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Only Have Eyes For Me


Levi absolutely abhorred the look on Eren's face.

He hated how it lit up the boy's features with life and enthusiasm for the most trivial of things. It was unnecessary and it made him look stupidly like a love-sick puppy. And more importantly…

It wasn't directed at him.

The muscles in his hand tensed, slightly wrinkling the document he happened to have in his hand when a random soldier delivered the summons to the brat currently helping him out with his paperwork. He watched with growing annoyance as Eren read through the missive, the latter's eyes wide and giddy. Levi could've sworn he saw sparkles in them. He felt an irrational repulsion towards sparkles right then.

"Heichou! Heichou! Danchou invited me to have dinner in his quarters tonight! He said we're gonna talk about something, but he didn't mention what it is. Can I go?"

It was obvious that he couldn't contain himself, fidgeting all over the place like a girl who was just asked out by the object of her affections.


"Erwin outranks me, so obviously, you'll go. It's practically an order. Why are you even asking me?! And it's 'May I', not 'Can I'. Stupid brat," he bit out, brow furrowed, sharp eyes focused on the semi-crumpled paper whose words had yet to register since five minutes ago.

He could see from the corner of his eyes how Eren visibly deflated at the hostility in his voice.

"But Heichou is my keeper," Eren smiled, though not as brightly as he usually does.

The knot between Levi's brows loosened imperceptibly.

"Make sure to wash your hands before you eat."

The smile regained its usual shine. Eren bounded off excitedly after saying that he needed to go and get ready and bade Levi a cheerful, 'See you later, Heichou!'

The silence in the near-empty office was disturbed by a quiet voice full of contempt.

"What the hell do you need to get ready for? It's not even a fucking date. Tch."

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