Summary: Clary Fray, a 20 year old girl who majors in Art and is taking Art, Maths 2 and home economics, gets an unexpectedly hot teacher. When they both meet at a video store, sparks fly and end up in a bar bathroom. Will this relationship work or will it just be a teacher looking for some stress relieving fun? Rated M for a reason! ClaryxJace / Clace

"Clary get your ass up!" Yelled my father from downstairs

I groaned and got up. God, I shouldn't have stayed up last night but speaking with Simon made me feel so much better. Simon was my boyfriend but… He lives back in Malibu while I'm stuck in New York. I offer him to come on every spring break but he says his mother's family is coming over.

I hopped in the shower and rinsed my body quickly as well as washed my hair.

I changed into a mini skirt and a black tank top. It was hot in New york at this time. I put my humid red hair in a fishtail braid and put on some foundation, eyeliner, mascara and nude lipstick.

I put on my heels and put everything I needed in my bag.

"Clary you're not planning to wear that are you…" Said My father as he saw me leaving the house.

"Dad, I'm 20 year's old. Soon to be 21, relax." I said.

"My daughter is not leaving like that to school." He demanded.

"No sir. Your daughter will leave how she wants to leave to school." I said and felt a strong palm strike my cheek. I looked at him in burning hatred.

"Not the face, remember? Wouldn't want people to know." I said and he glared at me.

"Goodbye. And fuck you." I said and sped walked to my car and sped off to school.

I felt some tears slide down my cheek but I wiped them off. While I was at the school parking lot, I fixed my makeup and put on a smile.

"Hey Clary." Said Izzy, popping up from no where.

"God Izzy! You scared me!" I said and she smiled.

"Didya hear didya? Didyaaaa?!" She said.

"Hear what?" I asked.

"A new teacher! Apparently, he's the maths 2 teacher!" She said.

"So?..." I said

"Girls told me he's fucking hot! And you're in maths 2! Imagine! Both hot people in one class, things are going to get heated!" She said and I laughed.

"First of all, he's a teacher Izzy. Don't think about banging him. Second, I might drop out of Maths 2 since Im flunking. Third, he might be hot, but I'm not so don't fantasize." I said and she laughed.

"Whatever you say." She sang and I rolled my eyes.

"You have maths next don't you?" Said Izzy and I sighed.

"Yes. So?" I said.

"I'll drop you off and see if he's as hot as they tell me." Said Izzy and I rolled my eyes yet again.

"Fine. But then you'll leave right?" I said and she nodded while giggling.

We walked into the classroom but the teacher wasn't there yet.

"See he isn't here. Now shoo." I said and she groaned.

"That's the same sound you made yesterday night babe." Said A guy behind us.

"Magnus, that'd be actually kinda true if you weren't gay." Said Izzy and he laughed.

"Magnus have you seen the new teacher?" I asked.

"No but I hear he's smoking hot." He said.

"Well, I'm leaving. Magnus, take care of my girl will you?" Said Izzy.

"will do." Said Magnus and Izzy left.

"C'mon neighbour, let's sit together and talk about boys." Said Magnus and I laughed.

We sat down and just as Magnus was about to say something, we heard the class door close and all our attention went to the man responsible for it.

"Jace Wayland at your service. I'm the new teacher." Said a tall man with high cheekbones, slim body, golden eyes and crazy blonde hair. Looked like sex hair actually.

I literally heard all the girls swoon over him.

"Tell us about yourself !" Said a obviously fake tanned girl at the front. I mean… She was orange for god's sakes.

"Hmm… What about we do some work first for the 20 minutes and then the rest, I'll introduce myself." He said.

The class groaned but agreed, he chuckled and put an exercise on the board.

"Right, so whoever gets this answer correct first, gets to ask me a question." He said and all the girls rushed to do the problem.

"It's pi x r9 – 9800748."Whispered Magnus to me since he knows that I sucked at maths and he was practically a genious.

"Thanks." I whispered back.

"Sir, she's got the answer!" Said Magnus and I gasped at him.

"Who has?" Asked Mr. Wayland.

"The girl next to me. Clary Fray. You know, the pretty girl you've been looking at for five minutes." Said Magnus and the class looked at .

"Well. I guess you've caught me. She's very pretty but I'd rather have her pay attention to my class instead of doodling, and next time, please don't give her the answer." Said .

"Will do sir." Said Magnus with a smirk.

I smacked Magnus on the head and mouthed "Fuck you"

"I actually have the answer !" Said the fake tanned girl.

"What is it then?" He asked and smiled.

"It's uh, 3.1 r9 – 9800748" She said and he smiled.

"And what is 3.14?" Asked and the girl was quiet.

"A decimal of course." She said, so sure of the answer but grinned.

"Um, it is but that's not what I meant." He said and the girl frowned.

"For god's sakes it's Pi. Even I know that." I said outloud but I didn't mean to.

"Exactly Miss Fray. It's Pi. You finally paid attention." Said and I rolled my eyes.

" , it's time for our questions!" Said the fake tanned and he smiled.

"Go ahead." He said.

"Are you single?!"

"Do you smoke?!"

"How old are you?!"

"Are you a fake blonde?!"

All those questions were asked at the same time and it made laugh.

"I'm single, I do have the occasional smoke, I'm 28 and no I'm a natural blonde." He answered.

"Would you fuck one of your students?" Yelled Magnus out loud and it made me slap his head.

walked over to Magnus and whispered something in his ear and they both laughed.

"What did he say?" I whispered to Magnus after walked away.

"Secret." He said and winked.

"C'mon Magnuuuuus." I said and he chuckled.

"If I weren't gay, I'd say that I'll tell you if you give me a hand." He said and winked.

"Are you implying something?" I asked and he smirked.

"I'm gay but I can imagine someone else doing it. Whadaya say?" He said and I smirked. I was always attracted to Magnus either way, I mean he's hot.

My hand slowly travelled down to his crotch and I massaged his package. He bit his lip from letting any noise interrupt 's teaching.

"Are you alright back there?" We heard say.

"Yup. Clary was just giving me a hand to find something." Said Magnus.

"Find what exactly?" Asked .

"A ruler." I said and Magnus bit his lip to try to stifle a laugh.

"A ruler huh?" Said , smirking.

"Yup, she was giving me hand to get the ruler. Clary's so nice; you can ask her to give you a hand anytime you need sir." Said Magnus and I stomped on his foot.

"Class dismissed 10 minutes early. Minus you miss Fray." Said and everyone left...

Oh dayum, what's going to tell Clary? I hope y'all liked the story so far... Maybe... No? Ookay ¬3¬

Jace: Hey when are we gonna fu-

Me: Jace no spoilers!

Clary: Why do you fuck up Jace? God.

Jace: You were massaging Magnus' dick in my class.

Magnus: I'm gay thoughhhh

Me: Guys shut up. Minus you Jace you're perfection.

Jace: Thanks babe.

Me: *swoons*

Clary: Ugh. Either way, favourite and review!