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Chapter 1

Naruto is walking to a new school. He's wearing a school uniform and wearing an orange t-shirt. He's wearing a silver cross.


"Happy birth day Naruto, Akeno!", Kushina and Shuri say taking a picture of a kid Naruto and Akeno. They are both smiling and sitting next to each other at a table. They are friends and born on the same day. Minato and Baraqiel smile. Minato and Kushina are exorcist's, they are the friendliest of them and are friends with quite a few devils, fallen angels and angels. The Vatican don't know about that.

"Blow out the candle and make a wish", Shuri says and they both blow out the candle while smiling.

"What was your wish?", Akeno says and Naruto shakes his head.

"If I tell you it won't come true remember", Naruto says and Akeno puffs her cheeks and glares at Naruto.

"I won't tell anyone please", Akeno says and Naruto looks away.

"No! But you can tell me yours", Naruto says and Akeno did the same thing Naruto did.

"No!", Akeno says and the parents chuckle. Unkown to them this moment will never happen again.


"Daddy, where's mommy?", Naruto says and Minato looks at Naruto sad and opens a closet puts him in it.

"What ever you do... Don't open this or make any sounds", Minato says standing and closes it.

Naruto starts hearing yelling and fighting.

"I know you people have the Sacred Gear Chaos Karma! Give it to me and I'll spare you pathetic lives!", someone yells in the living room.

Naruto disobeys his father and opens the closet door a little without making a sound and sees it. Naruto's mother and father are being held in the air by there necks by a fallen angel, but not just any fallen angel it's Kokabiel.

"You will never find it, it has been in my family for generations and you will never have it", Kushina says and Kokabiel glars at her and drops her. A light spear forms in his hands and he stands through Kushina's heart killing her.

"Kushina! You will pay!", Minato yells angrily. Naruto has both hands to his mouth and his eyes are wide. Tears are going down Naruto's eyes seeing the man kill his mother.

"I suppose you won't tell me either, so bye", Kokabiel says and raising his spear.

Minato looks and his eyes widen a little seeing the closet open a little and Naruto seeing everything. Minato smiles at Naruto but then he was stabbed in the heart ending his life.

"Pathetic humans, these are the weakest exorcist's I ever faced", Kokabiel says and looks through the house but cant find it. Not realizing that Naruto saw the whole thing.

Naruto runs out his door and goes to his mother and father. There eyes are closed.

"Mommy, daddy... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", Naruto yells holding his head.

Baraqiel feels something is wrong and leaves his house going three houses down.

"What happened!", Baraqiel says entering the house and his eyes widen seeing kushina and Minato dead.

"Oh no", Baraqiel says and sees a crying Naruto.

Behind Baraqiel are Shuri and Akeno. Naruto sees Akeno and runs to her and hugs her crying. Akeno has tears in her eyes and cry's as well. She thought of Naruto's parents as a uncle and aunt.

"Oh my god", Shuri says with years in her eyes seeing her best friend dead.

"Damn it. I was to late", Baraqiel says punching the ground with tears in his eyes looking at the dead body of his best friend.


Naruto is walking to Akeno's house from the graveyard. Yesterday was the funeral.

When Naruto gets there he hears crying and enters the house. He sees Akeno by a dead Shuri.

"Akeno!", Naruto says worreidly going to her side.

"What happend!", Naruto says and Akeno looks at Naruto crying.

"Mommy died and dad wasnt here to protect her!", Akeno says crying and Naruto holds her. Naruto looks and sees a black feather on the ground and his face changes to that of rage.

"Fallen angels. I'll kill them all", Naruto thinks falling into an abyss of hate.


"Hello everyone, we have a new student", the teacher says and they all look. The guys glare at Naruto while all the girls are blushing and have hearts in there eyes.

Akeno looks at the new student and her eyes widen and smiles.

Naruto looks and sees Akeno and he smiles.

"Naruto/Akeno!", they both yell and both run and hug each other not seeing each other for two years since Akeno joined Rias. All the girls glare at Akeno while all the boys glare at Naruto.

"oh great the new guy got the total babe", Issei thinks looking awno disappointed.

"Mr Uzumaki, I know you are new here but don't yell and sit down!", the teacher says looking at Naruto and Naruto laughs nervously and rubs the back of his head with his left hand wrapped around Akeno.

"Sorry teach", Naruto says lets go of Akeno. They begin walking and Aken takes a seat. Naruto goes for the seat behind her and passes Issei and his eyes widen.

Naruto looks at his right hand.

"He's the one who posses the sacred gear Booster Gear", Tiamat says angrily. (Naruto also posses a sacred gear like issei. Its color is blue. When the sacred gear is in its first form, it looks like Issei's gauntlet but the jewel is yellow. He gave up his right arm to achieve even greater power. But somehow has the ability to turn his hand back to normal but takes some time. He can stay in scale mail until he runs out of power and his ability is called Chaos, it allows his friends to give him power if they wish and he can add it to his own)

"You really hate the users of The Red Dragon Emperor, Ddraig", Naruto thinks sitting down and looking at Issei.

"EVERY USER OF DDRAIG WAS A GUY AND A PERVERT AND HIT ON MY USER ALL THE TIME! OF COURSE I HATE HIM!", Tiamat yells in Naruto's mind and Naruto holds his head.

"He's a devil, must be a pawn of Rias", Naruto thinks looking at Issei.

"Yes I can feel it, and he's a pervert I just know it", Tiamat says.

"Lets see if he is a pervert, he may be a good man", Naruto thinks.


"You were right", Naruto said sweat dropping seeing Issei and his two friends running away from angry girls and the girls are yelling perverts.

"Told you he was a pervert, every user of that stupid dragon is a pervert! Fafnir is a pervert as well calling a girls panties "treasure"! ", Tiamat says angrily.

"Come on Naruto", Akeno says leading Naruto somewher so so they can talk.


"So a stray devil is here", Naruto said entering a building and its dark.

"My, my, a man", a girl says and Naruto sees she's naked. He bottom half is that of a monster. Naruto takes out an exorcist gun that has light bullets in it.

"Chaos Karma!", Naruto yells and a gauntlet appears on Naruto right hand. It looks like Issei's gauntlet but blue and the jewel is yellow.

"It's time for me to kill you", Naruto said and the women becomes angry and charges at Naruto.

Naruto fires some bullets hitting her.

"That burns you asshole!", she yells in pain. Naruto jumps in the air and punches her.

"Ahhhhhhh", she yells and Naruto puts away his gun and takes out a light sword. Naruto dodges both attacks and cuts off both arms.

"Rawhhhhhhhhhhhh!", she yells in pain.

A yellow ball form in Naruto's gauntlet.

"Dragon Shot!", Naruto yells firing a yellow beam and it consumes her killing her

"Well that was easy", Naruto said.


Rias and her friends enter the building and are shocked seeing Naruto there. He's sitting on the ground.

"Yo", Naruto said holding his gun and still having the gauntlet on.

"Naruto, why are you here?", Rias says.

"Oh nothing just taking another stroll at night, killing a stray devil, the usual", Naruto says and Rias gets a tic mark and Akeno chuckles.

"Wait you know him?", Issei said.

"Yeah, he and Akeno are childhood friends and we met a few times. He's annoying", Rias says.

"How am I annoying, you have a pervert as a pawn", Naruto says pointing to Issei and Issei gets angry.

"Before you say something I just want to say that I don't care. I'll kick your ass if you so much as try to see Akeno naked and I don't like perverts", Naruto said glaring at Issei. Issei begins sweating.

"And just to warn you, my sacred gear hates perverts", Naruto said and Akeno walks to Naruto and wraps her arms around his.

Akeno sends Rias a look saying "jealous I have a hot friend all to myself". Rias blushes in anger and looks away while folding her arms.

"This is getting awkward", Yuuto thinks while putting up a smile.

"Come on Akeno, we should go", Naruto said and Akeno nods and they begin walking away.

"Who is he?", Issei said and Rias sighs.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki, his parents were exorcist's", Rias says and Issei notices what she said and looks at her questioningly.

"Were?", Issei says and Rias looks at the sky,

"His parents were murdered right in front of him by a fallen angel. His dream is to kill every single one of them", Rias says and starts thinking.

"Will he try to kill Akeno once he finds out that she's a Fallen angel turned devil", Rias thinks sadly.

"it's wise not to get him angry", Yuuto said remembering the damage he did in scale mail.