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Kelsey Dunn got into her new Manta.  She had joined the Rebellion Star Fleet a month ago here on Palshife.  Now the Third Rebel Fleet were going to an expedition to the Clotho system where a group of Confederates had gathered.  They were laying siege on Clotho Prime.  The Third fleet had 4 Rebel Cruisers, 6 Rebel Destroyers, and 20 Mantas.  The Mantas were all waiting in the Rebel Cruisers for their time to strike.

Suddenly, her radio crackled.  "We're taking off now."


            Two days later...

The fleet emerged from hyperspace into the Clotho System.  A number of Confederate cruisers and frigates were battling the stellar defense units of Clotho Prime.

"All right guys, let's kick some Confed butt!" The captain yelled, and the Mantas came out from the bays. 

Kelsey felt her fingers tingle.  Now this was the life!  She had always hated just trading, but when she became 20, she had decided to join the Rebels.

She gripped her control stick hard and eased her ship around the nearest Confederate frigate and opened fire.  Suddenly, it turned toward her and launched a torpedo.  She veered sharply to the right and dodged it, but it followed her.  Fortunately, torpedoes were slow, but she still had to be quick to keep out of its way.  As the torpedo burned out, she turned to the Frigate again and started shooting her laser cannon. 

All around her, battle raged on. 

On her screen, she could see how much shield the Frigate still had.  60%.  Hers was 70%.  She kept shooting, dodging each of the proton bolts the Frigate spewed out at her.  Other mantas, having finished their job, came to her assistance.  Her shield was now down to 40 %.  Still she fought.  30%.   20.  10...9...5...4...2...

All of a sudden, the Frigate exploded.  Her Manta went sailing backwards, barely saved from exploding itself.  As her ship's shield slowly recovered, she looked around.  No more Confederates were visible.


            For the past few days, the Third Rebel Fleet had stayed on Clotho Prime, celebrating their victory, but Kelsey was bored out of her wits.  Again.  Her blood lusted for adventure.  Finally, she got on her Manta and flew to Clotho II, the next planet in the Clotho system.  Clotho II was a dangerous planet.  Its dense green atmosphere was poisonous, and static electricity fizzed around her ship as it carefully descended into the atmosphere.  Lightning bolts flashed all around.  Slowly, she landed her ship in the bay of the Clotho II spaceport.

            She walked into the spaceport bar to get a drink.  The bar was always occupied by people who were there to get something to drink, to get updates on the Galactic War, or just hang around.  She sat on one of the chairs, watching the overhead screen.  Suddenly, she heard scuffling around the door of the bar and whipped around, spilling her drink. 

            Pirates were barring the doorway.  "Don't move, Rebels.  We've had enough of you.  You're going DOWN."

            TO BE CONTINUED