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Chapter Sixteen: Hope

Out in Lake Eerie, everything was quiet as the night sky was pleasant. But underneath the lake, the team was recovering from their roughest mission in a long time. When they breached the Decepticon fortress and freeing their leader, none of them didn't expect taking on a living Predacon. They fought long and hard and they thought that they wouldn't make it out alive. But then they didn't expect that Rodimus saved them all as he turned into a Prime and used the Star Saber sword to defeat the beast. They were completely releived that they got out of that mess. They even managed to escape Darkmount by using the enemy's spacebridge hub to get them back. Now they were in the command center, recovering from the attack with their armor a little burned and a few patches from their wounds. The human teens had patches on their cuts and although they were all right, they were pretty much scarred mentally. Professor Sumdac saw her daughter look like a mess and was shocked to know that she went through all of that. Even more so that she was holding a scraplet in her arms and asked if she can keep it. Ratchet was the worst as he had his arm ripped off by the metallic dragon and have to get a prosthetic limb to help with his work since a new one will take some time to be protoform and ready to replace. As for the relics, they put them all in storage and left the there until its necessary. Unfortunatly, they can't remove the Star Saber sword from Jack as it was a part of him now. But they need to wait until he's awake as they need to ask him a few questions regarding his actions. But until then, Raf wanted to show the others something that was important. They all gathered around the main command center as the hacker showed them what the recruits found within the Cons database. On the main screen, one window the plans Megatron has cooked up including scimetics and locations of military bases across the globe. In the other window, Agent Fowler was on it as he got back after getting the survivors and soldiers out of Jasper and back to their families and friends. Firewall started to explain about it in serious detail.

Raf/Firewall: "We've managed to gather all the information we can out of Darkmount and discovered that Megatron is planning a full blown invasion on the planet. Inside that fortress is actually a factory that they build these new classes of Decepticons from the scrap metals salvaged by military vehicles and others resources. They are planning to iniciate Operation: Clean Slate, which they would attack military basses around the world. Once they remove the planet's defenses, they will prepare a full scale invasion of Earth. And trust me when I say this, what happened in Jasper, is nothing compared to what they have in store for the planet."

Fowler looked at all the information on his computer and couldn't believe what he was observing.

Agent Fowler: "Well I'll be George Washington's cousin. And to think the Cons could stoop that low. Now they are really pushing the envelope. Do you know when they will be planning for the attack?"

Raf shook his head and responded the best he could.

Raf/Firewall: "No, we don't. However the Decepticons is keeping this invasion on hold. Jack believes that they can't take over this planet because the Autobots are still protecting it. Unless they can destroy them, they can't take over Earth."

Cee nodded and told him that they almost succeeded.

Arcee: "Raf's right for one thing, those Cons are really desperate in taking us all out. And they nearly did when they released that Predacon after us. We almost joined the Well if it wasn't for Jack saving all of us."

Fowler looked at a recent report Ratchet sent to Fowler as he read about it.

Agent Fowler: "Yes, Ratchet sent me a report about this incident with an extinct Cybertronian dragon. I find that highly impossible, but giving this is Cybertron history we're talking about, I do believe it's normal for all of you. But there's one thing I can't scratch my head around. The report said that this Predacon you said was highly indestructable and none of you can take it down. But out of the blue, Rodimus came in and destroy that thing with one swoop of a sword. But what bugs me more is that he was holding a sword meant for a Prime and that he too was turned into a Prime. Care to explain?"

The medic approached him and talked about it as much as he could.

Ratchet: "It's hard to explain Agent Fowler. Optimus said that the Thirteen Original Primes saw that Jack had such potential in becoming one. I don't know how they know him or how they communicate to him. But after the battle, he passed out as the energy of the sword drained him completely. I was able to do a quick check up on him while he was out and discovered that his spark chamber has what appears to be Key of Vector Sigma. It seemed to have changed to fit into his chamber and the power in it gave Jack the strength and wisdom of the Primes. No clue on what it was, but if what Optimus said is true, then it must be the Matrix of Leadership in Jack's spark."

Fowler rubbed the temples of his head and was feeling a little aggrivated.

Agent Fowler: "All right, so Jack turned into a Prime due to some Cybertronian vodoo or whatever kind of superspicion. That's a lot to swallow. But at least on the bright side that you are all safe thanks to him. Can't imagine what would happen if you all died in enemy territory?"

Arcee felt a little annoyed about it and decided to ease his troubled mind.

Arcee: "Regardless of what happened out there. We've managed to rescue Optimus from the Cons and now we got a new Prime out of it."

Agent Fowler: "And where is Prime? I want to speak to him about what's going on in the outside world?"

Ratchet stepped in and told him about the leader.

Ratchet: "He's within the infirmary. Aparently, his time in captivity took a toll on him. We've managed to repair most of the damage Megatron put him through, but his legs were disabled during the mission. I have to repair the mechanics of the legs to keep him up and then begin the recovery effort. Jack is with him too since he still hasn't awaken from his battle with the Predacon. Exactly why do you want to speak to him?"

Agent Fowler: "Because of what had happened two weeks ago. The country, hell the entire planet is on edge about this alien war since Jasper was invaded. If this doesn't get settled, the situation will be a whole lot worse. I'm hoping that Optimus can ease the tension anyway he could."

Ratchet: "As much as we would all appreciate Optimus calming the masses, he still needs to recover from the torment he'd been through. But I'll let him know that you gave that message to us."

The former Army Rangers nodded and gave a deep sigh.

Agent Fowler: "Very well... Let me know when Optimus is ready to talk to the public. The president along with the other world leader's will begin their speeches shortly and they cannot wait for him. I'll send this report to Bryce and let him know what all of you encountered in that Con fortress along with the new Prime you've got. Oh and Ratchet, Autobots, good job rescuing the Prime out there. Never thought you can pull through."

The medic gave a slight smile and was pleased with Fowler's words of encouragement.

Ratchet: "All in a days work Fowler."

The agent smiled back before he turned off communciations between him and Team Prime. Once he's gone, Ratch slumped a little and responded in a low voice.

Ratchet: "I don't think we did a good job out there. We just got lucky."

Arcee approached the medic and placed her servo on his shoulder to ease him.

Arcee: "Luck doesn't count it Ratchet. We got Optimus out, we survived that Predacon onslaught, and we have a new Prime in Jack. There's nothing to be ashamed about that."

He turned to her and still felt a little worried about Jack.

Ratchet: "Maybe... But I don't have the slightest of clues as to why Jack became so foolish that he uses the Key of Vector Sigma to turn himself into a Prime? He's too young to obtain such power and wisdom and it's too early for him to take up that mantel. You seen him fight, you know how dangerous he is. He can't be trusted!"

June overheard that and decided to intervine with her own two cents.

June/Altra: "Ratchet, I know how you're feeling. I know that Jack is taking such an extreme risk in protecting us. But he's my son, and I'm very greatful that he saved us all from that beast."

Then the professor stepped in and joined in the conversation.

Professor Sumdac: "And I'm very pleased that my daughter and her friends are still alive thanks to him. The boy had such bravery in him."

Sari, Sam, and Vince went next to the professor and had calm expressions in their faces, signifying the relief they had when Rodimus saved their lives as well. Even Vince was happy about that.

Vince: "Got to say, for a whimp, Darby certainly gave his all."

Ratchet was a little silent and still think it was a bit wrong.

Ratchet: "Maybe you are right about him doing what he has done. But I still need to be sure if he can control it. After all, there was never a Prime that was young, let along one that was once human."

Cee placed her hands on her hips and decided to give him a bit of lashing.

Arcee: "Is that right? Well Jack managed to control his new ability so far and that Star Saber sword he used was effective against the Predacon. I think he has control over that new power. Still, I'm just a little concerned on when he's going to wake up. Is he going to be the same Jack we all know, or is he going to be a Prime version?"

The medic was quiet over that and decided to see for himself.

Ratchet: "Don't know, but I'll go on ahead and check up on the both Primes. I still need to see if I can work on Optimus's legs, giving his disability. Excuse me."

He then left the command center and headed to the medical ward to see if the two are all right. Just as he was gone, Arcee slumped a little and was nervous on how her partner is going to wake up. June placed her servo to her shoulder and reminded her that everything is going to be okay.

June/Altra: "It's going to be all right Arcee. Jack's a strong kid, he'll get around."

The femme turned to the nurse and responded the best she can.

Arcee: "I know about that, it's just that he's now a Prime. And that worries me as I don't have a clue how Jack is going to respond when he wakes up. It's just difficult for me to accept."

Altra nodded and explained about what happened the first time.

June/Altra: "I know what you mean. But let's face it, when my son, the kids, and I were reborn into Cybertronians by MECH, we were completely scared of this new life taking over our old one. However, as the weeks passed, we started to accept our new lives and adjusted really well over it. I know that Jack is going to have a difficult road ahead of him, but I know that he will adjust to that as well and act like nothing had happened. I'm sure of it."

The two-wheeler looks to June and gave a faint smile to her, knowing that she was right with one thing. That no matter what the outcome, Jack will always be the same teen boy she remembered the first day they met. Taking a breather, she waited to see if Ratchet can let them know.

As the team was waiting, Jack was sleeping peacefully on the berth of the medical ward. But then, he slowly started to stir as his optics started to open slowly. Fluttering a little, he slowly got up and rubbed his helm and wondered what had happened. All he remember was that he placed the Key of Vector Sigma into his spark chamber and he felt a sudden pulse of energy. The rest was pretty much a big blank as he didn't know what happened next. As he recovered, he started to talk to himself without knowing someone was with him.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Urgh... My head... What happened?"

As soon as he asked himself that, someone familiar answered him.

Optimus Prime: "You should know by now young Prime."

The new Prime heard that and looked up to see Optimus in his own berth, lying down looking at him. It would seem that Ratchet managed to patch most of him up as the scars around his optics and mouth were present and parts of his armor were welded well. Still, the medic was working on the leader's legs as they were exposed and were in mid repair until he got the call from Fowler. Rodimus was surprised by this and didn't know what to say next.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Optimus? What happened? Where are we?"

The leader remained emotionless and responded the best he could.

Optimus Prime: "Back at the base. You've been through a lot lately Jackson and you have certainly proved your worthiness. Do you remember what happened before you fought the Predacon?"

Jack blinked and remembered about that metallic dragon that tried to kill them all. Looking down, he tried to picture as much as he could.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "I... I don't know. I remember that thing flung me to wall of Darkmount and I was unconscious for a moment. Then I remember Vector told me that I was destined to become the next Prime and when I awoke, I decided to place the Key of Vector Sigma into my spark chamber and then... Then... The rest seem to be a blur."

The Autobot leader look to him and could tell that the power of the Primes got the young one's body in autopilot as he was fighting the Predacon. Nodding to that, he knew what has happened.

Optimus Prime: "I would seem that the Matrix of Leadership got your body into a temporary attack mode while you mind was in deep stasis. It's obvious that you couldn't remember everything after that."

Jack nodded and remembered about his family and friends as he turned to ask about that.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "What about mom, my friends, Arcee? Are they…"

The leader nodded and told him that they're fine.

Optimus Prime: "They are safe, thanks to you. Your courage and act of valor have saved many lives, both Autobot and human, and ensure the future of this planet. We are very greatful of you."

The new Prime stayed silent until he asked the leader something else.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Tell me, have you known?"

Optimus Prime: "Known what?"

Jack/Rodimus: "Have you known that I was meant to be a Prime? I had that vision where Vector Prime and the others had seen me the whole time, that I had a destiny to becoming one. Is all that true?"

Optimus remained silent for that and could tell that he wanted answers after what transpired. Taking a breather, he explained about the time he came to the Autobot's lives.

Optimus Prime: "When you first came to us, I could see something in you. I knew that you were destined for great things. That is why I have given you the Key of Vector Sigma, to ensure that you will protect it with your life. It would seem my decision in giving it to you was the wisest of choices I have made. I do not know how you and your friends got turned into us, but it would seem that it was all meant to be. And when I saw you holding the Star Saber, I know that you have deem worthy for the title."

Jack blinked a little and realized something. He vaguely remembered that he had become a Prime, he needed a weapon to stop Predaking. Knowing of the Saber sword, he rushed to the Decepticon's treasury and took it, then use the Forge of Solus Prime to weild it to what was once his broad sword. Looking down to his servo, he shifted it and saw the sword on him, only smaller and fitting to him. Starring at it, he was amazed that he had a sword like this and used it to destroy the dragon. But to him, he believes that he doesn't' deserve a sword like that, being that it was a last resort for him. Looking to Prime, he lifted his sword up and told him what to do.

Jack: "Optimus, if Ratchet comes back, tell him to remove this sword from me. I don't deserve it. You need it more then I do."

Optimus looked him down and said to him that it won't be necessary.

Optimus Prime: "No Jack, I don't need it more then you do. Though the sword was useful near our darkest of hour, I have no need of such weaponry. As the new Prime, you are worthy of a weapon of that caliber. I on the other hand use my knowledge and strength to help give the team a reason to win. You choose the sword for a reason, and you will keep it when the time of need comes."

Still, Jack felt a little uncomfortable about all of this and told Optimus that he wasn't ready for this.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "But I don't think I'm capable of becoming a Prime. I just insert the key into my chest just so I can save my friends. I'm not ready to take on such a responsibility. I'm just too young for this type of role."

Optimus looked into the young Prime's optics and knew that he was wrong about that. So he told him some wise words of advice.

Optimus Prime: "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing Jack. You may not known that you were ready to embark in the next chapter of your life, but the Primes knew it was time. I knew it was your time."

Jack was taken back at this and couldn't believe what he was hearing. Retracting his new sword back, he was a little speechless about all of this.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Optimus… I… I don't know what to say."

The leader nodded and decided that he would help him out anyway he could.

Optimus Prime: "Be forewarned, this path you took isn't simple to get by. You will be met with many challenges and it would alter the fate of those that will serve before you. I won't be easy, but I know that you will succeed into your designation. All you need is guidance to help you with this new title. And although I'm in this condition, I would become your mentor, with your permission."

Jack looked on and couldn't believe what he was hearing. Not only that all the Primes knew that he was ready for the next step but Optimus insist that he would help the young Prime in becoming a leader to the Autobots. Thinking this through, he bowed his head down and had a pleasant smile on his face.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Optimus, I would be honored."

As soon as he said that, the door opened and they turned to see who's in there. That's when they notice Ratchet stepping in and seeing the two awake. He smiled and knew that they were all right.

Ratchet: "Ah good, you're awake. I thought for certain that you would be out in a comma. How are you feeling?"

Jack look to him, referring that the doctor was talking to him, and explained what happened.

Jack/Rodimus: "I'm fine, I think. Still feel a little wonky and having a hard time remembering what happened after I inserted the key in my chest."

Ratchet nodded and understood what he meant.

Ratchet: "Obviously the power of the Primes seem to of left your mind in a blank while your body was on autopilot. Guess the first time using that power can keep you in the dark while draining you completely. But no worries, as you are recharging and recovering from that experience. I say by tomorrow, you'll be up and about before you know it. Just try not to use your new abilities yet. I fear that what happened would ultimately lead to some consequences."

Jack smiled and nodded, knowing that this new power he has inside of him could be a little bit of trouble.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "I'll try to remember that."

Ratchet nodded and headed to the leader to go check on him while contacting June for the good news.

Ratchet: "June, Jack's awake. He seems to be doing okay so far. Let the others in so they could see him."

He then approached Optimus to continue repairing his legs. As he was doing the repairs, Jack noticed a prosthetic metallic limb replaced by the original one. Curious, he asked the medic of the new arm.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Hey Ratch, what happened to your arm?"

Ratch looked down to his prosthetic and could tell that he wanted to know.

Ratchet: "Oh that. That no good Predacon bite my arm off during the battle. Thankfully your mother managed to patch it up and I was able to get a prosthetic in medical storage. It's going to take a while until my new arm is protoform, but I can still work with what I can and your mom will assist me on things I couldn't do yet. Anyways, I could've been through worse until you came and save the day. Your courageous actions save us all, and we're very greatful for it.

The young mech looked to him silently and responded the same way to him just like Optimus.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Oh, It's just nothing really. I was just trying to save you guys, it's nothing too fancy."

The medic look to him in shock and tried to reason with him.

Ratchet: "Nothing too fancy? Young man, what you've done turn the tides of this war! Now that you're the new Prime, Megatron doesn't stand a chance."

Just as he said that, another voice came by the door.

Arcee: "He ain't kidding partner."

The three turned to the door, and saw the rest of the team and humans standing by with Arcee at standing there with her leg bent and foot at the door. They all had warm smiles as Jack looked at them nervously and responded back.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Hey guys… How are things?"

The group just laughed it up a little and knew that even after his Prime upgrade, he's still the same Jack they all knew and love. Looking to Ratchet, the two-wheeler wondered if they can all see him. But she didn't need to ask as the doctor told them to come.

Ratchet: "No need to ask. You are all welcomed to see Rodimus. Just don't get too near, the poor teen still needs to recover."

Nodding in agreement, the femme looked to the others and gestured to them to come on in. Soon enough, the team entered the medical ward and instead approaching Optimus to see if he's all right, they headed to the new Prime and checked on him instead. The Autobot leader saw this, but yet let it slide as he knew that the new Prime needs to be taken care of the most. The group gathered around the former teen as the humans were on the berth near him, as they all said their congradulations to him.

Miko/Kaosu: "Wow Jack! That was super sick! The way you battle that dragon out there had beaten every other battle I've seen! You slapped that thing with your shield and sent him flying, then you cut off its tail, then used the sword to protect us from that beast's huge flames, and that epic finale? Man that was TOTALLY AWESOME! I've even got the picture of you in the aftermath looking all tough and brave if you want to see it."

Jack look to her and have a pleasant smile.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Thanks Miko, but I don't think I'm in the mood and looking at your photos. I feel pretty beat and I don't feel like seeing your scrap book."

The Wrecking Cadet felt a little ashamed and turned away as Jackie put his servo to her shoulder and told the former human what he thinks."

Wheeljack: "The girl does have a point boy, you certainly taught that freak of nature a lesson the Cons will never forget."

Then Bulkhead joined in.

Bulkhead: "Yeah… You certainly got the guts in fighting the Predacon and didn't show no mercy to it. You really did gave it your all."

Jack nodded and liked what he heard from them. Smokescreen then approached him and felt like complimenting him.

Smokescreen: "Gotta say, you certainly have proven to be a future leader. Looks like I'm going to be looking up at two Primes from now on."

Jack gave off a cocky grin as felt a little embarrassed about that.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Don't push it Smoke. What happened back there, was a one time deal. I'm not going to have you following and idolizing me anytime soon."

The Elite Guard member laughed it off and decided to leave it be. After all, the young mech just got started in becoming a Prime. Jack then looked up to his mother and smiled very warmly.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Hey there mom. Didn't expect to see me like this huh?"

June had nothing to say about that, as she rushed to him and gave him a warm motherly hug and tears coming down her cheeks. Letting go of the hug, she was starting to get her protective mother look to him.

June/Altra: "Jackson Darby, I was so worried about you. First you were riding that monster and it flung you to the wall. I thought for certain that you've nearly died from that! But when you returned and became a different person, I don't know what to say. I've never seen you strand up like that and protect everyone. I never do."

Jack could tell that she feels worried about it and tries to calm her down.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Hey it's all right. I didn't know what to do until I decided to place the Vector Sigma key into my chest and become a Prime. I just want to protect you from anything."

June looked to him and could tell that he did a good job. But then she got nervous about his new position in life.

June/Altra: "Jack, I know that you would protect me and you did a good job on that. But becoming a Prime to do so? Wow… Just wow… This is a lot of a mother to take. I could only imagine what your father would say."

The son laughed it up and explained his reasons in doing what he did.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Mom, I know it's hard. But I had to do it in order to save my friends, to save you. It was my destiny to save all of you and I can't let you all down. I'm sorry if you are worried about it. But it's for the best."

June looked on and was still worried about her son's decision. But looking into his eyes, she could tell that he wanted to go down that path. Feeling pleased about his decision, she smiled and gave him a another hug.

June/Altra: "Oh Jack, you don't have to apologize. I'm truly proud of you, standing up for yourself and protecting us from that thing. You have grown up the way I thought you would."

Jack was completely surprised that she was completely calm in all of this. So he smiled back and returned with a hug of his own.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Oh mom, I love you."

June/Altra: "I love you too honey."

She then let go of the hug and decided to become the protective mother.

June/Altra: "Which is why I'm going to check up on you after every mission, training, and out goings, just to make sure you don't get hurt. You might now be a Prime, but you're still my son."

Jack got a chuckle out of that joke his mother made and promised one thing.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Just promise me one thing. Just don't stop being my mom."

June smiled and nodded, keeping that promise. He then looked around and noticed the humans standing on the berth next to him. Professor Sumdac, Sari, and Sam were looking at him with smiles and were happy to see him alive. But for Vince, it was a completely different story. He was quiet and has a bit of a sour look. To Rodimus's guess, he was still bummed about finding out that the recruits were just the students he bullied back in high school. Still is even after the Predacon attacked. Looking down and giving a deep breath, he looked back and apologized to the bully about what happened.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Look Vince, I know you're mad about what happened out there and I can't blame you. We didn't really mean to keep this secret from you. Raf, Miko, Sam, Sari and I… We had to make sure that you don't know the truth about us, to keep our identity underwraps. But after Megatron found out about us, we don't know what to do. If you're still upset about us not telling you sooner, well…"

Before he could even make a simple sorry, Vince lifted his hand to shut him up and told him what he thinks.

Vince: "Don't say it. I understand what you're trying to say and yes, I'm still upset about that. There was a time I think of you and the two other losers you hang around with my enemy. But after what I've seen and experienced, I consider you all to be my friends."

Almost immediately, everyone got a blank expression as they didn't suspect him saying the word, 'friend'. Jack, Raf, and Miko especially as they've known him longer then anyone. Digging into his pocket, he took out the photo of his family and the necklace he gave his little sister. Looking at them, he explained to Jack what he had been through.

Vince: "Two weeks ago I thought it was going to be another day just like all the others. But when that light hit near our town everything changed. I lost my home, my family, just about my entire livelihood. Thought I was lost, no one to turn to. But then you guys came and showed me a new light to the whole ordeal. You protect me, you showed me the way, you gave me a second chance of living. And Darby, when you stop that dragon from killing all of us, you certainly showed me that you were not as weak as I thought you were. You're quite a tough cookie, that's for sure."

He turned to the rest of the team and told them what he wanted to do.

Vince: "So if it's all right with the rest of you, I'm going to stay with Team Prime and help anyway I could. I hope that fighting by your side in this war, might help honor my family's death."

There was a bit of shock within the group as they all never thought that that a bully that treated Jack, Raf, and Miko as potential targets could join the cause. Even Raf and Miko looked at each other and were completely confused by what he said. The Japanese femme looked to him and wondered if they're safe from now on.

Miko/Kaosu: "So that's it? We're pretty much off the hook? No bullying us and anyone within the team anymore?"

Vince look to her and gave a slight smirk about that.

Vince: "You three are now a couple of stories tall, made of metal, and armed to the teeth. I don't think I'm going to bully you guys anytime soon."

The two cadets looked at each other with warm smiles and gave each other high fives. Happy that Vince isn't going to bully them anymore. Bumblebee though looked on in surprise and turned to Smokescreen about this.

Bumblebee: (Wow… Who would've thought that a bully like Vince could have a change of heart?)

Smoke rubbed his chin and thought of something.

Smokescreen: "My possible guess is that war can change a person. And that's what Vince went through. Loosing a home and family, but gaining allies in the end."

Jack though looked to him and smiled, pleased that Vince would no longer be the bully and become more of an ally in this Autobot/Decepticon war. As all this was going on, Arcee was the only one that was silent about all of this. Hearing everyone telling Jack that he did a good job saving everyone from near death. But she was waiting for the right moment to say her thank yous for him in a special way. Once everyone did they're little congradulations, the femme slowly approached the berth Jack was on and was getting a little hesitant saying it. But Rodimus saw her looking quiet as she stepped through as the others parted, wondering what she's going to do. The young Prime turned away and decided to say something to her.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Arcee, I… I know this isn't what you're expecting. You might be mad that I've risked my one life to save you. Now that I'm a Prime, I don't even know if we can be partners. I can't have you getting hurt due to my new position in life. I hope you can understand-"

But the two-wheeler shuch him and placed her digit to the chest plate, tracing it down to where the spark chamber is underneath. As she was tracing it, she decided to tell him now while she could.

Arcee: "Don't say anything Jack. I know what you were meant for great things. When I saw you out there, you were brave and courageous against the Predacon, you showed me your compassion for me. I don't care if you changed into a Prime or even a Cybertronian. No matter what happens, you're still the Jack I know from day one. And no matter what the odds, I am still you're guardian, you're partner, you're friend, and something else…"

Jack look to her and raised a ridge as he heard the last thing she said.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Something else?"

Arcee nodded and explained to him something she said before.

Arcee: "Remember when I said that when we save Optimus, I will give you my answer to your question? Well here's my answer. I want to take our relationship to the next level. I've been hard after all these years in fighting, I think it's time I share my feelings to you. So what do you say, boyfriend?"

Jack looked on in surprise and was amazed that she wanted to take the next step. Looking to her, he decided to accept her proposal.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Only if you will always be the femme I knew from day one as well, girlfriend."

The two looked at each other with loving optics and have now become an item in the team. Starring at each other, the two drew closer to touched lips, giving each other a warm and compassionate kiss. The rest of the team looked on and had mixed reactions between the two. Sari and June looked on and were happy for them.

Sari: "Awe… Ain't that cute?"

Others looked on and were a bit confused at this moment, like Sparkplug, Sari's scraplet that was wrapped around her arms the whole time, with its optics blinking in curiosity. But one in particular, the Wrecking cadet, turned her head away and felt a little disgusted of it because… Well… She's Miko and she's not the lovey dovey type.

Miko/Kaosu: "Oh man, I think I'm going to hurl…"

As the group gathered around the new Prime, Optimus and Ratchet looked on and were surprised that they are still crowding around Jack when it was suppose to be the Autobot leader that should've gathered around for. The medic was still tweeking the motor functions of Optimus's legs as he didn't think that would happen.

Ratchet: "Hmph… After all that trouble we've been through, you think they should be around you to see if you're all right. Yet instead, they decided in seeing Jack. I just don't understand it."

Optimus turned to him and explained why they decided to jump ship.

Optimus Prime: "We now have a new Prime within our team Ratchet. It is wise that they check on him first before me, for he is the future of our war and would bring peace throughout the universe."

Just as he said that, Ratchet turned away and wondered that now was the time in telling him. After what happened back at the Omega Lock incident, he still blames himself for the mistake he made that almost cost the team their leader. But now that they rescued him, he decided that now would be the best time in telling him straight away. Turning back, he went on with his apology.

Ratchet: "Optimus, allow me to be the first to say… I'm sorry."

The Prime looked at him oddly and wondered what he meant by that.

Optimus Prime: "Sorry? About what?"

The medic remained silent until he spoke about his crimes.

Ratchet: "For becoming such a fool during the whole Omega Lock debocal. See, I was so happy that we would revive our planet and come home. So much so, that I've gotten too obsessed about it and forgot the real reason why we're fighting this war."

Looking to Jack, Raf, and Miko and the way they are now, he continued on with his reasons.

Ratchet: "These humans, the ones that are now a part of this war, now have a blaster pointed to their heads because of me. The kids, they wanted to return to the base while you were all on Cybertron and I shut them out. I didn't take even a bit of time to pick them up, or better yet, provide them a bridge back. This of course led to the Cons finding them, capturing them, and forcing you to surrender the Omega Keys just to save them. If I hadn't been so selfish, so careless, then we would've won this war, Cybertron would be restored, and Earth would've been spared. Now because of me, I doomed us all. The Decepticons now have a base they created with the Omega Lock and killed the lives of innocent humans in Jasper. The blood of those humans are on my servos."

He looked to his free servo and could imagine that blood dripping down on it. He then bowed his head in shame as he decided to let Optimus decide.

Ratchet: "Go ahead. Court marshal me, give me any punishment for my crimes. No matter how much you think I was wrong, I was guilty about it the whole time."

Optimus heard all what the medic said and couldn't help but to feel sorry for him. He could never imagine that it was he who failed to do a simple task the others do and lead them to this mess. Nor he didn't think his closest friend would want to pay the price for pulling and act so irresponsible. Yet as a leader, Optimus was a kind bot. He would never punish Ratchet, no matter how much he wanted it. Doing the only thing he could do, he placed a trust worthy servo on him and eased him.

Optimus Prime: "Ratchet, in all these eons fighting along side you, I would never punish you for what you have done. But admitting that you're guilty in making a mistake in judgement is the first step to healing. I should know, I've been guilty of many things during the war. From when the Primes have choosen me instead of Megatron to take up the mantel, to the many lives lost during the war. Then it was when I destroy the Omega Lock itself. I would never want to destroy our only hope in restoring our world. But with Megatron turning it into a weapon just so he could terraform Earth into his new home, I had no other choice then to sacrifice one planet to save the other. Yet after all that, I remain strong in my belief that we will continue with our war in order to save this one from falling into the clutches of Megatron just like all others. Remember, old friend, that we all make mistakes in our lives. Yet it's those mistakes that would make us stronger not only as a soldier, but as a person."

Ratchet looked up and was amazed that his friend of sympathetic over the whole ordeal. Even more surprised that he wouldn't consider punishing him for the crime he had commited. His best guess is that Prime would never be harsh to those that made a small judgement in error and would want to let him to reprieve from any wrongdoings. Feeling the weight lifting off his shoulders, he bowed down and said in a polite tone.

Ratchet: "Thank you Optimus. I'm glad you're very honest with me."

Optimus smiled and then told him that his act was more a positive instead of a negative.

Optimus Prime: "But of course old friend. However, your mistake had change the battle in a much different light. We now have new soldiers to fight for our cause, and a new Prime to help protect this planet. So I would say we gained an advantage against the Decepticons, even if the odds are against us."

He turned to the three new recruits and was curious as of how they came to be.

Optimus Prime: "Though giving the new recruits have assisted in your endeavors, I am concerned as to why they were our human companions or how they came to be."

Ratchet bowed his head and could tell that he was confused of the former humans sudden change to Cybertronians.

Ratchet: "Like I said before Optimus, a lot of things have changed since your imprisonment in Darkmount. It's a long story and it's difficult in understanding what we've all been through."

The Autobot leader turned to him and smiled warmly.

Optimus Prime: "Well, since I'm going to be out of action for quite a while, then you can tell me all about it during my recovery."

Ratchet nodded and knew that it would be a long talk in the near future. Just as he thought of that, they were interrupted by Wheeljack.

Wheeljack: "I hate to interrupt this moment you two, but we've got bigger problems to worry about."

The two looked to Jack's side and could see the group starring at him. The two then looked at each other as Ratchet looked back and asked about that.

Ratchet: "And that is?"

It was then that Arcee, who finished kissing Jack, told them and main part of the situation.

Arcee: "We might have rescued Optimus, but we still have the issue regarding the human populace on this planet. Ever since the attack in Jasper, everyone is pretty much on edge of what happened. Still are. They need to be aware that we are here to protect them."

The medic listened on and was a little irate over it.

Ratchet: "Are you out of your minds?! We can't go public on this! Everyone is pretty much in a panic when that town was attacked. We show our faces, they will go in a complete frenzy! We can't show our faces when we should keep our iden-"

Before he could finish, Rodimus interrupted him and told him the gist of the situation.

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Ratchet, you have no idea what me and the other recruits have seen. The weapons the Decepticons possessed, the firepower they carried, even that huge Predacon we've faced, the Cons have become a force to be reckon with. We've even seen what they could do when they attacked Jasper and what they're planning, imagine what they could do to cities, countries, the entire planet. It could be the extinction of the entire human race. They must know that we are here to protect them from this threat."

Ratch look to him and was still a little hesitant.

Ratchet: "That might be true, but with all this going on I don't think it's wise to start revealing our existence to them. The consequences could be dire."

But then Optimus butted in and told the medic that they have no choice in the matter.

Optimus Prime: "The young Prime has a strong point Ratchet, and I could agree with his words."

Ratchet turned to him and was shocked to hear that.

Ratchet: "Optimus, you're not thinking about going public with this. Are you?"

The Autobot leader nodded and explained what transpired for the past two weeks.

Optimus Prime: "Since the Omega Lock incident, the world got a taste of what the Decepticons can do to them. Because of their action, our secret is out and now everyone knows of our existence. They now must know that we are here to assist them in this dark time. They should be aware that they're allies that will aid them against this threat. The time of secrecy is over. The time to act is now."

Ratchet overheard the leader's words of advice and now understood what has arises. Still, there is a problem regarding how to let the humans know of this.

Rachet: "Even if we told them we're here to help, it's still impossible to warn them all. Earth population could be as the hundreds of billions, preferably more. How are we suppose to spread the news to that many people?"

Just before Optimus could get an answer, Rafeal came in and told the two what he can do.

Raf/Firewall: "By way of television? Mostly everyone on the planet has a TV in their household and I do believe that everyone is viewing the Jasper attack on the news. If I can hack into all the news feeds through the satillite around the globe, then maybe we can get them to know about us."

The two looked to the hacker and wondered if that will work.

Ratchet: "And you're certain it's possible?"

Firewall smiled and let him know who he is.

Raf/Firewall: "With experience in hacking and mods that can help me breach through any system, I know what I'm doing."

Optimus nodded and made a drastic decision.

Optimus: "Then begin. The world must know of us."

An hour later, after the talk, the area was dark and there was no light to be seen. Suddenly, a tv screen appeared in the center where the president was giving his speech about the tragedy in Jasper, Neveda. Then another TV appeared to the right showing the world leader in Russia explaining the alien attack in the US. Then another with the Japan ambassador. And another world leader in Turkey. And another in Spain. And another one in France. Soon enough, every TV was on and showed all the World Leaders discussing about the invasion of Jasper, the loss of casualties, and the promise to fight back. But then, a few screens went static and one by one, all news broadcasts were interrupted. Just as every TV screen went to static, it all changed to an Autobot insignia glowing red. The screens then went static again and shoed the face of a certain Autobot. That Autobot was Optimus Prime as her had faded scars from his imprisoment some time ago. The leader then looked to anyone watching this and began his speech while translations were appearing at the bottom of the screen, translating in any language.

Optimus Prime: "People of Earth, my name if Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. And I come to speak to you about something of greater importance. For years, we have been living on your planet and remain hidden for so long. However, due to recent events, our secret has been compromised. And while we promisednot to let any innocent lives at stake, I must address to the masses before anyone makes judgement on us."

A day after the Autobots escaped, Decepticons were cleaning up the courtyard in Darkmount while others were repairing the damaged inside the fortress. On the floor, the head of Predaking stood there, half destroyed with an optic sticking out.

Optimus Prime: "For centuries, we Autobots wage war against the Decepticons, leading to the destruction of our home world. We were hoping that Earth wouldn't fall into Megatron's hands. However we were wrong as he had the audacity to place a base on your own soil and declared war against your kind when in reality you didn't want our war on your planet."

Just then, two huge pedes approached the dragon's skull as he picked it up with one servo. That Con was none other then the science officer, Shockwave as he looked to his former creation with his one optic. He still couldn't believe that one Autobot, let along a new Prime, could destroy his creation quite easily. Looking yonder at all the pieces of his Predacon all over the place, he came to a logical conclusion that even if his creation failed to stop them all, there's always room for an improvement.

At the Pentagon, a group of soldiers were gathered as a make shift memorial to set up outside the building with an American flag hanging at half staff. On the memorial's wall are the soldiers that have fallen to the Decepticons during the invasion of Jasper with a title that read, 'To those that fought vailiently in Jasper'. Families of the fallen gathered at the front to pay their grievances to their husbands, wives, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters as one by one, they placed flowers and letters to those that were close to them.

Optimus Prime: "Due to their appearance, they have cost the lives of many in the town of Jasper, Neveda. They have shown no mercy to the innocent and killed everyone from civilians trying to escape, to soldiers fighting to protect those that were defenseless. Like all others, I too moarn those that were lost during that massacre. But remember this, though they the lives of many have been taken away, their sacrifices shall not be in vain."

A mother was approaching to memorial with her two children and two other men dressed in a black military uniform. As they approached the grave, the son of ten placed a bouquet of flowers on the floor while a little girl of seven trace the name of the engraving that says, 'Anthony Carmine'. The mother sobbed frantically as the two men, who were Anthony's brothers remain silent with one tightening his fist. Carter and his Noble team looked on and could tell that the Carmine brothers were upset that one of their own was taken away from them and knew that they want revenge. Returning to the group, the two brothers approached the Noble captain as he gave his condolences.

Carter: "Benjamin and Clayton Carmine. I'm sorry about what happened to your brother. He was with my team for many years and was the bravest soldier that I've known. He died fighting for what he believed in and has always been a soldier till the very end. He will be missed, but his bravery will never be forgotten."

The brothers nodded as one of them thanked the Noble leader for his kind words.

Benjamin Carmine: "Thank you for your grievances Carter. Anthony was family to us, always have been, always will be. He knew the risks when he joined the military and your little group. Never in a million years I would think he would die in the hands of an alien robot. Just do me one favor, when you find that son of a bitch, show him no mercy."

Carter nodded and would like to keep that promise.

Carter: "We'll try Benjamin, you have my word."

Out in the distance, Thomas Lasky and Sarah Palmer saw this heart wrenching momentand couldn't help but to feel sadden by this many lost. Thomas especially as he talked about war."

Captain Lasky: "You know, when I signed up to join the fight, I wanted to make a difference. Did all I needed to do, the academy, boot camp, intensive training, the works. By the time I stepped into the battleground, I never thought I was in for a fight. I've seen many battles, watched many men died in the field. When I was promoted to captain, I wanted to make sure that everyone gets out safely. But then when Japser was attacked, I don't know where to begin."

He hung his head down and could imagine the horrors he have seen in Jasper. Palmer looked on and could tell that he was hurting on the inside. Placing her hand on his shoulder, he eased him about the incident.

Commander Palmer: "Forgive me sir, but none of us didn't know this would happen. Nor did we know that we would be invaded by aliens. Every man that gave their lives to save those people knew what they were up against. They did all they could to protect all those civilians. That's all that matters. We should worry about that past later. We should now worry about the future. We all saw what those bastards did to that town. This is only the beginning. We need to keep fighting so more men won't fall in the hands of those Cons."

Lasky gave a quiet nod as he looked right at the memorial to people have been placing flowers around.

Captain Lasky: "Yeah… We will…"

The two looked on as the soldiers continued to morn.

As that was going on, something secretive and diabolical is happening. A group of soldiers and scientists were working around the clock as screens were on with the logo of 'MECH' on some of the screens. MECH, a terrorist organization in the US bent on world domination by creating or stealing weapons and gadgets for their own personal gain. On the nearby catwalk, two individuals were watching the men at work as one watched in anticipation of the latest work he discovered from the Autobots. Those two are the Director, the head of MECH's Science Division, and Commander Rourke, the Director's right hand man.

Optimus Prime: "We must be on our guard. The Decepticons aren't the only ones that are ruthless to both our kinds. There are those that use our own technology to create weapons for their own world conquest. For I fear that whatever this group has planned could be dire for all of us."

The Director watched on as the group put together the schimetics for his future project. On the main screen is a 3D graphic rotating, showing what appears to be the Autobot's groundbridge with a title over it that says, 'Project: Noah'. The Director smiled beneath the shadows and was liking what they are putting together. All he needed is the parts needed to make such a feat. So he waits until the time is right to take the resources.

As all this was going on, the surbaban area of Detroit was quiet and the neighboring areas were a little deserted. But then, there was one teenage boy that was approaching one of the small houses, heading to the front door and carrying a duffle bag. Approaching the door, he gave a deep sigh and silently ring the doorbell.

Optimus Prime: "But out of the darkness comes light. With the lives that were lost, there were those that were not only sparred, but also have a bright future ahead of them."

This person waited for a few good seconds until someone opened the door. The person opening the door was an elderly couple in their seventies, with graying white hair and wearing old fashion clothing. The two looked at this person and was shocked to see who it was and said at the same time…


Indeed it was Vince as he was holding his duffle bag that Noble team kept for him and contains his personal belongings. He smiled warmly and was happy to be safe from harm.

Vince: "Hey Grandma, Grandpa. Long time no see."

The grandparents of Vince were relieved that their grandson was alive and well. The both approached him and gave him a warm, embracing hug. The bully dropped his bag and returned with a hug of his own. It was a nice reunion with others soon to follow.

In another house, a family was starting to settle into their new place. It was a big house, fit for a big family. This family were known as the Esquivel's one of the first families that left town by orders of Agent Fowler. As they were getting their stuff together, the mother was getting the photo stands to place on the side table. But then she took out a photo that she was holding near and dear to her heart. It was a picture of a young boy with spiky brown hair and red glasses over his eyes. She knew this boy too well as it was Rafael back when he was once human. Tracing the picture with her fingers, it saddened her the most as she never heard from him ever since he left for school the day the light hit near town. She'd been calling Fowler multiple times about her son and yet his only response was that he's under protective custody until the matter has been cleared. She nor the other family members have the slightest clue that their youngest of kin was turned into a huge Cybertronian or any of the adventures he'd went through since then. So all they have to do is wait until he comes back. Just then, there was a ring at the door as Ms. Esquivel wondered who it was. Heading to the door, she turned the knob and slowly opened it.

Optimus Prime: "And those that were separate from loved ones are reunited."

Opening the door fully, her looked around and wondered who was there. But no one was there and she thought it was her imagination. Just as she was going to close the door, she heard a young and familiar voice.

"Hey mama."

Her eyes grew wide as her ears perked up for a bit, realizing where the voice came from. Looking down she saw the same young boy in the picture, but in the flesh.

Ms. Esquivel: "Rafael? Is that you mi hijo?"

Raf smiled and let her know it was him.

Raf: "Si mama, it's me."

The mother was overwhelmed in happiness as she turned to tell the rest of the family.

Ms. Esquivel: "Roberto, get the family here immediately! Rafael is back!"

She immediately got down on her knees and hugged her son very tightly while the others joined in and surround the young hacker, asking him many questions on what happened to him after all these weeks. What none of them didn't know was that a Scion XB was parked nearby and looked on to see the family getting together while he watched the screen of them with happy faces. That was in fact Firewall watching in the distance as he looked on and was sad that he can't meet them in person. But he needed to keep his identity a secret and used whatever he has to make sure that his human self gets to enjoy it all.

In another house of the neighborhood, a lone girl approached the door and rang the doorbell. She waited for a few seconds until the door opened up and a young couple appeared in front of it. What they saw shocked them the most. Standing before them was a young Japanese girl with a pigtail/ponytail hair with black and pink highlights and clothes any young Japanese teen wear. Starring on, they knew who it was.

Host Parents: "Miko?"

Yep, it's really was Miko as she smiled and gave a slight wave.

Miko: "Whassup guys? Did I miss out on anything?"

The two had pleasing smiled to their faces as they grouped together and gave her a deep loving hug. Not far from the house, a McLaren MP4 12C parked outside, watching this moment through the screen. That car was Kaosu in her vehicle mode as she was pleased to see her host parents happy to see her. See, with everyone safe and Optimus is alive, the main concern is how to get Raf and Miko back to their families without letting them know what happened to them. That's where Ratchet and Wheeljack came in. Together they built a special installation to help keep the identity of the two Autobot recruits a secret. This installation is a hard holo unit that could interact with people and that very person could feel the holo unit without letting the arms phase through it. As far as Jack and June is concerned, Ratchet asked if they needed holo units too. But they declined as they don't have any families around with the exception of John Darby, the husband/father of the two. June thought it would be wise to call him up and tell him they were all right. But she had to wait for the right time to tell him as she and her son needed to adjust to the life they now have.

The following day later, all the recruits were in the medical ward as Ratchet was working on something special. With a wielder in his servo and started designing emblems for the group one at a time. So far, he already placed emblems on Firewall's shoulder plating that acted as his side doors, Kaosu's chest that was her hood in vehicle mode, and spray painted some on Altra's medical crosses on the doors and roof, or in bot mode, her arms and chest. Now he went to Jack as he started to weild on his shoulders too and was working carefully.

Optimus Prime: "And in the events of this tragedy, we gained new soldiers to help aid in our cause, as well as a new chance to fight back."

Once Ratchet was finished, he observed his work as Jack looked to his shoulders to see the memorable Autobot insignias. After all that they have done, Optimus and the other Autobots decided now would be a good time to promote the four and made them honorary members of Team Prime. It was a big step for the recruits as they have become part of the team now more then ever. It was weeks ago that they were once human allies, now they have become Autobot teammates. And now they have been honored, that could only mean one thing… Celebrate the Autobot way.

Outside the Lake Eerie base, the sun started to rise as the road was abandon. The perfect place to begin the recruits celebration. Jack, Raf, and Miko walked down the road as they started to warm up for their party. The Wrecking Cadet turned to the two and asked one thing.

Miko/Kaosu: "All right you two, ready to get beat?"

The two looked to her and smiled.

Raf/Firewall: "You know it Miko. I've been wanting to do it since we were turned into Cybertronians."

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Tell me about it. Just don't cry when I leave you in the dust."

Kaosu looked to him and gave a sly grin.

Miko/Kaosu: "Sure, whatever you say 'All mighty Prime'."

Jack got a chuckle at that as he and the others transformed into their vehicle forms, revving their engines for their life like race. Behind them were the rest of the Autobots and their new human allies, cheering them on.

Bulkhead: "Let's go Miko! Burn rubber on them!"

Bumblebee: (C'mon Raf! Teach them what a young racer can do!)

Arcee: "Go Jack! Show em' that a Prime is the winner!"

As the others cheered on, Ratchet, Optimus, and Altra were in the back with the Autobot leader sitting on a Cybertronian size wheelchair since he was slowly recovering from the operation of his legs. Looking on, Altra gave a sigh and never thought that they could race.

June/Altra: "You know, I never thought that the kids want to do this as their celebration for being official Autobots. They should be more mature then this."

Ratchet looked to her and let her know that everything will be okay.

Ratchet: "They might be new members of Team Prime, they are still children. Let them live that life before they begin their real missions."

The mother turned to Ratchet and was surprised he could say that.

June/Altra: "My Ratchet, you've certainly have a change of spark."

Ratchet gave a chuckle and looked to the three getting ready to race.

Ratchet: "After what I've done to them during the Omega Lock mission, I do believe I could redeem myself from what I put them through."

Optimus overheard all of that, reminded June about all that has happened to everyone.

Optimus Prime: "We've all been through so much in the past two Earth weeks. Sometimes, we all have rise from what has happened in the past to move forward to the future."

The two looked at him and nodded in approval. Looking back to the three recruits, he continued his words of advice.

Optimus Prime: "Though they are young at heart, I could see a lot of potential in all of them, especially the future Prime. With the proper training, he can become a great leader for the Autobots."

The others looked on and were in deep agreement. Jack has a long hard road ahead for him since taking on this new mantle. But with the right teaching and guidance, he can be destined for greater things. Out on the road, the three recruits revved their engines a little more and were ready to race. But then Miko decided to give them the slip and decided to say something to them.

Miko/Kaosu: "You guys ready? On you mark- GO!"

Her back tires started the screech madly as she burst out of the starting gate and was ahead of the others. Both Raf and Jack saw her leave and realized they were completely dupt.

Raf/Firewall: "Hey, no fair! You've cheated!"

Jack/Rodimus Prime: "Yeah! Come back here!"

The two then spinned their tires fast as they started to catch up to the Wrecking Cadet. Soon enough all three of them were racing down the road while the team cheered them on from the sidelines.

Optimus Prime: "These are truly trying times for all of us. But if we can overcome it, then together we will stand united and end this war that's now plagued your world. The attack in Jasper marks the end of the old world. Now has begun the beginning of the new world and together, we can live through this."

The three cars all raced together and were neck to neck. That was until Jack's Hummer H2 took the lead and the two went to the middle of the road. Soon enough, the three were racing down the road as the sun rose from the distance. A brand new day has come for the team."

Optimus Prime: "I am Optimus Prime, and I got a message for the humans on Earth. War has come to your world, but rest assure. No matter what the obstacles, no matter the hardships, we will always have one thing that can secure our future. Hope."

The End

Yep. Finally finished with the second episode and it's just the beginning of the third season. Of course I have to tie up some loose ends here and there like Vince living with his grandparents, how Raf and Miko going to reunite with their families, the recruits becoming honorary members of Prime, what MECH's planning, yadda yadda yadda. Just needed to add a little closure to this episode in some way. But don't think this is going to be over. I got another episode coming up that is both a Prime one with a little humor here and there with some nodes from the Animated version. Trust me, you'll know what I mean when I post the next episode up. I might even put up an episode list from my Season 3 ark to give you future episodes I have planned. I'm certain you liked this story and hope you'll enjoy more along the way. Please Review and thank you for reading.