"I'm bruised and scarred, save me from this broken heart…" (Bruised and Scarred; Mayday Parade)

Dear Jon,

I guess I want to do this to vent. From what. From what am I upset about with you. You're gone though. But there is something about you… That makes me come back.

"Violet Orton shows what she is made of!" A commentary yells on the TV set. I was always jumpy before I went into the ring. I usually wore a band t-shirt I made into a crop top and a bright colored skinny jeans. I looked like the typically "scene kid" you could call me with my pastel purple hair. When I was in the ring though, I knew how to kick…

Maybe I learned it from the best.

Being an Orton means you can success in wrestling. When I was younger, I would sit in front of the TV set with my family, watching my father wrestle. It could be for titles or just for a storyline. There was always a smile across my face when the women wrestlers were on. Whenever my dad came home for a day or two, I would tell him how I would be one of them. He laughed it off; he just thought it was a stupid dream.

When I went into high school, I saw signs for different sports. The one that stuck out was there was a wrestling team. The first day of practice I walked in. Whistles and comments were said. I told the coach my name. Orton rolled off my tongue, and his head picked up. I was on the team.

When I was 18, I began taking classes. I trained and trained and trained. I did my best and hardest. Finally I made it onto WWE at 20. Around the same time, Randy Orton was becoming a household name. That wasn't until now.

Everyone says to live and forget about you. But there's a part of me… that doesn't. You ruined me, Jon. You ruined how I acted. How I see myself. Everything about me is ruined. But yet, if you opened your arms again, I would just run back in.

I fell in love with a young, indy wrestler. His stage name at the time was Jon Moxley. On stage, he was one fucked up kid. When it was just me and him, it was just nothing but sweet words… or it seemed like that. When Jon changed his name to Dean Ambrose, it changed our relationship. We broke up… or so I like to tell people.

To me, Jon Good was part of my life I couldn't get rid of. Randy used to love. They would practice with each other. Randy wanted him on WWE. He couldn't stop loving him. Jon was signed to FCW under Dean Ambrose. Everything changed.

I could never tell you how much you changed me. But the day you walked out, my life was gone.

While I was dating Jon Good, I fell into bad habits. I was drinking everyday and heavy on any drugs I could find. This got worst once I broke off with Jon. Randy one day found me, overdosed on painkillers. I was rushed to the hospital and placed into rehab for a couple months. I disappear from WWE for a long ass time.

Once I got out of rehab, I fell into depression. I couldn't be left alone at night. Randy was around me too much, even losing time with his own family. I ended up living with him in the long run. When I attempted suicide a couple months later, I had to be checked in again to a hospital.

My life got fucked because of you, Jon. But if you told me you missed me… I would run back right to you.

-Violet Orton.

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