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Chapter 1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OUTSIDE OF KUOU ACADEMY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Currently a single blonde teenager was walking towards his new school. He's wearing the school uniform as well as wearing an orange t-shirt unlike Issei who wears a red one. Around his neck was also a silver cross. The entire time he was walking, the teenager was thinking back.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK YEARS AGO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Happy birth day Naruto, Akeno!" Kushina and Shuri said while taking a picture of a kid Naruto and Akeno who were smiling and sitting next to each other at a table, the two were born on the exact same day and luckily there parents know each other since they are good friends. Minato and Baraqiel just smile at there happy children. Minato and Kushina are both exorcist's, but oddly enough they are one of the friendliest Exorcists and are friends with quite a few devils, fallen angels and angels that not even the Vatican know about that along with both being taught by Vasco Strada.

"Blow out the candle and make a wish you two." Shuri said to the kids who immediately blew out the candle with a smile still on there face.

"What was your wish?" Akeno asked her most closest friend Naruto who just shakes his head.

"It's a secret; If I tell you it won't come true, remember?" Naruto told the girl who just puffs her cheeks and glares at Naruto.

"I won't tell anyone so please." Akeno asked him but Naruto just crossed his arms and looks away whirl shaking his head.

"No! But you can tell me yours." Naruto said but Akeno did the exact same thing Naruto did to him.

"No!" Akeno said gaining laughter from there parents video tapping this scene. Unkown to all them this moment will never happen again, along with casting the wheels of fate to turn once again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 MONTH LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Daddy, why is mommy still outside?" Naruto question a worried Minato who held Naruto while running to the closet fast? After reaching it he places Naruto in the closet just as the house shook.

"What ever you do... Don't open this or make any sounds." Minato told his son and closes it. After doing so he pressed his right hand at the top of the door and with a chant he removed his arms, leaving a deal. Only a few Naruto starts hearing yelling and fighting.

"I KNOW THE SACRED GEAR CHAOS KARMA IS HERE! GIVE IT TO ME AND I'LL SPARE YOUR LIVES!" someone yells, located in the living room.

Naruto couldn't help but disobey his father and opens the closet door a little to peak out but mentally and physically froze. Naruto's bloodied mother and beaten father are being held in the air by there necks by a fallen angel, but not just any fallen angel it's Kokabiel.

"You will never find it, it has been in my family for generations and you will never have it and I suggest you run since both Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi are about to arrive." Kushina said to the fallen angel who glares at just before he drops her with a light spear forms in his right hand which he instantly stabs Kushina through her heart, killing the woman much to the horror of Naruto.

"Kushina! DAMN YOU KOKABIEL!" Minato yelled in anger at the fallen angel. Naruto had both of his hands covering his mouth and his eyes were completely wide with tears falling from his eyes.

"I suppose you won't tell me either, so die." Kokabiel said and he raises his spear.

Minato's gaze shifts to the door and his eyes widen a little seeing the closet open a little with Naruto seeing everything. Minato smiles at Naruto but then he was stabbed in the heart ending his life much to the despair of the child witnessing it.

"Pathetic humans, these are the weakest exorcist's I ever faced." Kokabiel said and was about to search for Naruto when he felt it... Holy swords. Feeling that, he immediately leaves due to the fact of they see him he will die. Just after seeing the fallen angel leave the child runs out his door and goes to his mother and father who have there eyes closed.

"Mommy, daddy... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Naruto said be for he screams while holding his head and as he began screaming Baraqiel had arrived to the scene.

"What happened!" Baraqiel yelled as he was entering the house and his eyes widen seeing kushina and Minato dead.

"Oh no..." Was all Baraqiel could say and saw a crying Naruto.

Behind Baraqiel are Shuri and Akeno had also arrived and the moment Naruto saw Akeno he ran straight to her and hugs her crying. Akeno saw the dead bodies and tears to began falling from her eyes.

"Oh my god." Shuri said with tear appearing in her eyes at seeing her best friend dead.

"Damn it. I was to late." Baraqiel said as he punched the ground with tears falling from his eyes just as the door explodes open, gaining there attention to find three Exorcists, Vasco, and Ewald entering in a hurry and they froze in horror.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 WEEK LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto is currently walking to Akeno's house from the graveyard. Yesterday was the funeral where his parents were buried and he didn't even cry as if that incident took away his childhood and replaced his eyes with that of an adults. When Naruto heard crying from inside the house he enters quickly to find Akeno by a dead Shuri.

"Akeno!" Naruto said worreidly going to her side.

"What happened!" Naruto asked the crying girl who looks at Naruto.

"Mommy died and dad wasnt here to protect her!" Akeno said crying and Naruto just holds her, understanding her pain but his eyes widen all the way at seeing a black feather on the ground and his face changes to that of rage with a new purpose in his life.

"Fallen angels. I'll kill them all... Every single one of them... Until none of them are left.", Naruto thought, falling into an abyss of hatred.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto stood outside the building, staring at it with a look of loss while the guys glare at Naruto while all the girls are blushing and have hearts in there eyes at seeing the new student, they could only whisper among themselves but he soon came back to reality after noticing it. When he turns fast he found her, a surprised Akeno standing behind him.

"Naruto/Akeno!" they both yell and run to the other in order to hug each other not seeing the other for two years since Akeno joined Rias and Naruto leaving the Church to do his own job. Seeing this, both the girls and boys glare at the two while there idiot perverts were also annoyed.

"Oh great, the new guy got the total babe." Issei thought, looking at the two with disappointment. Issei then blinks in surprise after seeing Naruto staring right at him socks he could see it, red aura coming from his right arm.

[He's the one who posses the sacred gear Booster Gear!]

Came the words of Tiamat that went through Naruto's mind,filled with anger.

Like Issei, Naruto also posses a sacred gear that has resemblance to Issei's. Its color is dark blue. When the sacred gear is in its first form, it looks like Issei's gauntlet but the jewel is yellow along with the fingers are glowing yellow since he gave up his arm to achieve power. But somehow has the ability to turn his hand back to normal but takes some time. He can stay in scale mail until he runs out of power but has about the same time limit as Vali does including possessing two abilities which one is called "Chaos" which allows his friends to give him power if they wish and he can add it to his own.

"You really hate the users of The Red Dragon Emperor, Ddraig." Naruto thought to Tiamat while he walks with Akenk toward the building.


Tiamat yells in Naruto's mind, causing him to hold his head but makes it look like he's brushing his hair back.

"He's a devil, must be a pawn of Rias." Naruto thought to Tiamat whirl glancing back at Issei.

[Yes I can feel it, and he's a pervert I just know it...]

Tiamat said, not caring about Naruto's thoughts.

"Lets see if he is a pervert, he may be a good man." Naruto thinks to the dragon it takes it back after seeing some time later Issei two of his friends running away from a group of angry girls who were yelling "perverts".

[Told you he was a pervert, every user of that stupid dragon is a pervert! Fafnir is a pervert as well calling a girls panties "treasure"!]

Tiamat said to Naruto angrily.

"Come on Naruto." Akeno said to him, leading Naruto somewhere so they can talk alone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOMETIME LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So a stray devil is here." Naruto thought while entering the dark building without a care.

"My, my, a man." Cane a female voice which Naruto looks to see she's naked. Her bottom half is that of a monster which Naruto takes out an exorcist gun that has light bullets in it.

"Chaos Karma!" Naruto commanded as a gauntlet appears on Naruto right hand.

"It's time for me to kill you." Naruto told the stray devil who becomes angry at hearing that and charges for Naruto who began firing some bullets that hit her.

"That burns you asshole!" she yells in pain at the former member of the church. Naruto just jumps in the air and punches her square in the face and hard.

"Ahhhhhhh!" she yells while Naruto puts away his gun and takes out a light sword. He started to dodge both of her attacks and cuts off both of her arms off in an instant.

"Rawhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screams in pain at Naruto who bright his right arm back while it has a dark yellow ball forming in Naruto's gauntlet hand.

"Dragon Shot!" Naruto yelled as he fires a yellow beam that consumes it and kills her instantly.

"Well that was easy." Naruto thought to himself, now bored. By the time the Devils arrived the battle was over with Naruto seen leaning against the wall.

"Yo." Naruto said holding his gun and still having the gauntlet activated.

"Naruto, why are you here?" Rias questioned the teenager who just smiles.

"Oh nothing, just taking another stroll at night, killing a stray devil, the usual." Naruto told the Crimson princess who grew a tic mark while Akeno chuckles.

"Wait, you know him?" Issei asked the girl, wanting to know how exactly they know each other.

"Yeah, he and Akeno are childhood friends and we met a few times. He's very annoying..." Rias muttered to her pawn.

"How am I annoying, you have a pervert as a pawn." Naruto said, pointing to Issei who gets angry.

"Before you say something I just want to say that I don't care. I'll kick your ass if you so much as try to see Akeno naked and I don't like perverts." Naruto said glaring at Issei who began to sweat.

"And just to warn you, my sacred gear hates perverts." Naruto said and Akeno walks to Naruto with her arms wrapping around him. Akeno just sends Rias a look saying "jealous that I have a hot friend all to myself". Rias blushes in anger and looks away while folding her arms.

"This is getting awkward." Yuuto thinks while putting up a smile.

"Come on Akeno, we should go." Naruto said and Akeno just nods and they begin walking away.

"Who is he?" Issei said and Rias sighs.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki, his parents were exorcist's."

Rias said and Issei notices what she said and looks at her questioningly.

"Were?" Issei said and Rias looks at the back of Naruto.

"His parents were murdered right in front of him by a fallen angel. His dream is to kill every single one of them so don't piss him off or he will kill you." Rias warned her pawn.

"Will he try to kill Akeno once he finds out that she's a Fallen angel turned devil?" Rias thinks sadly, not wanting to think the damage or will cause to Naruto's mind.