Kitomi looked blankly at her mathematics exam. this week was so hard, all of this maths that she was sure she wouldn't need when she finished high school, it was just pointless. that was enough, she thought, I'm just gonna go to bed, god, teachers. she pulled on her light pink velvety pigamas and slipped into her soft bed that she just longed to curl up and go to the land where anything was possible in. she curled up and hugged her legs trying to think about nothing but before she could do that she was asleep and in the world of dreams as she had hoped.

the bright white pure light poured heavily through the sliver window frames above her desk, her light pink netted curtain swinging wildly in the wind. " uh what" Kitomi grunted, and then realized that she'd left her blinds open last night and totally forgot. she got out of bed and remembered that she was supposed to be there a little earlier today because she was the class leader and there was a transfer student coming and she had to show her around the school before first period.

"Kito ?" a small voice asked, Kitomi swung around quickly to see who the unfamiliar voice came from and found and small girl with short hair only up to her shoulders and a ribbon tying a small pony tail on the side of her head. "uh um , hey, I'm Kitomi ! he he!?" she replied awkwardly and then remembered that she might of been the transfer student that she was supposed to take around the school. "oh, i'm so sorry i didn't know, immKitomi, class and grade leader of 8k, pleased to meet you.", " thanks , i'm Yuuki, the new transfer student for today and starting in homeroom, 8k, its a pleasure to meet you" Yuuki replied with a polite bow at the end. "well i guess i should show you around the school ok, we've got 15 minutes.