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Chapter 4: Endless pain

I woke up on a blood stained floor nauseous from the previous day. Talking was more of a pain then I thought .what did Rid mean by his superiors? He wasn't the boss ?but how? Nobody could possibly be as strong or insane as Rid. And if there is I sure as HELL don't want to meet them!

Coal pushed himself up a little before stumbling and falling face first. FUCK ,EVERYTHINGS SO FUZZY LOOKING AND BLURRY! Damn it did I lose that much blood? He tried to stand again using the wall to support his weak body .

Coal was finally standing on his two feet his body greatly protesting the movement. He was shaking uncontrollably from pain and pure horror. He had lost WAY to much blood he was literally using up all his strength just to stand up so it was no surprise that it was so hard for him to move a leg.

Damn it I HAVE to get out!…. I promised them I would get out alive… At this rate that's definitely not going to happen! C'mon just a little bit more!

Coal fell on his knees breathing heavily (from his nose of course) raising his head to look at the door with a shaking hand he banged on the door.

PLEASE DAMN IT! Please someone hear me… To his surprise a the door knob turned and a women walked in along with a man. Coals eyes widened in terror that man was taller than Rid and HIS DAD! He wasn't fat he was actually very buff and he was covered , no , soaked in BLOOD! He had a look of hatred on his face to.

He looked at the women "who is this child Melody?" his very voice sent shivers down Coals spine so cold and soulless. "I believe he's Rids work in progress to try and create the next Med."

"Is that so. I haven't scene anyone try to create another Med since the accident." "Yes but Rid wanted to give it a try."

The man grabbed Coals chin and forced him to look up at him. "So your are next Monster Eliminating Demon? No way you look so … innocent."

"Oh! Zed what are you doing here?" "Rid you never informed me that you were creating a new Med." Rid glared at Zed who hadn't turned around to look at him but when he did Rids face immediately turned into ones of kindness and compassion " Well this was supposed to be a birthday surprise but you guys ruined it. I was going to give you the completed Med for your birthday but now its not a surprise." Rid stated with a friendly smile that was to gleeful to be real.

"That would be a nice gift now wouldn't it Melody?" "Yes sir the birth of a new Med will give the human race a fighting chance. This would Stop us from reaching total extinction. 11% of the worlds population drops every day because of the pasta monsters but with Med we can finally bare hope." "Yes true but he's to… innocent." Zed walked over to Coal pushing him down on his back and started to lift up his hospital gound. At the same time he went to steel a kiss from Coal.

WHAT IS HE DOING! No please stay away!. Once Zed face came closer to his he almost extinctively through his hand out. And heard a gruff pained cry.

I felt my fingers brake something sticky and wet. I don't know why but I started to move my fingers like scissors then started to pull my fingers in and out feeling warm thick liquid trail down my arm. When I finally had the guts to open my eyes I saw my middle finger and index finger were in his eye. Melody stared in horror while Rid didn't really seem to mind.

I immediately took my fingers out once I noticed what I was doing. "OH GOD WHAT DID I DO!" "Melody finally snapping out of her paralyzed state ran to Zed. "Z-Zed are you ok?!" "RID!"


"I want you to move on to the second stage!" "Sorry I cant do that Med went through the second half of the first stage yesterday. we cant rush this Zed." "Are you FUCKING denying an order from your SUPERIOR!" "Of course not Zed I'll go get my things…. And you know what to do."

Zed pounced on Coal and seized his hands over his head "YOU LITTLE BRAT! Now your going to see what happens to disobedient lab rats!" Coal was shaking and his eyes were wide with fear tears threatened to fall.

Rid walked in with a tray that had all kinds of knives on it disinfectant and bandages. "Rid what will his saying be?" "Die with me." "Die with me? Don't you think that's….tacky? " No" "Ok die with me it is!" Zed said turning back to look at coals fear filled eyes. "I would love to take your eye like you took mine but I want to see those tears fall. I want to see you struggle not to scream. Cause if you do this will rip." Zed said with a grin running a finger over the stitches on Coals mouth. "And it WILL hurt!"

Rid walked over and pinned Coals hands over his head while Zed grabbed a scalpel "Lets see how long you can last without passing out!" By now Coals eyes were wide and shaking with horror.

GOD PLEASE NO! I'll do anything just please don't allow this to happen! What did I ever do to you! Please if there really is a God if your watching me right now please show a little mercy.

Zed placed the scalpel dangerously close to coals wrist and Coal was struggling desperately to get out of Rids and Melody's grasp when Zed changed his position so that he was sitting on Coals hips Melody let go.

Then without hesitation he drove the scalpel into Coals wrist which almost made him scream but the stitches tore a little gash when he attempted to. So he tried to keep his mouth shut.

~Melody's pov

I watched the boys legs kick as I heard his cries and halted screams. Once in a while I'd even see blood start sprinkling out of his wrist even though there was blood everywhere this to me seemed much more sickening. I couldn't imagine what his face must look like right now nor did I want to. I bet the pain is excruciating for a young 12 year old.

Was this right? Is this fair….what were doing? One life put through hell and complete misery…. One pure sweet life just for other humans sinful life's. It has to be Lucy said it was worth it. That there sacrifice was meaningful and that that's what they would've wanted to. Bit I cant help but think its wrong.

I could hear Zeds laughter and Rids messed up giggles. How is this at all humorous!? Are we really sacrificing this boy for humans like them? This is wrong and I know it….. But I can never break my promise I just wish I could know what happened to them.

" ALL DONE MELODY COME TAKE A LOOK!" Zed said with an evil smile.

At first I hesitated but if that is what he wanted I had to obey. When I could see Med I gasped in shock and fell to my knees I could feel tears streaming from my eyes and I was shaking. Med was lying on the floor he looked dead the only way you could tell he was alive was a muffled choking sound….. Was he choking on his own blood? His wrist had words carved in them "Die With Me" the words were barley noticeable because his blood covered his wrist. For some reason these words sent chills down my spine. His skin was white as snow the only color was the crimson red of his own blood all over him. There was gashes and tares where his stitches his face was literd with tears and loose strands of hair.

But worst of all he was missing his knee caps and his shins. This is so wrong.

"Lets go Melody" Zed said in his usual ruff voice. "ZED ARE YOOU OK!" "Yes now lets go" Rid stood staring at Coal "Foolish boy all this just for those filthy humans you call family."

Mom….. Dad please forgive…me . I'm trying so hard to live but life is becoming a burden that I don't want to handle.


Mom…. I will I promise… just a little more and ill be back with you guys.

My body right now is in endless pain how long can I keep this up? Hopefully….. A little …..longer.

After Coal thought this he fell into blissful sleep.

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