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You're going to see that I had come up with quiet a few ideas and lines, but only ended up using half. One of them is even just so far out that, while very interesting and adds more dynamic to GrimaRobin, would have been absolutely off-putting if it was worked into the story. That idea may probably work itself into a one-shot some way or another.

As a note, this is not very clean. It's going to be pretty scattered at some points, so hopefully you don't get too lost!

"But for that tomorrow to exist there must be a present built upon the foundation of the past."

Robin tries to speak, obviously fatigued by the magic, but Chrom interrupts him. "You do not fight alone today, and you never have. Let yourself rest and allow us to carry you."

Robin tries to stop him, but finds himself unable to speak, giving into the kindness that Chrom has always held for him.

Chrom gives inspirational talk.

"Shepherds, follow me." Robin charges into the advancing Grimleal. Though many were wiped out by his magic, Grima had begun to replace them by summoning fresh warriors.



GIANT WHAT-IF: WHAT IF GRIMAROBIN BROUGHT HIS CORDY BACK WITH HIM? She would bear the brand at the base of her neck, and she obeys him, unable to strike him down.

When (if?) Lucina gets wounded, Severa is the one who takes her to safety.

"Come on, Stupid, get up!"

"May Gantrithor forever serve the line of the Exalt."

"You might have been the one to promise me that you will stay, but I can't just leave you fighting alone. We will end this once and for all and return to the peace we have earned."

Chrom: "Shepherds, kneel." His voice was weak. "My brother dies this day."


"I will die for you, Robin."

"Then I will pick you up."

"Shepherds. (address their battle situation). I have two orders. We will charge at grima. Given how reinforcements will continue to come, we have no other choice but to approach the fell dragon and then form a defensive to keep the grimleal out. It is no doubt dangerous and I fear many of us will be wounded, if not killed."

"You may disobey that order. Your second, more important objective is to live."

"The way I see it, you will obey, or you will live. I will be pleased with either."

"I may be the Exalt, but the role you will play is far more important than any title a man can have."

GrimaRobin to Robin: "There is only enough room in this world for one rightful god."

Robin: "We are not gods. Just generals."

"You heard it from Naga herself. There will be endless Grimleal."

"We may fight for our friends, but family fights harder."

final battle on Grima. Do something with the whole "pulling into Grima" scene. Although he kind of doesn't need to because he has already beaten it back and does not need the room anymore.

"He has seen this room before" idea – Robin, during his travel, always came here when he 'died'. This allowed Grima to take influence in him and hold a stronger grip over him.

Maybe have Tear of Naga be what fully pulls Robin out. In doing so, it shatters, but gives off a purifying wave. The Shepherds are restored. Maybe have broken pieces fly out and restore the energy of others as well? A cleansing wave of light that refreshes and destroys the Risen GrimaRobin summoned earlier.

Robin opens up the fight w/ an empowered thoron bolt. The magic struck like a wicked viper, a wild beam of lightning dashing amongst the enemy line. It arced from the bodies, fanning out and felling many. HYPER VIPER BEAM

When naga heals the rest of them, he feels her whispering to him only. "I will protect your body from the pain of my fang and your own, but I cannot spare your from your own judgment when the time finally comes."

Also, include Chrom final speech. "For tomorrow to exist there must be a present built upon the foundation of the past. Hold dear the thoughts of your friends, your loved and your lost, your children, and your children's children that will come. Let them be the reason why you lift your sword today. For without victory, there will be no tomorrow. Let us not rob the world of that hope."

"Let there be no reservation behind your blade."

Strategy: mad push for Grima. Chrom is guarded by the majority of the Shepherds while Robin, Morgan, and Severa form the rear, helping to pick up stragglers. When they finally reach GrimaRobin, Shepherds form a defensive circle. Robin and Chrom fight GrimaRobin. Chrom tries to land killing blow on GrimaRobin while Robin defends the others from being stabbed in the back by GrimaRobin.

"Make your libations."

"In the books of history, it is recorded that the Hero King Marth faced off against the Fell Dragon and won. Accounts of the event are dubious and his tactics unknown. Never has there been a battle recorded in the history of man where the lines were drawn on the back of the fell Dragon. However, we stand today as a result of Marth's victory. No strategy will truly prepare us, and I am rue to put you all at such risk, but it is a risk we must take. Let history be your comfort in that what has been done before can surely be done again."

"Our objective, Shepherds, is to defeat Grima. The enemy is numerous and prepared. We are surrounded in the heart of their territory with no hope of reinforcements. In many a war, such a situation often yielded two results: surrender or death. But this is right where we need to be, right where the heart of Grima is. We may be a step ahead of death, but we are a hair's breadth from victory. We are forging a head-on attack. The faster we reach Grima, the faster this hell ends."

"I have always planned every battle with the idea that all of you will come back to camp." Robin was expressionless as he surveyed the countless Grimleal in front of them. "But for this one, that is an unaffordable luxury. There is no doubt that some of you will fall behind, for whatever reason." He took a slow breath. "Catch up if you are able to. Otherwise, hold your ground for as long as you can. I will form a rear guard that will try to pick up the stragglers and return to the main group. However, I will be the judge on whether or not you are too far gone. Hold your ground and pray this ends quickly, if that is the case."

"What?" He took a breath, knowing that Chrom would disagree with him. "I won't allow it. We need every fighting arm out there. Are you telling me we're going to leave them behind?"

"We cannot linger. The longer it takes for us to reach Grima, the smaller our chance at victory."

"There has to be some way, Robin, some way where we all walk out alive. I did not put you here to bring us to victory at the cost of everything around us. The Shepherds have suffered, Robin! Even though I am glad you have returned, even I cannot turn a blind eye to what your absence has caused. I am more than willing to clear my own path to help those that cannot keep up!"

"I do not doubt your heart, Chrom. Everyone here is like a brother or sister to you," he said calmly. "But in reality, you are the only one who can wield the blessed Falchion. If we cannot use that against Grima, we may as well fall upon our own swords. That is a risk we cannot take. And thus I place the heaviest burden on your shoulders because are strong enough to bear it."

He met Chrom's gaze dead on. "You must watch friends and loved ones bleed and die for you while you can do nothing."

The lord was silent.

"Forgive me, Chrom, but it must be like this."

"I… I understand what you mean, but-"

"Chrom," Robin's struggled to keep his voice calm, doing his best to impede the thoughts in his friend's mind from entering his, "your pain now is proof of how strong our bonds are. We have fought and bled and laughed and cried together, and because of that we fight harder, a concept that Grima will never truly understand. I assure you that each and every one of us will fight and fulfill the oath we took when we chose to serve you, for the true hope of tomorrow lies upon the edge of your sword. Our lives today are but a small offering for something as priceless as that. Besides," he looked towards Lucina, "I am sure that those from the future cannot bear to see another world lost to darkness."

Chrom's head hung low. There were no more words to be said.

"Sumia, Cordelia, Cynthia, Cherche, and Gerome. Your objective is to form a cavalry and flank the infantry line. Assist with picking up any stragglers if you can, but that is secondary. We must break through to the other side."

Lucina gets shot by an arrow in the thigh. She gives a cry of pain as she stumbles. Chrom looks behind for a moment and pauses.

"Do not falter, Chrom!" Robin yelled at the top of his lungs. "You must not falter!"

His friend bit his lip and turned towards their destination, eyes wet with rage and tears. Chrom's legs began to carry him once more and he found that he could barely keep up with the lord.

Figure out who dies and how (try to make it so that either one or both parents live or only the child dies) as well as what wounds they carry.

Someone grabs enemies about to strike down chrom/robin and, weakened, finds strength to dash off the edge of Grima. Gregor. "Don't thinking about Gregor! Gregor thinking only the future!"

Henry: "I've been working on this one for a long time."

Noire "BLOOD AND THUNDER! BLOOD AND THUNDER! BLOOD AND- AND THUNDER! BLOod and… blood and…" she falls. First, two arrows are lodged in her shoulders. Then, she is cut off from behind, a sword sticking out from her stomach, and falls over. Robin sees her clutching at something around her neck and knows she's alive, but is forced to leave her behind. Before she finally dies, she preps one more arrow, this time with the talisman Tharja gave her tied around the tip.

Possible lucina death (in hindsight, do not allow her to die. Maybe fall off and be saved by Naga, but can't die straight out. In fact, Chrom's family will survive, though maybe with Cynthia wounded, though she recovers perfectly fine.)

She is knocked onto the side of Grima, but stabs the falchion in to hang on. Chrom is unable to pull himself away. She stares into his eyes.

Even Robin could not bear to ask Chrom to leave her behind. He knew that he had to, but-

"Cordy! Get Lucina!

Her eyes locked onto Robin's, and what he saw made him pale.

It was determination.

"Go." There was the slightest of wavers in her voice. She let her grip on the blade fall and so did she.

GrimaRobin to Robin: "It feels so much better to cut someone down with a sword. You feel their body, their bones, and their very essence draining upon your steel. I pity your preference of a tome. It's so impersonal."


Robin's head turned over his shoulder, trying to see the source of the voice. But instead he saw a single arrow surrounded by darkness ripping through the chest of a Grimleal and traveling between him and Chrom. At the very tip, the makings of a thin chain of gold with a red gem dangled in between. it rips apart several more enemies before impacting and exploding on Grima, making an opening. Robin yells for Chrom to land a clear strike on GrimaRobin and he falls over.

Grima's loss of power is immediate. All Plegian soldiers and Risen begin to lose their footing on its body, as Grima's magic is no longer holding them there, unlike Naga's. They start to slip and fall off the dragon. Healers start to tend to the wounded.

"Finish it, Robin. The blow is yours."

The other Shepherds form an expectant half-circle around Robin. As he feared, several Shepherds will not return. They watch him and want him to end it, and he feels the crushing responsibility on his shoulders. He cannot falter now. Only Cordy is emotionless.

Maybe have cordy, who knows what will happen. IF NAGA DOES NOT TELL THEM THAT ROBIN WILL DIE, CHROM TELLS ROBIN TO FINISH IT. HE GETS SECOND THOUGHTS and cordy starts to try and stop him, but he pushes her away. BUT STARTS TO REPEAT THE YLISSEAN OATH, but modifies it either from the start or as he goes. He draws strength from it and he begins to channel magic, specifically the power of grima. I freely lay my life upon the Altar of life, of hope, of happiness, of joy, and of peace. That my one life shall spare many from the loosed hands of my other half (he pushes all other distractions from his mind, focusing only on his blade. THE BLADE SLOWLY BECOMES BLUE, INDICATING THE PURITY OF RESOLVE THAT ROBIN BRINGS). The blade awakens, per se, and he says his line. Starting with "for the past year and a half".

Chrom closes in for final blow, but Robin holds him back. Chrom mentions losing him once and knows that he has suffered more than enough. Robin agrees, but says he needs this. Chrom believes that he is trying to atone for his sins, and says he can worry about that later. Robin says it's not about atonement, but about tying up loose ends (find better reason later. "doing what's right"?). "Besides, it's personal. You have a family to take care of, after all."

"Hypocrite!" Chrom yelled, "What about yours? What about Cordelia and your children? It's not fair and it's not right! Why do you do this to yourself, Robin? Must I lose my closest friend once more?"

"Please watch over them, if you can."

Robin looked his friend in the eyes, and forlornly smiled. "The difference is that you and your blood bear the Mark of the Exalt. Mine will bear the curse of Grima unless the stain is removed today. Forgive me, but I must leave your side." The prince's eyes fell, unable to think of a response. Tears began to fall and dot the scales below him.

"Stain? You would call my blood a stain?" Grima roared from behind him. "Why do you not join with me? That you deny your own destiny and greatness?"

Robin turned to face his own pained visage. His voice was slow at first, but slowly rose. "Because for the past year and a half, ever since Validar gained control over me, I've hated every ounce of my being, every fiber of my very existence! My friends and allies have died at the hands of your vassal, on the choice of my desertion, and on the back of your fell form!" The grip on his blade tightened, the sigil on his left hand glowing and surrounding the sword in a dripping pink and black smoke. "To know that I am Grima and that only I could truly end your wicked existence, I could not have asked for a better opportunity to cut myself down!" He pushes Chrom aside, who falls down for a moment from his wounds and exhaustion, struggling to rise.




"Robin, no!" the lord yelled, trying to climb to his feet, but Robin was already well out of reach.

The thousand voices screamed in unison. Robin screamed louder.

Grima tries to push him back, knowing he will kill him. Robin ignores the weakened attack and pushes on. Eventually, tries stabbing Grima as many times as there are graves for Shepherds. Grima fades after the first several, though.

The first was for _. (Go over the memories that Robin shares with those characters)

"Do not forget Emmeryn's ideals, Chrom."

"No, Robin. Your ideals ring louder. I… I am not even worthy to be in your presence."

Robin feels the pain of the sword cutting into him and grunts in pain. The pain that he wanted and sought for the past year and a half.

A hand reached up, covering his face and pushing him back. With a swift stroke, Robin cuts it off and continued his retribution.

He screams and cries. Cordelia tries to stop him, not being able to bear the cries of his deep hurting. She says something but he can't hear it. Before he can finish his strikes, the sword clatters through to the ground – Grima is unable to sustain a physical body and is now dying. As a result, Robin starts to disintegrate as well, with his ethereal hand in Grima's body. He continues to try to strike it until Cordelia holds back his arms. He does not care that his hands are nothing, only that he must strike.

"Stop crying, Robin! Please, you promised!" Her voice was weak, like on the day he left.

Once he realizes that GrimaRobin is gone, he starts to apologize to her. "I'm sorry, Cordy, I… I…" he can barely finish his sentence. He tries to move his arms to touch her hands, but he the remaining pain and lack of energy makes it impossible.

NOTE: stabbing himself = outlet of his self-loathing. He hates himself for leaving, and this is the only point where he can do something about it without actually killing himself, though he still does technically.


Cordy watches as robin kills grimarobin. She tries to be strong, but she hears him crying as he does it and she begins to crack. When he is done, he turns around, body wracked by the pain that his own sword brings him.

He tearfully says her name, Cordy, before falling to his knees.

She rushes out to catch him.

Grima's dragon form begins to fall, and Naga teleports all of them, doing her best to preserve Robin. They are put on a hill, facing a sunrise.

She hushes him and holds his fading body.

"Owain? Owain? Where are you? Answer your mother! Owain!"

"My sword arm trembles no longer, mother! But alas, I am still here!"

"Owain! Owain… Oh, gods, no! Please no!"

"Mother, what is… what is wrong?"

"Your arm, it's... it's…"

"But my sword arm is right… right here."

"No, your other one!"

"I… I need only one… mother…"

"Owain please, no! Stay with your mother, Owain!"

"Please… don't cry, mother. You'll ruin… your face for… for father."

"Owain! Don't go, please! You're all I have left, Owain!"

Maybe Cynthia injured/dead with Sumia:

"Mother… did you see me slay all of them?"

"Yes, I did."

"It reminded me of you, mother, how you were unstoppable."

"And brave. You were brave beyond measure, Cynthia."

"So, that means I'm a hero, right… right?"

"You were always my hero. Traveling back in time, fighting against countless enemies. Thinking of you gave me strength."

Inigo dances his completed dance because he feels that it communicates his sorrow better than words to Olivia, lying dead at his feet.

"How did she find that talisman. I thought I hid it away," Tharja said to herself.

Still holding him, Cordelia, Morgan, Severa, who is wounded with a bleeding gash on her cheekbone, and Robin share a moment of intimacy while the rest of the Shepherds watch in tearful silence.

Morgan: "I know the circumstances to your question, Father, and I understand your lesson now. To choose the path of death in the right circumstances can achieve victory beyond measure … but your method is harsh."

Not even able to attain full vengeance for what he had lost, his body slackens and what's left of it leans against Cordelia, with Morgan and Cordelia at both of his sides. He asks her to turn him over so he can look over the land, the world around him.

The land he overlooked was beautiful, he thought to himself

"Father… Why? Why would you leave us again?" Severa, her normal angry composure, was twisted with sorrow. Her eyes glistened with tears, her own pride doing its best to keep them there.

"I've only just met you, and now I lose you once more…" Morgan spoke slowly, her optimism failing her.

"I do this because I am Grima," He could feel his own tears forming. When he raised his hands to try and pull them in and realizing he could not hold them, they fell. "It was the only way to end it, to remove the fear and the burden." He desperately wants to touch Cordy's hair, to run his hands through it.

Cordelia, however, could see into the truth. "Can you forgive yourself, Robin? For me?"

"For my disappearance?... Again?" he couldn't see his hands anymore and his vision was beginning to darken.

"No," Cordelia bit her lip, trying to stray strong for him. "For hating yourself (and your lineage?)."

"No price is too great to remove Grima's influence. But… our family will be in such turmoil. I… I leave such a burden on your shoulders. Forgive me for breaking my promise to you." He struggled to put the words out.

"We'll find you, no matter how long it takes. You said that you may return, and I know you will." She glanced up at the morning sun. "Little Severa and little Morgan will want their father, after all."

He blinked away the darkness only to have his vision muddled by tears. "I'm sorry, Cordelia, leaving you with child. Forgive me, I have been a poor husband in our last days together…" words came slowly to his lips.

"You gave up our time together to secure thousands of years for millions of others," her voice didn't waver, despite feeling the drops of her tears on his cloak. "There will be generations of generations because of you. I could not have asked for a more righteous husband." He could feel the rest of his body beginning to fade away.

"And our children, all children… they will grow up with stories of joy… of heroes and utmost loyalty and bravery. They will not have to live in fear."

The last he saw of Cordelia was her trembling lips trying to turn upward with tears rolling down. ("Then it is well with my soul.")

(or have last words be "then let it be well with my soul")

He thought of how Naga was right, that sooner or later he was going to be cut down by his own blade.

He was glad that it was of his own hand and accord, doing what he knew was right for the future. There would be no more tears. No more tears for Grima, forever.

He dreamt of warm crimson locks flowing between his fingertips.

"My thoughts were always of them. But my last thoughts Cordy … they are yours alone."

Peace at last.

If you want to use some of the material for whatever you want, feel free to do so. Naturally, I would appreciate some credit, especially if you want to write about GrimaRobin bringing his/her spouse through time in addition itself, but it's okay if you don't.

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