged, and there is a risk of a nuclear meltdown. It needs to be repaired immediately. Emergency service teams are isolated and can't get to where they need to be." He paused before adding grimly, "There will no doubt be many casualties. There are civilians trapped under collapsed buildings and on the bridges. Cyborg, get to the power station and assist with repairs."

"Copy that, Robin."

Cyborg opened his cockpit and began to climb out as the ship flew over the power station. After Cyborg leapt off of the ship, Robin continued.

"Starfire, Raven, I need you two to assist with rescue efforts. Find any trapped individuals and bring them to safety. Beast Boy, get to the bridge. There are hundreds of people stuck there, and they need to be kept under control."

"Crowd control, Rob?" Beast Boy replied, "Seriously?"

"Once I contact emergency services," Robin continued, ignoring Beast Boy, "they'll be able to assist you with ushering civilians off of the bridge. Now move out Titans!"

Robin initiated the ship's auto pilot function and opened his cockpit. The other three followed suit. As Robin and Starfire abandoned the T-Ship, Raven and Beast Boy were left alone on top. Raven spoke over the roaring winds, "Are you sure you'll be alright without me?"

"It's just crowd control, Raven, I can handle it. I'm worried about you."

"Don't be. The buildings I'll be around are already collapsed." She turned to leave before turning back to him. A worried look filled her eyes, "Keep your instincts under control."

"I will, Rae."

They came together and shared a brief, yet passionate kiss. Their lips parted, and Raven put her hood over her head.

"I'll see you soon."

He nodded before watching Raven fly off after Starfire. Beast Boy turned to look towards the bridge. The light from the Sun reflected off of the bay, causing him to squint his eyes. He ran to the edge of the ship and dived forward. Beast Boy fell above the city before morphing into a pterodactyl. He grazed the water with his talons before pulling up and flying towards the bridge.

As he arrived at the center of the bridge, he morphed back into his normal form and assessed his surroundings. The bridge was in gridlock. Cars were parked bumper to bumper, and hundreds of people were standing outside of their vehicles. A school bus was nearby, and the bus driver was busy attempting to keep the children on the bus. A Jump City news helicopter circled the bridge, and had its attention set on the newly arrived Titan.

Beast Boy noticed that he was not standing on level ground. He looked up to see that one of the bridge's support tethers was detached and swinging slowly on the side of the bridge. As a result, the bridge had tilted slightly to the side. The tether had obviously done some damage, because there were cars on the road that had been slammed by the thick wire as it fell. Clearly the people on the bridge noticed the tether as well, because they were in a panic.

People were pushing, shoving, and shouting at each other as they tried to get to the end of the bridge with their belongings. Beast Boy decided to take action.

"Attention citizens!" he cupped his hands around his mouth to form a makeshift megaphone. "Remain calm! Emergency services are on the way to-"

Beast Boy noticed that nobody seemed to be paying any mind to him.

"Get out of the fucking way!"

"My dog is trapped in my car, man!"

"Umm, citizens?-", Beast Boy tried to interject.

"I can't get any service!"

"I think I'm having a heart attack!"

"Attention please?" he tried, with no results.

"¿Estoy alucinando? ¿Puede alguien decirme por qué este hombre es de color verde? Qué nadie más vea esta mierda?"

Beast Boy jumped on top of a van and morphed his nose into an elephant trunk. He made the loudest elephant noise that he possibly could, and as a result every head on the bridge turned to his direction.

"Now that I have your attention…" Beast Boy looked to the crowd and realized how silent it had just became. They all starred right back at him.

God, this is awkward.

"Now that I have your attention, emergency services are on their way. Remain calm, return to your vehicles and everything-" He began to feel anxious again. "—will be fine."

"Fine!?" one citizen shouted, "How is this fine!? The bridge is going to collapse, and we're all stuck here!"

More citizens began to shout, "My kids don't know if I'm okay! I don't know if they're okay!"

"¿Alguien más vio al chico crecer una trompa de elefante?"

"My dog is still in my car, man!"

Beast Boy's communicator began to ring. As he fumbled at his belt to retrieve it, his communicator fell and opened as it hit the ground. As he reached down to pick it up, he read the alert on the screen.


Beast Boy's breath hitched. His first instinct was to fly, but he had a job to do. The bridge began to slowly rock left and right. The citizens began to panic as the swaying intensified.

"Everybody hold onto something!" Beast Boy shouted as he leapt from the van and morphed into an Eagle. As he circled the bridge, the support tethers began to strain and weaken under the stress of the aftershock. Beast Boy dived towards the tethers and morphed into a Giant Squid. As he fell forward, he wrapped his tentacles around the tethers in order to support them.

As he hung on the side of the swaying bridge, the people's panicking and screaming increase. Beast Boy turned his body to look, and he saw people running away from the tethers on the opposite end of the bridge. Before he could react, two of the tethers snapped from the top and came falling down towards the road. Beast boy launched himself in the air and morphed into a Gorilla before catching one of the falling tethers. As he caught the first tether the second was falling towards the school bus.

The tether was too far away for Beast Boy to do anything, and he watched as the tether slammed into the back of the school bus. The children inside screamed as the bus was pushed to the edge of the bridge, and broke through the side railing. Beast Boy set down the first tether and ran towards the teetering bus. Before he made it to the bus, he heard more tethers snap behind him. The circling news helicopter backed away from the bridge to reach a safe distance. As he turned around he saw four of the tethers that he was previously securing fall to the cars below, and people dove away to avoid being crushed.

This is getting out of hand really fast!

He grabbed for his communicator and pressed the button on the side. His communicator then sent an emergency distress signal to the other Titans.

As the aftershock settled, Beast Boy heard a man shout behind him, "HELP! My Dog is trapped in my car, man!"

Beast Boy saw a man in his twenties with long hair trying to open the door of his damaged green van. Beast Boy came to the car, and used his Gorilla strength to rip the door off of its hinges. The man's Dog jumped from the car, and landed in his owners arms.

"Like, thanks man!" he said before running off with the rest of the crowd.

Beast Boy's attention was then brought back to the school bus. It was quickly sliding forward before he ran behind the bus and grabbed it by the rear bumper. The children inside looked through the back window looked outside to see a green Gorilla pull their Bus back to safety. One curly haired child waved at him. Beast Boy waved back with his Gorilla hand in amusement.

Then another tether snapped behind Beast Boy, and it was falling right on top of him. Just before the tether was about to crush him and the bus, it was suddenly encased in dark energy and tossed over the edge.

"You can't even handle crowd control?" Raven said, sarcastically, before flying towards the other fallen tethers. As she began repairing the tethers, they were both accompanied by Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg. They all immediately went to work securing tethers, and escorting people off of the bridge. Beast Boy was distracted for a moment before the bridge buckled due to its lack of support, and the bus was jerked towards the edge. The weight of the falling bus was too much for Beast Boy and he was pulled forward. He slammed his unoccupied hand into the concrete before the bus could pull him over the edge. He slid before finding his grip, and he came to an abrupt halt. He hung with one hand grabbing the railing and the other grabbing the school bus.

Beast Boy's attention was focused on the hand gabbing the bridge. He strained and held on for his life, and the lives of the school children. He began to slip until he felt a metal hand grab his furry arm.

"Got ya, buddy!"

Cyborg pulled Beast Boy back on top of the bridge and Beast Boy pulled the Bumper back up with him. The rest of the team gathered around to make sure their partner was okay.

Cyborg laughed, "Man! Man, oh man! That was a close…" his human eye widened. "…one."

Beast Boy morphed back into his human form and sat backwards on the pavement. "Yeah," he chuckled, "You could say that again."

He wiped his sweating forehead and looked at his friends. They all had the same expression on their faces: Shock. Pure shock.

"What? What is it?"

What worried Beast Boy more than their silence was the fact that they were looking not at him, but past him. Beast Boy turned around and his heart filled with dread. He shot up on his feet.

"No… No, no, no, no, no!"

The bumper of the school bus made it on the bridge, but nothing else. It had been ripped from the back of the heavy vehicle.

Beast Boy couldn't breathe. He ran to the edge of the bridge and looked down to the waters below. Directly underneath him, white foam was beginning to fade on the water's surface. The remains of a splash that had long ended.

Beast Boy's eyes began to fill with tears. "Oh no, oh shit, oh no!"

He jumped off of the edge. He dived a hundred meters and morphed into a shark before hitting the water. On the bridge, many onlookers stared silently, many covering their mouths. The titans made their way off the bridge after Beast Boy.

Beast Boy swam to the bottom of the river in his shark form. He found the bus upside down, resting on the river bottom. He morphed back into a Giant Squid and wrapped his tentacles around the bus.

On the beach, the Titans gathered as they watched Beast Boy pull the bus to shore in his Gorilla form. Once he settled the bus on the sand, he ripped the back door off of the school bus, and water poured outward. Along with seaweed and salt water, there were backpacks, textbooks and lunch boxes that fell onto the sand. Once the water stopped pouring from the bus, Beast Boy morphed back into his human form.

He stared at the inside of the bus for what seemed like an eternity. It felt like he was in a nightmare, and he was about to step into its horrific climax. Raven approached him from behind and placed a hand on his shoulder. Before her hand had settled, Beast Boy pulled away and climbed into the back of the bus.

From the moment they all saw Beast Boy lift only the bumper over the edge of the bridge, the Titans all knew what they would find inside the remains of the school bus.


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