Chapter 1.

Ahsoka Tano—

Ahsoka was perched on one of the many skyscrapers that dotted the grounds of Coruscant. She could feel the wind sweep through her lekku and a small smile formed on her grey lips as her sharp, quick eyes caught sight of her target.

A small, green-yellow scaled Rodian glanced nervously around the streets as it makes its way down the alley and Ahsoka smirked. 'You think you're safe…' she thought to herself as she jumped down to a different spot on another skyscraper. The Rodian peered over his shoulder and quickly rushed into a building. Ahsoka crossed her legs and a split second later, the Rodian ran back out, only with a pocket in his tunic bulging. 'Guess again,' Ahsoka thought and she leapt down from her hidden position, quickly softening her blow with the Force. "Going somewhere, sleemo?" Ahsoka hisses in a low, hostile voice as she lands in front of the Rodian. The victim jumps, obviously caught off guard and backs away slowly.

"I'm running away from you?" he asks incredulously in a heavily accented voice. His eyes wandered up and down Ahsoka's figure. "You're a girl!"

Ahsoka's hand curled around her light saber hilt but doesn't whip it out. She didn't bother using her light sabers these days anymore unless the job came down to drastic measures. Frankly, this Rodian didn't seem to fit the description of a situation in using her lightsabers. "Sexist pig," Ahsoka says dismissively and in one, quick yet efficient blow, her fist connects with the Rodian's forehead and he's out like a light. The Rodian drops to the ground, unmoving and Ahsoka wipes her hands on her leggings, satisfied with her work. She kicks the fallen Rodian with the tip of her boot and activates her comlink. "Willie, I've got the suspect. The cops are going to show up soon," Ahsoka says smoothly.

A hoarse, female voice speaks on the other end and says, "Good job, Ahsoka. Come back to headquarters right away for your payment."

Ahsoka nods and says, "I'll be there, Willie." She shut off her comlink and waits for several more moments for the cops to arrive. Once the Rodian is pushed into the speeder, Ahsoka gives herself a small, terse nod and hurries off.

A data pad is pushed towards Ahsoka as soon as she steps into Willie's office. "What's this?" Ahsoka asks lightly as she sits herself down on the plush seat.

"Your next assignment," the woman says from behind the desk.

Ahsoka looked up at Willie. Her smile faded as she sees her boss' serious face. She knew Willie fairly well now and knew enough that she was a tough one who always seemed to run things smoothly and quickly. It was a talent that not many people had. Willie had grown up with street smarts and knew how to set straight even the worst gang leader of Coruscant straight.

No, Willie wasn't someone to be messed with and if she said that something was wrong, then something was wrong. Ahsoka's bright blue eyes searched Willie's icy, cold, pale grey ones and she frowned, glancing back at the data pad. "I don't understand…the goal isn't written down here at all." Ahsoka says thoughtfully, tapping her fingers along the polished wooden desk in front of her.

"That's because our little client wants to keep it secret," Willie says in a low voice. Ahsoka looks up, an eye marking rising in question. Willie sighs and continues, "I don't know who the hell this guy thinks he is, but he says he's willing to pay a rather hefty sum for this deal… He requested you to do his job and I'm expecting you to fulfill it."

Ahsoka crossed her arms. "You know I have my limits, Willie," she said defiantly.

Willie scowls. "I'm not fooling, kid. I don't give a shit, but you better do what this gentleman wants or else you won't have anywhere else to go and you know that as well as I do," she hisses.

Ahsoka frowned but straightens herself. "Where's the guy?" she asks harshly.

"He's meeting up with you tomorrow here in my office at ten o'clock in the morning," Willie says, standing up. "I want you to be in this office stat, be here even ten minutes earlier if you have to."

Ahsoka traced her lightsaber hilt with a finger and inspects the dust that was left behind on it. She rubs it off on her skirt and says, "I'll do what I want. After all, he's my client."

Willie snorts. "You think you've known everything about these kind of hustlers, kid? Wrong. They're not those stupid droids that you used to fight all the time; they're sharp like every other smart ass in Coruscant," she says sharply. "You may have the strength and the skills, but you don't know anything yet. You're not even a half of a foot out the door. Don't get comfy."

Ahsoka waved her hand off dismissively. "Oh, trust me, Willie, I won't," she says and walks out of the office, the door sliding closed behind her with a hiss of air.


As Ahsoka rested herself on the bed in her apartment, her thoughts began to drift to what Willie had said. "They're not the stupid droids that you used to fight all the time; they're sharp like every other smart ass in Coruscant," her words hissed.

Ahsoka sighed, turning over on her side. She tapped the surface of her bed thoughtfully and laughed out loud. Not all droids were totally stupid. Why, good old Artoo was pretty quick in thinking skills, and to some people, it was almost human.

Some people like Anakin.

Ahsoka's breath got caught in her throat and she pressed her cheek against the pillow. 'No, no, no, no, no…I will not think about Anakin…not tonight. I need to be focused for tomorrow!' Ahsoka thinks indignantly to herself.

But the memories came no matter how hard Ahsoka tried to push them out of her mind.

Ever since she had left the Order, Anakin had been the only thing that she clung onto as she went into the bounty hunting business. It was hard. Sometimes, she would miss him so much that it made it harder for her to breathe.

She could be doing something simple, like knocking out another criminal, or taking a shower and suddenly, his face would be swimming in front of her eyes. His laugh would be echoing around her, or his strong hand would suddenly be felt on her arm.

It would only last for a minute, though.

Just a minute before Ahsoka would be forced to be dragged down to reality, where Anakin was not with her, and she would never see his face again. She swallowed, trying to keep her tears at bay and let out a small, choking sob.

Ahsoka had loved Anakin. She cared about him so much, and it had hurt to leave him at the top of the Temple stairs like that.

But the Order was corrupt—she had realized that. She knew she would have to leave sooner or later, but leaving Anakin was a different choice… "You're making a mistake," he'd said to her.

"Stop it!" Ahsoka hissed out loud and buried her face in the blankets. "Don't think about him! Don't think about him! You left him!" Sobs began to shake her entire body and she curled into a small ball, desperately trying to compose herself in the dark of the night.

'I wonder if he misses me, too…'


Ahsoka tapped her fingers on the polished desk sitting in front of her. The dim light of Coruscant's morning shone through the blindfolds of the single window on the wall. Her mood was irritable and tired from last night's usual night mares.

It was always the same thing—she would see herself with Anakin again, training beside him again, and watch it all disappear as she watches herself walk down the Temple steps.

Ever since she left, the same vision haunted her again and again. Watching her old life and then watching it being taken away…nothing was more painful than that.

'Stop. You're not here to mope; you're here to get this stupid job done. Focus, Ahsoka.' she thinks to herself and her knuckles whitened as she grips the edge of the desk.

The door suddenly slid open and Ahsoka straightened herself, trying to look as official as she possibly could. Her new client had a hood hanging low from his head, his movements lucid and graceful. Yet, she could feel a coldness radiating off of him and knew that he wasn't safe to be around.

Still, she stayed.

"My apologies to keep you waiting," a deep, strong voice says from underneath the cloak, "but I wasn't sure that you would show up."

"I don't run from my assignments," Ahsoka replied coldly.

"Perhaps not. Your reputation precedes you, Miss Tano," the man replies, chuckling icily.

A shiver went down her back and she folded her hands gently onto her lap. "State your requirement," she says in a smart, business-like tone.

Ahsoka watched as the man gracefully intertwined his thin, skeleton-like fingers together on the desk. "I like to play games, Miss Tano. Would you like to play one with me?" He asks suddenly.

Ahsoka blinked and felt an ice block settle on her stomach. However, she nodded. "Fine," she replies coolly.

"I'm thinking of a certain person… The person who I want you to kill," the man says and a shiver went down Ahsoka's back. He's what Willie called a 'twisted Jack,' meaning someone who took lives for granted. She simply nods. "Alright, then…the game is simple. You ask questions, and I'll answer…Later, you get to piece together the clues and find out who your victim is," the man replied.

Ahsoka bit her lip and finally asks, "Is the target a female?"

"No," the man replied.

"Is this man a well-known criminal in Coruscant?" she asks, warming up a bit.

The man laughed. "No, of course not. Rather the opposite," he says.

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka asked slowly.

"No, no, no. Only yes or no questions for you, missy!" the man replied cheekily.

Ahsoka felt dread slowly blanket itself over her. She couldn't explain the tugging sensation in her stomach—she just knew that whatever the outcome was, it would be bad. Ahsoka let out a small sigh and asked, "If he's not a criminal, is he a simple, average person here?" the man shook his head. She swallowed and whispered, "So…is he a…hero of some sort?"

"Of course," the man replies graciously. "He's looked upon by many."

Ahsoka's breath got caught in her throat as she whispers, "Does he happen to be…a war hero?"

"Why, yes. He happens to be so," the man replies and Ahsoka saw an amused smile flit across his face. The hood still covered up his eyes, but the small, sly smile filled her with fright and suspicion.

Ahsoka swallowed. Her mouth felt like sandpaper. "Is he…on the Republic's side of the war?" She asked.

"Yes, he is," the man simply states.

Ahsoka closed her eyes briefly and an image began to form in her mind. Warm tears began to sting her eyes and she blinked them away, desperate to hang onto this. "Is he…someone I know?" Ahsoka whispered, her eyes still closed.

"Yes, Miss Tano," the man says and Ahsoka felt an alarm go off in her head. Murky emotions began to drag themselves out of her heart and the locked box filled with memories snapped open. Her eyes slowly opened and the man was smiling widely now. She could count each and every one of the yellowed teeth and he says, "Have you guessed the target, Miss Tano?"

"Yes," Ahsoka says shakily.

"Good… Now, who am I thinking of?" the man asks.

"Anakin Skywalker," Ahsoka replied, somewhat dazed. "What do you want me to do with him?"

The man laughed a cold, harsh sound and clapped his hands together. "Isn't it obvious? Miss Tano, I want you to kill him."

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