Hey guys, as you've read I'm currently thinking of doing a continuation. To explain more of what I mean, as you've already know their are some light novels after the battle with Trihexa in canon, not to mention the fact that the new series of DxD has been released "True High School DxD". Anyways if I were too do so, not sure when it would be released but for the plot their are multiple routes too choose from.

1: Continuing with Naruto after he married Akeno and what he will do after losing all his power, having become a normal human once more.

2: Next generation with Leo taking the lead using materials from the arcs of DxD after Trihexa with the involvement of a possible crossover with The Testament of Sister New Devil. It would use the materials that were already laid out during the story as you've seen of the mini series except it would be changed somewhat to make differences.

Wanted to know what your thoughts on this are not to mention it would be an entirely new fanfic and not continuing off of this one.