Oh you stole my heart marimo
I think I'm like a mermando
But you could always know
That under the sheets there's a curly brow

I had a little turtle, his name was idiot zoro.
I put him in the bathtub to teach him how to marimo.
He drank up all the sake, he ate up all the soap,
The next day he died with a marimo in his throat.

Zoro my marimo
My little brownie
Stop bothering me bro
Take me on the settee

There once was a marimo,
Who was filled with woe,
As he drifted along in the sea,
Begging out with his plea.
As he'd run off his course,
Loosing his curly sea horse,
And found himself very lonely.

But he wasn't in despair
Knowing that life could be fair
He was about to meet
The love and the heat
Under this beautiful blond
An eye he would belong
But found himself very lonely.

He didn't know why,
It was such a surprise,
To find when he opened his eyes,
His friend had not fled,
With cheeks more red,
Because as he had prayed,
He'd became a mermaid
Now he wasn't lonely.

So he watched the oceans,
As the world was in his hands,
Could he reach the horizon
By waving his tail without reason ?
Now that he was a mermaid,
He let his spirit smiling on his head,
Was he still lonely ?

But even so high,
He couldn't say goodbye,
Turning and taking his blonde.
Because as he'd fawned,
He'd take him beyond,
To the paler blue depths of the sea.
Now they wouldn't be lonely ?

So he just decided at time,
That they would be fine,
They would go underwater,
Just the two of them, together,
Because love is wonderful,
When life appears to be blissful.
Never tell again that you're lonely.

A "WTH collaboration" with TurtleFriedRice about Zoro and Sanji xD In order : me, Turtle, me, Turtle,...
We were talking about a love letter for MyLadyDay... After few -cough- useless sentences, it began with the first you see there and then we finished with the long one XD