Siama shrieked as she was held there."SNAP" the sound was horrible. Kitomi knew that it wouldn't be good. Yuuki stood there with the gem in her hand and dropped said a onto the ground. Siama twitched a little and then faded. She would become a witch now. She was an evil soul because of yuuki, kitomi thought, Yuuki emptied the last remaining part of saimas soul into her gem and closed it behind her. How she will love with that guilt Kitomi didn't know.

All of a sudden, kitomi felt tears welling up into her eyes, the one and only proper friend was now destroyed and devoted to the evil of this world just because of yuuki. Her anger foe her was overwhelming. Kitomi screamed, it echoed all throughout the wreck. She was horrified. Discussed at her life and the contract that she made with kurby but then she thought back to her family and new that she could not leave them in as much misery as she was is now.

The power of love is what gave her the strength to lift herself up. She hovered in the air and removed the spell that she was under. Then she herd a whimper, she turned around only to find that toru was there, "that was amazing" she whispered.

Kitomi decided that she would use her anger to defeat yuuki.

That was her plan...