Levi forcefully made his way to his own chambers—no, he was not stomping,HOW DARE YOU—his ears slightly ringing from the potency of his anger. He slammed the door open, startling the boy sitting at the foot of his bed. Without missing a beat, he closed the door behind him with just as much strength before stalking over, shedding his gear, boots, and straps with practiced ease as he went. Levi's movements flowed seamlessly into each other more so than usual, and that's when Eren knew exactly how much the captain had to be appeased.

Levi swooped down on him like an avenging angel, and by god, Eren thinks, he was beautiful. Levi's hand came up to the back of Eren's head, fingers tangling themselves in the messy hair as he feasted on his lips, devouring the plump flesh like a man starved for days on end. He bit, sucked, and licked furiously at the pliant mouth, his tongue delving into the wet cavern sweetened with the flavour of rich dark chocolate that Eren had consumed mere moments ago.

Their mouths parted after a seeming eternity, a thin trail of saliva bridging the small distance as they finally broke for air, their need to taste each other taking precedence over the trivial necessity of breathing. Eren was left flushed and panting, eyes dilated with delicious desire for Levi. All for him.

Only for him.

Levi felt a smug sense of vindication at the thought. He skimmed his teeth along the incline of Eren's jaw, nipping lightly down his delectable neck before biting down at the junction where it met a strong shoulder. He sucked viciously, but gently laved at the abused skin in an almost-apology at the end of it. Satisfied that the forming bruise would be there for quite a while, his mouth sought Eren's once more, his tongue itching to fuck the willing mouth, over and over until his lungs threatened to give out. He ripped off the brat's loose shirt followed by his own as they both gasped for air, immediately throwing them to the side, unmindful of the mess he was making because nothing could possibly be more important than this right now.

He urged Eren to move further up on the bed, pushing the heaving chest lightly and following with now both his knees on the mattress. His fingers traced invisible patterns on the supple young flesh before making its way to a hardened nub, flicking it absently as he watched the other's face through it all.


His title died on Eren's lips as he sucked on the neglected nipple, twisting and pulling at the other while his left hand continued to slide over the hard muscles of the boy's abs, feeling them ripple under his touch. Eren's hands practically flew from their perch on the sheets, his right hugging his lover's head to his chest and his left gripping at his captain's shoulder. Eren's mind was in a haze, and he was startled by the cold air biting at his now exposed erection—when did that happen, he thought, but it wasn't important so he left it alone and focused on the delicious friction from the hand pumping him lazily. His grip on his captain became lax and his hands fell on his sides. Levi's ministrations on his chest had stopped, and the stormy eyes were now intently watching his face. Sensing the heavy gaze, Eren opened his lids to half-mast and stared right back, his turquoise eyes gleaming almost unnaturally in the sparse light provided by a flickering candle and the moonlight shining through the open window.


Yes, Eren, whine for me. Never for anybody else.

Levi's hand was steady in its rhythm as he sat back on his haunches, delivering the torturous pleasure, agonizing in its slowness but welcomed all the same.

"P-please stop teasing me…"

I'm the only one allowed to tease you like this. Nobody else but me.

Eren's hands raised themselves over his head, moving them under the small pile of pillows. Gaze unfaltering, he held his captain's stare as he uncapped the bottle of oil he found there, smearing a generous amount on his fingers before preparing himself for what was to come.

Eren looked best like that, hair splayed over his wrinkled sheets, cheeks a pretty pink hue, vibrant eyes teeming with desire, breath shallow as he touched himself, fingers disappearing and reappearing from his own twitching hole. Deeming himself ready after a while of this, he spread his legs, hands holding his own thighs far apart. Levi licked his lips.

"Haaah haaaah Heichouuuuu nnnnnnn please fuck me."

This kid is fucking dangerous in ways he's not even aware of...

Humanity's Strongest didn't think anyone would be able to resist. And who was he to refuse after such an invitation?

He quickly grabbed the oil and poured some on his aching shaft before aligning himself and pushing in slowly to let his younger lover adjust to his length and girth. Even with a thorough preparation, it's always difficult at first because of his size. Eren moaned, the sound of his voice shooting straight to Levi's groin, making it twitch as he rubbed at Eren's insides. Eren's hands moved up to the wooden rails of the headboard and stayed there, holding on for dear life as Levi gradually picked up the pace. He jerked off his lover in time with his thrusts and Eren mewled and gasped and panted, drool dripping from the side of his mouth from the assault on his senses. Levi raised Eren's hips from the bed, almost bending him in half in pursuing a better angle and was rewarded by a long keening moan as he hit his lover's prostrate over and over.

"You're mine, Eren. Say it."

"Ahhhh Heichou nnnnngh yours ahhhhhnnn"

"Only mine."

"Always hahhhh yoursssss"

They climbed their climax together, Eren releasing all over their stomachs and Levi's hand; Levi filling Eren with his essence to the brim, some of it spilling out because he came so hard.

Spent, Levi collapsed on Eren, their bodies still joined. He tilted his head up just as Eren tilted his own down, their tongues meeting before their lips even touched. Parting with a wet smack and a couple of chaste smooches, they both sighed, Levi reaching for the blanket to cover them both.

"Aren't we cleaning up before we sleep?" Eren asked sleepily, his tone like an inquiring child's and Levi can't help but think that it was just so cute.

"First thing tomorrow." He really was spoiling him rotten.

"But you don't like being all sticky," Eren yawned and rubbed at his eye—too cute, Levi thinks— before snuggling closer (if that was even possible) to Levi and cozily enveloping him with his arms as Levi did the same.

"Ssshhh. Tomorrow." Levi nuzzled Eren's neck.


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