Author's Note: Here is chapter 14 and the end of the Beacon Tournament. I once again heavily debated putting just one fight in this chapter but decided against it since I sort of promised to end the tournament this chapter and I have a feeling you may be surprised by who wins the tournament, but that's enough from me, now lets get on with it.

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Keiran dug in his heels as Pyrrha tried to push him over the edge of the stage. They were each showing faint signs of fatigue but neither of them wanted to give any ground. Keiran had managed to knock Pyrrha's shield away giving him a little extra room to breathe but also made it somewhat easier for Pyrrha to dodge his attacks. Pyrrha had also managed to get in a decent amount of hits on Keiran, leaving the dragoon a little more tired than she was but she had also taken her fair share of punches and cuts. Now the two had locked blades and Pyrrha was threatening to end the match by knocking Keiran out of the ring.

"Well Pyrrha, I have to say you have improved alot since the last time we fought. Either that or I've been slacking off." He noticed Pyrrha grin a little and figured he was getting through to her. Using that as a distraction, Keiran adjusted his footing and moved out of the way. Pyrrha's momentum carried forward and she almost fell off the stage, but she was quickly stopped by Keiran's knee digging into her gut. The dragoon pushed off the ground with his other foot and knocked Pyrrha forward. Safe to say it was a clever trick on Keiran's part and one that Pyrrha wouldn't fall for twice.

"I'd call you out on such a cheap trick, but this is a battle so I'll let it slide," Pyrrha stated. She shakily stood up and adjusted her balance. Keiran smirked before dashing forward and slashing at Pyrrha, who ducked under his blade and kicked his feet out from under him. Keiran caught himself and kicked both feet at Pyrrha's head, which she barely dodged if the falling strands of red hair were any indicator. Pyrrha countered by swinging her sword at Keiran's head which managed to only cut off a few of the purple hairs on his head. The dragoon countred by jumping over her and slamming the handle of his sword on Pyrrha's head. The redhead stumbled back before delivering a swift kick to the side of Keiran's head. The dragoon recovered and kicked Pyrrha's footing away and drove his knee into her jaw. She stumbled back and held a hand to her mouth and Keiran could see small traces of blood on her fingers but didn't worry as he felt Pyrrha generate some of her aura around the wounded area.

"Ready to continue?" Keiran asked intently. Pyrrha nodded and took her battle stance once again as Keiran did the same. The two charged at each other and locked blades once again. This time Keiran was the one pushing Pyrrha back as she still seemed disoriented from one of the two possible head injuries he gave her. He stayed weary of how hard he was pushing forward as to not make the same mistake Pyrrha had earlier. Since he was so focussed as to how hard he was pushing forward he didn't notice Pyrrha kick him in the side of the leg. A loud crack reverberated through the room as Keiran knelt down and clutched his leg in pain. The kick must've been harder than he expected because he could feel one of the bones in his leg had moved slight out of place. He knew it would be foolish to continue fighting and even more so if he won and chose to fight in the final but pressed on anyway.

"Not wanting to quit? That sounded pretty painful," Pyrrha asked in concern. Keiran waved off her concerns and leaned on his long sword to steady himself. "If you can't move at a normal pace you won't win."

"I-It's fine, just a small fracture. Nothing I can't handle...Agh!" He grunted in pain as he lost his balance and fell back down to his knees. Pyrrha went to catch him but stopped when he stood up once again. "I'm not gonna give up, and if I'm gonna lose then I want you earn your victory."

Pyrrha nodded before taking an offensive stance while Keiran leaned on his sword for balance. The redhead dashed forward and Keiran had to use the recoil from his sword's bullet to dodge out of the way. He seemed to have forgot that he was using the dust rounds Ruby made for him and had created a patch of ice where he once stood, leading to Pyrrha sliding away instead of stopping. She dug her sword into the floor and redirected her momentum towards the dragoon, who raised his free arm to block. The kick connected and there was another loud snap and the bone in Keiran's arm had pierced the skin and he shouted due to the excruciating dropped to his knees for the third time and clutched his arm and felt the energy drain from his body.

"Great, I'm practically half a person fighting someone with the stamina to take on an entire army, and I'm probably stubborn enough to keep going," Keiran told himself. He tried to close his left hand but was stopped by the sheer pain it caused him and judging by where the bone was protruding from his arm the fracture was much closer to his elbow than his wrist. Pyrrha walked up and offered to help him up but he refused, using what was left of his strength to stand up. His legs felt numb and he felt cold, making it quite obvious he was going into shock. "Why am I so stubborn?"

He limped towards Pyrrha, his left arm dangling limply by his side and his right leg dragging loosely on the ground. Pyrrha didn't even raise her sword in defense as Keiran slowly made his way to her. He tried to swing his sword to attack her but the strike was easily dodged. Keiran's momentum carried forward and he face-planted straight onto the floor, unconscious.

Pyrrha hurried to his side and check his pulse, which was lower than it should've been. His breathing was a lot more labored than before and he subconsciously winced in pain with each breath.

"Someone get a medic!" Pyrrha cried out. Several students had already run out of the area to get help. Pyrrha decided to take the time to roll Keiran onto his back, being careful to roll him on his right side to avoid injuring him further. Once he was lying face up his breathing became somewhat calmer but it still sounded like he was in pain.

Weiss walked on to the stage and knelt down to the left of the dragoon.

"Why didn't he stop when you told him too?" The heiress asked. Pyrrha shook her head and remained silent occassionally checking Keiran's pulse and listened to his heartbeat.

"Maybe he was trying to prove something...or he's an idiot," The redhead said. Weiss looked at the wounded boy in front of them and noticed he was mumbling something in the same childish tone she had heard several weeks back on the first night after classes started. The normally cold heiress calmed herself and gave Pyrrha a cheerful look.

"He'll be fine, he's dreaming away right now," Weiss told her. Pyrrha looked at her in confusion before staring at Keiran who, in between his winces of pain, had a peaceful expression on his face.

"Yeah I guess you're right Weiss." Pyrrha stood up as the volunteer medics of the school arrived with a stretcher. Pyrrha and Weiss gently lifted Keiran onto it and followed them to the infirmary.

As Keiran opened his eyes, he was once again greeted by the sound of a heart monitor. The only difference was that this time he felt like he had been hit by a train rather than just drained of energy. He noticed something heavy across his chest and painfully raised his head to see his arm in a cast. Keiran also noticed something stiff against his leg and if he wasn't so sore he probably would've looked under the blanket to see what it was. Instead he just laid his head back against his pillow and stared at the ceiling.

He almost fell back to sleep but the sound of the door slowly creaking open kept him awake. If the dragoon wasn't in so much pain he would've looked over to see Ruby and Pyrrha quietly walking over to his bed, the latter looking extremely apologetic.

"Keiran? Are you awake?" Ruby asked hesitantly. There was no response for a short while before Keiran slowly raised his good hand and weakly waved at the two. They both looked relieved, Pyrrha more so than Ruby due to her part in his current state. "Oh thank goodness you're okay!"

Ruby almost jumped on Keiran as she hugged him and he inhaled sharply from the pain of Ruby's death hug. The younger girl instantly retracted her hug and held her hands to her face in regret.

"Oh crap. I'm so sorry Keiran, I was just really excited because you've been unconscious for at least four hours and no one was sure if you were gonna wake up." Ruby was on the verge of tears and Keiran couldn't help but smile as his girlfriend fretted over him. Before Ruby could continue, Keiran weakly raised his hand to stop her.

"Ruby...please...calm down," He said. Ruby stopped talking as tears started to fall from her silver eyes. Keiran smiled and tried to reach over and wipe away her tears but he couldn't reach her. Instead he offered her a portion of his hospital blanket to dry her tears. "You don't need to worry about me...I'm just a little stubborn that's all."

Pyrrha took the opportunity to chime in and tell Keiran what she wanted to tell him.

"I know you're stubborn but that's not why we're here, or at least not the main reason." Keiran decided to actually listen and sit up in his bed wincing slightly as his arm moved from its previous resting place. "We came to tell you about the results of our match."

"What's there to tell, you won its as simple as that. What else is there for you to tell me?"

"You see, unless you consent to your defeat I'm disqualified and you have to fight Ruby and considering your current state she'd win from forfeit." Pyrrha stood up and walked to the other side of Keiran's bed. "So if you'd be kind enough to let Ruby and I have a match, we'd greatly appreciate it."

Keiran looked over to Ruby, who nodded in agreement, before giving Pyrrha the okay.

"On two conditions. One, neither of you better have any serious injuries when it's over and two make sure it's an interesting fight," Keiran offered. The two girls shared an excited glance and nodded in agreement. "Good, now go out there and give them a good show."

The two girls smiled and ran out of the room, leaving Keiran to his own thoughts and the sound of the heart monitor. He looked to his left and saw the remote for the tv and groaned loudly.

"Of course it's on my left side, it can never be already on the bed or on my right side. No they want to make me hurt more," Keiran complained as he gently laid on his casted arm to increase his reach with his right one. He managed to get a few fingers on the remote and picked it up from the table. He almost had it back on the bed before it slipped out from between his fingers and fell to the floor. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

In defeat Keiran laid back down and closed his eyes. He didn't fall asleep just closed his eyes and focussed his aura in the remote, he felt is slowly lifting off the ground and hoped he could pull this off for once. Instead the remote exploded and Keiran felt the urge to scream. Luckily for the dragoon one of the fragments of the destroyed remote hit the power button on the tv and it flipped right to the channel broadcasting the tournament.

"Well I guess my luck hasn't gone to complete hell." The dragoon looked at the tv and it showed the end of the last semi final match for the fourth year students. He noticed Pyrrha and Ruby taking the stage.

Ruby readied crescent rose and Pyrrha stood in a defensive stance with her shield held out in front of her.

"Let's make this a battle to remember Ruby, just don't expect me to hold back." Pyrrha shifted her feet to steady her stance, while Ruby changed her ammo clip.

"Of course, wouldn't be any fun if one of us didn't try," Ruby ejected a bullet casing from crescent rose before readjusting her positioning. Ruby affirmed her words by using her blinding speed to sneak up on Pyrrha, who quickly spun around to block with her shield. Ruby had managed to get the blade of crescent rose behind Pyrrha's shield and used the recoil from a shot to yank it away. The bullet glanced off Pyrrha's shoulder but she kept fighting, using her quick strikes to try and counter Ruby's.

The scythe wielder sped up her attacks and Pyrrha managed to dodge or deflect them. Pyrrha was beginning to catch onto Ruby's attack pattern and started to press the offensive, getting a few strikes in between Ruby's missed attacks. Ruby felt her aura dropping and resorted to desperate measures, which could either keep her in the fight, or destroy crescent rose.

The younger girl shot one round to increase crescent rose's attack speed and when she reached the peak of her swing, shot off another round to double her speed. The tactic caught Pyrrha off guard and she barely dodged the possibly deadly attack. She flipped back to create some space and reached for her shield using her powers over polarity to retrieve it. Ruby had just let loose with another double round attack and Pyrrha increased the amount of aura she put into retrieving her shield. The object picked up its pace and returned to the redhead's possession just as Ruby's attack hit. The force of the blow pushed Pyrrha back a considerable distance and her hands when shaking from the vibrations her shield gave off. Ruby on the other hand, had all of her momentum stopped by the shield and was just as shaky as Pyrrha was. She leaned on crescent rose as she stood and eyed Pyrrha, who was readjusting her shield and getting ready to attack again.

The scythe wielder held her weapon horizontally across her chest and crossed her arms over each other as Pyrrha charged shield first at Ruby. The two weapons collided and Ruby dug in her heels to avoid getting pushed back. Pyrrha charged some reverse polarity into her shield in an attempt to push Ruby off the stage but her opponent pushed back and fought the force of magnetism itself. Needless to say, Pyrrha was impressed by Ruby's determination and increased the polarity to test the younger girl's limits. Ruby started to slowly lose ground and Pyrrha pushed on. Ruby even stabbed crescent rose into the ground but Pyrrha increased the polarity to make such a tactic worthless. As Ruby approached the edge, she smirked and kept her finger trained on the trigger of crescent rose. As her heels hit the edge of the arena Ruby let off a shot that sent her airborne. Pyrrha stepped forward and almost fell off the stage for the second time that day. Ruby landed a considerable distance behind Pyrrha and used the bullet recoil to charged forward, keeping crescent rose to the right of her. Pyrrha balanced herself and turned to face Ruby's charge. She stayed still and waited for the most opportune moment to dodge, which was coming up quickly. As Ruby slashed at her, Pyrrha sidestepped and bent underneath crescent rose. The speed at which Ruby attack called for the younger girl to forcefully stab her scythe into the ground, using her own momentum to spin around and kick Pyrrha in the stomach. The redhead stumbled back and looked up to see Ruby flying towards her, both her feet ready kick Pyrrha in the face. She ducked under Ruby and smirked confidently before she realized crescent rose was closing in on her. The scythe caught her in the stomach and Pyrrha silently thanked her armor before being dragged across the floor by the oversized weapon.

Ruby had touched down at the very limit of crescent rose's reach and swung the scythe over her head, bringing Pyrrha along with it. Ruby adjusted the blade of her scythe so it bent backwards and flung Pyrrha hard into the wall outside the arena.

The crowd went silent at the event they had just saw. The seemingly unbeatable Pyrrha Nikos had just been bested by a girl two years younger than her. Even Ruby herself couldn't comprehend what she just did and pinched herself multiple times to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She sheathed crescent rose and walked off the stage to talk to Pyrrha.

"U-Um Pyrrha? What just happened?" Ruby asked nervously.

Pyrrha rubbed the bump forming on the back of her head before looking at Ruby with a proud smile. "You just won the tournament, why do you ask?"

Ruby recoiled with slight horror at what Pyrrha just told her and sat down opposite the red-haired girl. Waves of emotion passed over her, first it was pride, the joy, fear and a little bit of sadness before going back to joy.

"I won? I won, I won, I won!" Ruby cheered. she jumped on the stage and cheered some more and the crowd slowly joined her. The person she could hear clearest in the crowd was Yang, who was screaming her head off, and Nora who was cheering equally as loud. Ruby jumped around the stage and used her speed to get to various places to announce her victory. In the middle of her celebration, she was ushered off the stage and led to Ozpin's office, who presented her with her prize. She graciously accepted it and ran off to the infirmary to show Keiran.

Ruby entered Keiran's hospital room and held her trophy behind her back. She saw a few nurses sitting at the side of his bed doing something to his arm. Ruby crept up behind them and looked over their shoulders. The nurses immediately took notice and tried to shoo her away but Keiran stopped them.

"It's okay, she's a very close friend of mine," The dragoon explained.

Ruby grabbed a chair and sat down on the right side of the bed. The cast that had been on Keiran's arm was gone and Ruby could see the frightening scar that covered the majority of his arm. One of the nurses wiped off some of the dried blood before wrapping his arm up in some bandages. Once that was done, the other nurse did the same with his leg and Ruby caught a glimpse of a slightly less horrifying scar.

The nurses finished their work and departed, leaving Keiran and Ruby alone to talk.

"So 'very close friend' huh?" Ruby asked nervously. Keiran turned to her and quickly realized his mistake and tried to think of an excuse but couldn't come up with a good one, so used a bad one instead.

"Look Ruby, I-I never meant anything by that. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I'm in a relationship," He explained. Ruby quietly nodded and Keiran decided to try and cheer her up. "But let's not be down about that, hey champ?"

"Yeah but I need to know if you really value me as your girlfriend or just a close friend." Tears were starting to form in her eyes and considering the vast wave of emotions she had experienced in the past hour, she had every right to be crying.

"Ruby, I do value you as my girlfriend, so much that if I could I'd move in with you and make the rest of our teams share a room. But I'm actually kinda scared." Keiran stared at his bandaged arm before looking back to Ruby.

"You're scared?"

"Yeah scared that I'm gonna screw something up, scared that I might do something beyond your forgiveness and incredibly scared of your sister killing me if I do either of those things." He laughed nervously at the last part and noticed Ruby smile faintly. "But when you're with me I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of making you happy and seriously offending you. But when I see you smiling or enjoying yourself I feel like its hard to screw up, but when you're like you are now I feel like no amount of apologizing will get you to forgive me."

"Yang told me most guys are like that, they never say that they are though. So you admitting your fears is a big step, thanks." Ruby intensified her smile and Keiran smiled in relief. "Now that the melodrama is gone, I wanna show you my trophy."

Ruby pulled her hands from behind her back and displayed the trophy she earned. It looked like a miniature version of the statue in the courtyard with the Beacon academy crest in the middle. On the small plaque it read 'Ruby Rose, winner of the Beacon Student Tournament, 1st year division'.

"That's real impressive, you should put it on your shelf for your teammates to see, I bet even Weiss is proud of you."

"Yeah, I don't plan on losing this, but I think it would've been more fun to fight against you," Ruby laughed. Keiran grinned slightly before raising his hand to stop her.

"Yeah cause the only way you could beat me is with a broken arm and leg."

"I beat Pyrrha, Pyrrha beat you, therefore I should beat you easily."

"Touche Miss Rose, touche." Keiran got up from his bed and walked around. He turned to Ruby with a sly grin on his face. "Actually now that I think about it, Ruby Edwards sounds pretty bland, how about Keiran Rose, not to shabby huh?"

"Thinking of marriage already? We've barely been dating a week." Ruby stated.

"From what Yang told me its more like four years on your end, I'm just catching up is all," He countered. Ruby blushed furiously and hid her face in her cloak, which work as pretty decent camouflage. "Hey don't worry, I'm just kidding at this stage marriage is still near the bottom of the list. Also, you're extremely adorable when you're embarrassed."

That last comment made Ruby blush even harder to the point her face was a darker red than her cloak. Keiran walked up and planted a kiss on her cheek, increasing the shade of red even more.

"Found you," He said cheekily. Ruby stood up and slugged him on the shoulder before pulling him into a long hug. Keiran looked down and kissed Ruby's forehead once before she buried her head into his chest. Keiran sat down on the bed and let Ruby get into a more comfortable sitting position.

The couple sat there for a long time and Ruby quickly fell asleep. Keiran fought sleep a little longer and gently stroke Ruby's hair. He leaned down and whisper one last sentence before falling asleep.

"And the winner is, the best girlfriend ever, Ruby Rose."

Author's Note: It got a little mushy at the end and I bet you didn't expect Keiran to not win, let alone not even fight in the finals. As for the thing he did with trying to lift the remote with his aura, I have a theory. In the most recent episode, Pyrrha states what her's, Ruby's and Weiss' semblances are and I figured that semblance was just a certain aura ability that on person had greater control of than someone else. For example, Nora could possibly increase her speed like Ruby can but she wouldn't be as fast or be able to sustain it as long, since Ruby has sort of mastered that specific aura ability, or when Keiran tried to use his aura to pick up the tv remote and blew it up was due to his lack of skills with controlling polarity. But that's enough RWBY aura lessons from me, let me know what you thought in a review if you want and look forward to chapter 15, see ya later.