Cheesy Initial D Poem

Disclaimer: I don't own Initial D, nor would I want to. This is the result of a really random brainwave, time to kill, and lots of sleep deprivation! And you can blame the CSUN anime club forum for spawning this piece of madness >=}

"There is an anime all about cars
Racing and chasing out under the stars
With really cool music and kinda bleh art
The plot at the ending is just like the start!
You'd think the cops would finally crack down
Since word of the race is all over town
Breaking drifto this, and breaking drifto that
Why the hell aren't they on a race track?
And what kind of idiot would race in the rain
And risk suffering incredible pain?
One of these days, he'll total the car
And the insurance company will laugh from afar
Unless of course, he sails off the drop
And misses the pole and fails to stop
Then all the racers will stare in surprise
At Takumi's untimely demise!
It's inevitable he'll fall in that pit
And to all, I say, "Don't miss it!"

Author's notes: Sorry if I offend any fans of the series. After watching it at the anime club (and it being a large part of the club's culture), when I posted on the club message board crazyness forum, I could not resist. Hence this piece of madness. I don't hate Initial D. I don't really like it either, though. But I'll watch it if the club is showing it. It's fun to make fun of =D. Anyways, flame away if you want, I'll laugh at you. It's late, I'm sleep deprived, and very cracked =D. If you got a laugh out of it too, well, say so =p.