Staying in his house was no longer a viable option. Blaine's father decided it would be a good idea to punch him in the face, giving him a black eye. That was the last straw.

That night, he packed up all of his shit and got the hell out of there. For the past few days, he's been living out of a dirt-cheap motel on the outskirts of town. He hadn't gone to school since because he needed his eye to heal up. In his situation, he definitely didn't need any questions floating around about how he got the shiner and no matter how much he hated them, he didn't want anything traced back to his parents.

Kurt has been amazing. He would come by everyday after school just to be with him. Of course most of his visits ended in a heated make out session. But mostly Kurt would just sit there and listen to him rant on and on about whatever came to mind. He wasn't really good with words, most of what was coming out his mouth was vulgar or crass, but Kurt always understood.

He'd never had someone like Kurt in his life before. Blaine always told himself that he'd never amount to anything, that he would never change… but Kurt gave him something he'd never had before. Kurt gave him hope. Hope for the present and hope for the future. Blaine was pretty damn sure Kurt would fit right in, in that future.

Blaine glanced at the time on the decrepit clock in the corner as it slowly ticked closer to four o'clock. After all the shit that's happened to Kurt, him being even a little bit late without a phone call or text was reason for worry. Without another moment of hesitation, he grabbed his keys and left.

The drive to Kurt's house took longer than usual since he now lived a lot further away. When he turned into the driveway, he saw that both Kurt and Finn's cars were in their respective spots. Blaine furrowed his brow, swinging his leg over his bike and walking up to the door. He heard loud voices coming from inside, so he didn't bother knocking.

"-the hell do you think you can make that decision?" Finn yelled, throwing his arms out.

Kurt unfolded his arms, holding them ramrod straight beside him, "How about because I'm the one that is always taking care of her, Finn! I have been taking care of her since Dad died and I would continue to, but she isn't getting any better! She needs professional help. You know that." Kurt countered.

Neither seemed to notice Blaine, so he just leaned back against the door and waited for them to finish their argument.

"Well, you can't just decide to send her to a hospital without my say so." Finn argued.

Kurt let out a mix between a sigh and a growl, "We can't provide the help that she needs, Finn. Do you want to have to remind her every day that my dad is dead? I-"

"That's my point!" Finn cut Kurt off, "He was your dad. This is my mom. You're not her kid, I am. So I make the decisions for her, not you!" The taller teen exploded. Kurt retracted, stepping back as if he were struck. Finn's face immediately dropped, guilt clouding his once angry features, "Shit, man. I'm sorry, dude. You know that's not what I meant."

"Actually, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what you meant. And you're right." Kurt shrugged, not meeting Finn's apologetic eyes, "She's not my mom. My mom's dead and so is my dad. So you go ahead and make the decisions for your mom. I don't want any part in it anymore."


Kurt turned around, barely acknowledging Blaine's presence, "I hope that you make the right decision, Finn. I know it's hard, but you need to do what is best for Carole, not yourself." He said in a low voice.

"Come on, man-" Finn started to move towards Kurt, but Blaine stepped forward. He'd held back for long enough.

Blaine went towards Kurt and pulled him protectively towards his chest, "Back the fuck off right now, Giant. I will not hesitate to pummel the shit out of you." Blaine growled, glaring over Kurt's shoulder at the large boy. Finn took one look at Kurt's back before retreating back into the hall, "You alright, babe?" Blaine asked, running his fingers through the hair at the base of Kurt's neck, "Come on." He said, leading him down to Kurt's room.

Kurt suddenly pulled away once they were down the stairs, shaking his head as if ridding all thoughts, "Shit." He cursed under his breath, running his hands through his hair, messing it up.

Blaine definitely knew something was wrong. Kurt rarely cursed, "Kurt?"

Kurt laced his fingers together behind his head, pressing the sides of his arms into his temples, "Can you p-please leave?" He asked, resting against the wall and sliding down until he was curled up on the floor.

"No." Blaine responded without hesitating. He crouched down in front of Kurt, trying to catch his eye, but the other boy kept his forehead against his knees, "Kurt?" Kurt didn't respond, "Come on, firecracker." Nothing, "That's it. I'm going to go beat the shit out of that dumb ass."

Blaine made a move to stand, but Kurt was quick to grab his wrist, "D-don't. H-he didn't say anything that w-wasn't true." Kurt's icy blue eyes rolled up to meet his gaze for a moment but flickered away almost instantly.

"It's okay, you know." Blaine knelt down in front of Kurt once again, "You don't have to hold back just because I'm here." Kurt looked at him then, surprised and rightfully so. Blaine wasn't one for comforting or codling. He tended to be the one that would just tell someone to suck it up… but he couldn't say that to Kurt. In a twisted way, he kind of needed to see Kurt get upset. It was as if the boy kept all of his emotions locked away in a vault and Blaine of all people knew how bad it could get if that continued. He'd seen Kurt in a variety of different lights. He has seen him annoyed, bitchy, bashful, turned on… but two emotions he's never seen cross Kurt's face were happiness or sadness. He's always been on neutral, only slightly bearing to one side of the spectrum or the other. And after all that Kurt had done for him… he figured it was time he returned the favor.

"I'm fine." Kurt said finally, but his voice was wrong… it was cold somehow. Hollow.

"How many times do I have to call you on your bullshit before you realize you can't lie to me?" Blaine asked him seriously, all joking aside.

Kurt's dry eyes remained downcast, "I can't…" He murmured.


"I- I can't let myself feel… If I do-"

Blaine waited patiently for Kurt to finish, but he didn't, "You don't have to be strong all the time." He told him, "You know, I've never seen you smile? Like, really smile." Kurt just shrugged, "I'm trying to help you, Kurt. I'm kinda putting myself out there for you, so it'd be awesome if you could not leave me hanging."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to turn it back off." Kurt breathed out a moment later, "If I give in, let myself hurt… I don't know if I'll ever make it."

"That's not going to happen. Even I –sexy as hell bad ass extraordinaire-" Kurt managed a weak smirk at that, "have had my downer days where everything feels like it's gone to shit and nothing will ever be right again." He admitted, "But if you don't let yourself feel what you're supposed to feel, then it's just going to build up and you won't like what will happen when it all eventually comes pouring out. Because trust me, it will."

Kurt remained silent through Blaine's speech before slighting unfolding himself, "Blaine, please. I don't want you to see me like this." He said tiredly, "Can you please go?"

Blaine plopped down right there, crossing his arms defiantly, "Remember when you came and bugged me about all my shit until I spilled to you? Well, I'm going to do the same thing. I'm not leaving until you talk to me."

"If you recall, I did end up letting you leave."

"And why is that?" Blaine asked, genuinely wanting to know.

Kurt glanced up at him, "Because I knew you'd come to me when you were ready." He told him, heavy implications in his tone.

"Yeah, well that's great and all… But you said you knew I'd come to you. I don't have that guarantee with you because I can't get a read on you. I can't tell if you'd actually tell me what is going on with you or if you'd lie through your teeth once you got a hold of yourself."

Kurt remained silent for a moment before he finally spoke, "Can you just give me a few minutes, please?"

"Fine. I'll be back though." Blaine promised. He had a few choice words for the dick upstairs.

He took one last look at Kurt before going up the stairs to see Finn sitting at the kitchen table, staring at a can of soda he was rolling between his hands. The second the door opened, his dark eyes flickered up with hope, but dimmed upon seeing that it was only Blaine.

"How's Kurt?" He asked, guilt shadowing his features.

Blaine's lower lids tightened, "How the fuck do you think he is?" He retorted grittily.

Finn threw his head back as if exasperated by Blaine, "Look, this has nothing to do with you, okay? So don't give me that attitude, man."

He let out a low, guttural noise, but managed to keep himself in check. God, he was going soft, "This has to do with me because Kurt is involved." He said finally, snatching one of the chairs and turning it around so he could straddle it.

"I didn't mean for it to come out the way it did." He confessed, dropping his head down on top of the can in his hands, "Burt was like the father I never had." Finn continued.

Blaine pursed his lips, "Well, you basically just reminded him that his whole family is dead, so you need to go and talk to him instead of being a pussy and hiding away up here." He said as he tightened his fingers around the rungs of the chair to keep himself from throttling the other teen, "He's really upset."

Finn raised an eyebrow, "Was he like, crying?"


"I've never seen him cry before." Finn said honestly, "When we were fighting, that was the most emotion I've seen out of him since I met him."

Blaine's stomach sunk at hearing that, "What about after his dad died?"

"Not even one tear. I think that he's like, cut off his emotions or whatever because he felt like he needed to be the strong one whenever bad stuff happened. You know? Like, he's always there for my mom, helping her. And when Burt died, he was the one that took care of all the arrangements because my mom and I weren't able to deal with it."

Blaine listened intently, many thoughts going through his head, "You know, for being so dense… You can be insightful when you want to be."

Finn sucked in his lips, "So what are we going to do?"

"I'm not doing anything right now. You on the other hand, are going to go downstairs and console your brother." Blaine glared at the teen until he nodded and headed towards Kurt's room.

Blaine sat at the table for a moment, wondering what he's gotten himself into. Usually, he never paid any mind to other people. He didn't meddle in people's problems because he always had his own shit to deal with… but he couldn't let Kurt do this to himself. Kurt was the only other person in the world that he could truly say he cared about… and watching the person you care about suffer is worse than anything else.

He didn't know when it would come out. When Kurt would finally break down… but he vowed to be there with him when the levy broke.

With a heavy sigh, Blaine heaved himself up from the chair and made his way back to Kurt's room to do some damage control.


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