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---------------------------------- Jerrold glared at the radar impatiently. "I thought she would be back by now," he hissed to himself. Nothing showed on the radar except for an occasional unfortunate trading ship which was immediately boarded or incinerated.

Then the door opened and someone walked in. Jerrold turned around, expecting to see Stark and more of his petty complaints, but instead saw...


Jerrold stared in disbelief. "Where is the Kestrel? I didn't see it on the radar."

"They destroyed it," Crystal replied.

More staring. Then Jerrold erupted into furious screams. "You FOOL! What did you DO?"

"Nothing. The aliens destroyed it, not me. I had no way of saving it."


"Don't bother, Jerrold. I have it all under control."

"Control? The Kestrel was our only hope of ever dominating the galaxy. Now you've completely destroyed that hope and you say it's under CONTROL!?"

"You see, it was your idiotic idea to entrust a whole pirate government on a single ship, and..."

"Idiotic?" Jerrold interrupted, his voice now icy. His hand slowly began to steal toward the blaster strapped on his belt. Crystal noticed but pretended not to, while she stealthily groped for a certain weapon concealed in her pocket.

"I see," Jerrold continued. "Not only are you a clumsy fool, but also a traitor. You know the penalty traitors suffer-"

An orange flash filled the room for a moment. Something thudded to the floor. And Jerrold was no longer the ruler of Evildrome.


Stark whimpered nervously as he hurried through the hallway to Jerrold's room. Something was wrong. Just now he'd heard a crash from somewhere nearby in the HQ, and the Elec-Heat he had been brewing his Synthale on had failed. Probably Jerrold had banged the power source by mistake again when he was having another one of his tantrums.

Now he was in front of Jerrold's room. He timidly knocked. No one answered. He stood there for a while, pondering what to do. He turned around to leave- but the thought of the Synthale changed his mind. Steadying himself, he pushed the door open just a crack. No one seemed to be inside. Finally, he opened the door completely.

The next moment, a shadowy figure grasped his throat and dragged him into the room. Stark bit his lip in pain as he was shoved to the floor.

"J...J..Jerrold... what are you doing?" he gasped and rolled over, only to stare into a fully charged blaster.

"Jerrold is dead. And you'll be, as well- if you don't do what I say!" A voice hissed in his ear.

Stark frowned for a moment. Then he looked up into the face of his captor. "Crystal!"

"Took you long enough," Crystal scoffed. "Get up."

Stark slowly sat up, inching away from the blaster as much as he could. "What do you want?" he asked, his face white at the sight of blood.

Crystal looked around the room and spotted the emergency button on the back of Jerrold's chair. "The intercom wouldn't work since I accidentally short- circuited the power source," Crystal mused to herself. "So..." Crystal turned to Stark. "Go tell everyone here that they have a new leader. If they have any problems with that," she paused and motioned to Jerrold's chair. "I can always destruct the HQ and escape on my own."

Stark froze.

"Go!" Crystal glared at him.

Stark ran for his life.

Alone again, Crystal sat down in Jerrold's chair. It felt so good to be in power for once.

She looked down at the dead man again. Some part of her felt disgust at the sight- along with ... some feeling she could not place. She brushed it away and turned toward the console beside the chair.


The battered and scarred Rebel Cruiser approached the Rebel HQ, victorious.

"MISSION SUCCESSFUL," Lafayette typed. "KESTREL DESTROYED." He hit the button to send the message. Then he sat back in his comfortable seat and looked out the bridge window, watching the Rebel HQ approach.

It felt so good.