A/N; Okay, I felt like some cute Camerra. If you've seen the scene from next episode and Sierra is still hauling Cameron around and calling him Cod-cam or something equally as ridiculous. Haha. It's cuteeeee. They need to be together so bad and thanks to my few reviewers who agree.

Summary: Post TDAS. Sierra had a breakdown on national TV. Now Cameron and Cody talk Sierra, evil Mike and Duncan at a reunion party - but mostly Sierra. Camerra, Gwody and slight Coderra.


Fixing the Fixation


Cameron approached Sierra with caution. He hadn't talked to her since the finale of All Stars (and the subsequent publicity events) and he was a little afraid at how they would take off from last time. She'd gotten particularly attached to him last time, but as a Cody replacement. Now he wasn't sure how she was going to treat him.

"Hey Sierra," he put on his brightest smile and faced her.

She spun around, her phone clicked in his face making him wince and paused for a second. In that split second it all ran through his head 'hey Codykins', 'hey Camcody', 'Hey Codycam'... and he didn't know why but it bothered him. He didn't like being known as another Cody. Knowing Cody personally now, Cameron didn't think they were much alike at all.

"Hi Cam," she answered. Cameron realized he had been holding his breath. She remembered his name! He breathed again, feeling relief and elation that she knew who he was.

"Yeah, I am Cameron!" He said, all at once realizing how stupid that sounded. "I mean, you're usually calling me something else." He blushed, feeling even more stupid.

Sierra bit her lip and stared down at him, the camera limp in her hand. "Well of course, I had nicknames for you. You're Cam-Cam. We had fun together last season."

'Fun' was one word to describe it, but 'terrifying' was more apt. "Great, so you know who I am." He confirmed. That was one step on the right track.

"Of course I know who you are." She looked at him like he was the insane one. "You're Cameron. You used to be in a bubble and then you got out of it and went on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. And nobody picked you to win, but I picked you to win. You were much more capable than other people could see."

Cameron was shocked. "Wow, I-"

"Didn't you see my blog when Revenge of the Island was airing? I picked you for the top three from the start. I also picked Mike but I didn't see that whole thing coming with Scott having the immunity statue."

Cameron grinned. "Yeah, no one saw that coming. So are you enjoying the party?" He asked tentatively, a hand going up to adjust his glasses.

"I am. I've talked to the villains. Heather still has some issues about Alejandro lying to her last season and can you believe Scott and Courtney are still together? I thought they'd last about three weeks tops but they really seem serious about their relationship," Sierra was babbling.

Cameron could say he cared much about everyone elses relationships. Of course Mike and Zoey were the exception but after what went down during the finale the two were stronger than ever. Cameron envied that, even though he still couldn't picture himself in a relationship. "That's great." And Cameron had realized that they'd gotten this far into a conversation without mentioning Cody. He was afraid to mention relationships with her or Cody just in case it made her relapse. Cody would probably never forgive Cameron if Sierra snapped him up in the middle of talking to Gwen and carried him off into the night.

"Yeah, it seems everyone is really happy after the last season. Even Gwen and Courtney are BFFs again. Isn't that awesome?"

"Yeah," Cameron said with a half smile, although he didn't live vicariously through other people so it really didn't matter to him. It was nice that people were friends again though, that he could agree with. "So have you been happy?"

"Oh yeah, I've been great. I don't know if you noticed," she said still beaming, "but last season I went a little loopy." She gave a laugh. At least she was admitting it.

"I guess I did notice a little something like that," Cameron answered.

"But since then it's been really good. They've been treating me for my internet addiction and I only blog once a day now. Sometimes I don't even bring my phone with me places, so it's a real breakthrough."

Still no mention of Cody. Now he was certain that mentioning it to her would make her snap. "Sounds like it. Well, I'm glad you're happy."

"I'm so happy. And I've only taken 448 photos so far tonight, so that's like half the amount I'd normally take. See? I can control myself." Sierra spun around to get a quick snap of Duncan talking to Harold as she spoke however and then continued beaming at Cameron.

"I'm really happy for you and I'm really glad it's all working out." he nodded, meaning it but feeling awkward about it. He desperately wanted to ask her if she still thought about Cody all the time but was too afraid it would make her freak out. "Look, Sierra, if you ever wanted to-" he began.

"I'd love to," she answered before he got a chance to finish.

"-to talk..." he was a bit baffled at how quickly she answered him. "Are you sure?"

"Of course, I've missed you Cam Cam. We were a great team. Goooo Hamsters!" She snapped another picture of Heather dumping punch over the head of Alejandro. They were one volatile couple and it seemed every time you heard they were back on again, they were off again the next day.

Cam Cam. She got his name right again, well, pretty much. Cameron grinned even wider, feeling untouchable. "We were a great team. Okay, so maybe we can go out with Mike and Zoey some time after this?"

"I'd love to, I haven't had much of a chance to catch up with them yet. I've been so busy trying to get the scoop on everyone here. And I mean, Mike and Zoey really got enough air time last season right? So it hasn't been as important to catch up with them tonight. Everyone already knows what's been happening with them."

"Yeah, that's right. I guess they have gone through all their most dramatic moments in front of a camera, so there's not as much to share." Cameron shrugged.

"So it's a double date then," Sierra said with a grin and then scouted the room. "Oh! I'd really love to stay and chat Cam Cam but I just spotted Cody over there talking to Gwen."

Cameron could have sworn that his heart seized up.

"Could there be a new love on the horizon? I've just got to get the scoop. I'll see you later for the date though!" She hurried off across the room.

Cody was flirting with Gwen and she didn't even seem to care? He watched her, waiting for an outburst but she just seemed to have an awkward conversation with them, laughing loudly at something she'd said that Cameron couldn't overhear from being so far away. Maybe she truly was better. The thought was comforting and he really hoped so if he was going to be going out with her in front of his two best friends.



Cute right?

How can people hate on Camerra? Really.