Kurt winced as he was shoved into yet another locker. He turned in time to see Karofsky send him a menacing glare that made his heart rate skyrocket and his lungs burn from oxygen deprivation seeing as he'd been holding his breath.

Once Karofsky turned the corner down the hall, he could finally relax. It was the end of the day and everyone was in a hurry to leave, so he was being pushed about as he made his way to glee club. He was about to go inside the classroom when he noticed the mysterious Blaine Anderson kicked up against the wall. His guarded eyes scanned over the students as they walked by, leaving a wide berth around him. Kurt bit his lip, rushing inside. If he stood there staring any longer, he'd start salivating over the bad boy.

The boy was undeniably gorgeous. He transferred over at the beginning of the year and Kurt had only caught glimpses of him over the past few months. Though the rumor mill was cranking at an alarming rate, Kurt tried to ignore it all. He didn't want to judge anyone before he had a chance to hear what they had to say. Why make an opinion of someone based off of what others say without giving that person the chance to defend themselves? Kurt was judged for being gay before he himself even came to the realization and he wouldn't do that to anyone else.

"Mr. Schuester," Rachel stood, flattening her skirt before moving to the front of the room to face the glee club. Kurt sunk down in his seat on the back riser, rolling his eyes, "I have something that I feel like I need to say… I feel as though many of you are not pulling your weight. And being the vocal leader of this club, I want to point a few things out." A collective groan sounded through the room, "Santana. I feel like your overall attitude will hinder the club from moving forward."

"You best watch yourself, man-hands." Santana warned.

Rachel ignored her, continuing on, "And Mercedes. Your diva-like tendencies are starting to get way out of hand and you need to start being a team player."

Mercedes stood up next to Kurt, "Oh hell to the no."

"And Kurt-"

Kurt's eyes narrowed at the small girl, daring her to open her mouth, but she was cut off when Sue Sylvester came bursting into the room. Mr. Schuester got up, but Sue raised her hand to him, "At ease, grease monkey. I'm just dropping off this pre-juvie teen." She reached behind her and pulled a smirking Blaine from behind her, "See what happens when you smoke in the halls?" Sue spoke to him, "You get piled in with a bunch of whiney, pre-pubescent teens that group together to sing like feral alley cats."

"What's going on, Sue? You don't have the authority to-"

"Oh, but I do, William." She sneered, "While Figgins is away, I am the new principal." Sue shoved Blaine forward and towards Mr. Schue, "Now if you'll excuse me," She started as she walked towards the door, "I have to wipe the curry stains from my new desk."

The room was silent for a beat before the entire room began an uproar of complaints.

"That is so not fair, Mr. Schue!"

"Can he even sing?"

"But Sectionals are coming up and-"

"Dude. Anderson? Really?"

Kurt just sat quietly, not wanting to become a target on Blaine's radar.

Blaine's face flashed with anger before he stopped the glee club's rants with his heated glare, "For your information, I could sing circles around any one of you. But I'm only here because the Queen Bitch proclaimed it. So everyone can just shut the fuck up now." He growled.

The room was deathly silent until Mr. Schuester came forward, "Blaine, watch your language."

Blaine just rolled his honey-golden eyes at the teacher, "Whatever." He muttered.

"Well," Rachel began, "Even if he is being forced to be here, he should still have to audition like the rest of us." Kurt could tell she just wanted to sniff out her competition in the club, to pick out any and all weaknesses.

"I'm going to only say this once, so I hope that everyone is listening." Blaine spoke, eyeing each and every one of them. Kurt convinced himself that Blaine did not look at him longer than the others, "I am not going to be told what to do… especially not by you."

Mr. Schue finally decided to stop their exchange when it looked like Rachel was about to rebuttal, "Okay, okay. That's enough, guys. Blaine, you can take any empty seat."

Blaine just grunted in response, stalking forward. He reached up and took one of the chairs from the risers and moved it as far from the rest of the group as possible, before sitting down with a smug look on his face.

Mr. Schuester just let out a long sigh before turning back to the rest of the club, "Okay. This week, we're going to be working on duets! Since we now have an uneven amount of you guys in here, there will have to be one group of three. Now, get with your duet partners."

Kurt immediately turned to Mercedes only to see her getting up to work with Sam. Rachel was obviously with Finn, Tina with Mike and Artie, Santana with Brittany, and then Quinn with Puck. That left Kurt with… he turned to see Blaine. He was sitting there, paying no mind to what was going on with the rest of the club.

He bit his lip, suddenly feeling nervous. Mr. Schuester noticed this and gave him a sympathetic look, "Well, Kurt. I guess that leaves you and Blaine." At this, Blaine finally lifted his head, hazel eyes searching the students until they landed on Kurt's. "The rest of the time in here will be working with your duet partner, so you are able to leave when you're done. I'll be in my office if you need anything." With that, Mr. Schuester left them in the choir room and went into his attached office where Ms. Pillsbury was standing.

Well… now or never, Kurt. He thought to himself, getting up and dragging his chair over to where Blaine was still sitting, "Hi." Kurt gave his best smile, though his nerves were pulsing, "I'm Kurt." He held out his hand. Blaine stared at it for a moment before turning his head away. Undeterred, Kurt sat down next to the other boy, "So. What song did you want to sing?" He asked.

Blaine turned his head so that they were now face to face. Kurt sucked in a breath at how stunning the boy was. His dark curls were neatly tamed with gel though a few springs fell across his tanned forehead. Blaine's honey eyes were melded with a deep forest green and were framed with long, dark lashes. One black eyebrow raised in restrained amusement when Kurt had to shake himself from his stupor. Damn that boy was gorgeous.

"Listen Kent-"

"Kurt." He corrected.

"Like I give a shit." Blaine stood, fixing his tight leather jacket, "I'll be out of here by the time our turn would come up, so I suggest you find yourself a solo."

Kurt stood too, not letting his nerves get in the way, "Well I suggest you sit back down so we can go over a duet to sing this Friday because there is no way in hell I'm being forced to do another solo just because no on else wants to work with me."

Blaine's eyes widened a bit, not expecting Kurt to fire back at him. His mouth turned up in a small smirk, "You've got some spark, firecracker." He moved a bit closer, "But I'd watch yourself if I were you. Wouldn't want your big mouth to get you into trouble."

"I'm not afraid of you. We're going to sing a duet."

Kurt stood his ground when Blaine invaded his personal space, his breath lingering between them smelling of cigarettes and cinnamon, "Of course you aren't, firecracker." He sidestepped Kurt, walking towards the exit, "Doesn't mean you're going to get what you want." He said arrogantly over his shoulder before he left.

Kurt was left in the middle of the room, all eyes on him. He just went and grabbed his bag, stomping out of the classroom and out to his car.

He noticed that Blaine was pretty far ahead of him, heading towards a motorbike at the back of the lot. Kurt rolled his eyes. Of course Blaine would ride a motorcycle. It seemed fitting.

Kurt gasped when he finally made it to his car. All of the windows were blacked out with spray paint, as were the outside mirrors. On top of the black layer of paint was a slurry of homophobic words written in sloppy pink paint. Kurt clenched his jaw, banishing the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. He would not cry.

He tossed his bag onto the cold asphalt and then sat down next to it, just looking at his car. There was no way he could drive it with all the windows and mirrors blacked out and he had nothing to get the paint off with. He would have to get it towed…

Kurt put his head in his hands. The embarrassment alone would probably kill him. Having his car paraded around Lima to his shop so that he could get the industrial grade paint remover and wipe the words from his vehicle would just be too much.

"Why me?" He muttered to himself.

"Probably because they're just jealous that you get more ass than them." Kurt jumped up, spinning around to see Blaine, one leg supporting himself and his sleek black motorcycle, "Need a ride, firecracker?"

Kurt let out an astounded laugh, "You're seriously offering me a ride?"

"If you're going to make a huge deal out of it, then no. If you get your ass on right now, then yes." Blaine seemed to be getting impatient, eyes flitting around the parking lot.

Kurt huffed out a sigh, standing up and grabbing his bag before trudging back towards the sidewalk and away from Blaine, "As nice as it is that you're willing to put yourself at risk just to take McKinley's number one gay home, you don't have to. I can walk." He put his head up in a proud way as he made his way towards the main road.

Blaine followed him slowly, "I honestly couldn't give a fuck if you're gay, straight, bi, or a damn hamster. But if you're going to be a bitch, then you can forget it."

Kurt shrugged, "Hey. I'm not holding you up. You can leave me any time, so don't get all angry at me." He defended.

"Fine." Blaine responded in a clipped tone, kicking down on the gas and speeding away.

Kurt watched him go, regretting not taking his offer as he shoved his freezing hands into his pockets. He made his way to the shop as quickly as he could. When he was about half way there, he heard a motorcycle coming up from behind him, "Hey!" Kurt turned to see Blaine pull up next to him, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go get some paint remover for my car…" Kurt trailed off.

"I figured that." He said, reaching into his bag and holding up a jug of paint remover, "I nicked this from some auto shop down the street." He said proudly.

Kurt narrowed his eyes, "The shop didn't happen to have the name 'Hummel' in the title, did it?"

"It did. Why?"

Kurt let out a sigh, "Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Kurt Hummel." He said sarcastically, "You owe me twenty dollars."

Blaine paused for a second, processing, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"Tell you what," Kurt started, moving slightly closer, "You give me a ride back to school so I can get all of the crud off of my car and I won't charge you for stealing from my shop."

Blaine pursed his lips in consideration, "Fine. Hop on, firecracker."

Kurt did as he was told, awkwardly so, "Is that going to be some sort of nickname for me from now on?"

Blaine shrugged, gripping Kurt's thighs and pulling him until his chest was flush against Blaine's strong back. Please don't get hard. Kurt chanted in his head, "Hold on tight, firecracker." Blaine laughed when Kurt immediately gripped onto him.

It took a little more than five minutes to get back to Kurt's car. The rest of the lot was vacant sans Kurt's marred SUV. When Blaine stopped, Kurt reluctantly let go and got off the bike. He was about to thank Blaine for the ride when the other boy surprised him by kicking out the stand and hopping off as well, pulling out two rags and the bottle of paint remover from his bag.

"You don't have to help me." Kurt said, taking one of the rags.

"I'm just paying off my dues. So quit over analyzing and get to work."

Kurt took the paint remover from Blaine and got to work.

It was nearly dark by the time all of the paint was wiped away. Even though it was freezing, the work of scrubbing was vigorous and Blaine had shed his leather jacket, revealing a skintight v-neck shirt. Kurt bit his lip, watching as the muscles rippled underneath Blaine's skin as he finished off the last section of black paint.

"That was some resistant fucking paint." Blaine complained, tossing down the dirty rag.

Kurt nodded in agreement, "Hey. Thanks for your help."

Blaine shrugged, "Don't go telling everyone about it."

"Of course not. Wouldn't want to ruin your rep." Kurt agreed with a roll of his eyes.

"Hey, just 'cause I helped you out, it doesn't mean we're friends. Got it?" Blaine's eyes darkened a bit.

"Yeah, I got it." He turned away to grab his bag. Kurt needed to stop becoming infatuated with straight guys… "Well, thanks again." Kurt said quickly.

"Whatever. See you around, firecracker." Blaine got back onto his bike and headed off.

Kurt watched Blaine drive off. The boy was giving him seriously mixed signals. First he's an ass, then he goes and helps Kurt out, then he's an ass again. Kurt just shook his head and got into his car, heading home.


What? I have a thing for writing badboy fics! I know I have two other stories going at the moment, but I was having writers block and this fic wouldn't get out of my head. Hope you liked it! :)