Summary: Have you ever wanted to take your own life? Not just think about it, but seriously really consider it, turn it over in your mind. Ron does so every day. But can he actually do it? He's the middle pillar holding up a tall building and if he were to cease existince, so would everyone else. But does Ron know that?

Rating: R. It'll get extremely dark in upcoming chapters. Lots of angst. Suicide, death, and much more. You have been warned.

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*** 'Cause we lost it all, Nothing lasts for ever, I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

Simple Plan, Perfect. ***

Four painfully short months. That's how long it's been. I still remember the moment Lucius Malfoy's mouth formed the words, "I killed George Weasley". I remember the anger I felt. But most of all, I remember the focused hate I felt. The hate I felt for a man who showed no mercy. Lucius Malfoy. In a way, he's worse than Voldemort. Voldemort. I remember his laughter as he watched Harry and I be tortured.

Sometimes I wake up at night, calling out for someone - anyone - to comfort me. But no one ever comes.

I have dreams now. Horrifying dreams.... ones that refuse to let me drift into oblivion, where I can't hear Malfoy's hysterics. I can see clearly, as though Voldemort has pasted pictures on the back of my eyelids, so that even if I close my eyes I see it. Malfoy's hands balled into fists, pummeling into Snape, yelling at him, only because there are no answers.

Sometimes I'll pass Malfoy in the hall and we look into each other's eyes, into the haunted expression. I know what he's gone through and he knows what I've gone through. It's oddly comforting, to know that neither of us can do anything to get away, but at least knowing there's someone else who can't get away. I wouldn't call that friendship, for I doubt I'll ever be able to trust him.

Hermione.... she's so careful around me these days, it's like she's stepping on eggshells when I'm around. It's really hard on her. I hate putting her through so much pain. I hate putting everyone through pain. No one knows what happened that night, but they don't mention it. They can't mention it. They're almost.... scared. Or rather, terrified.

I try telling myself it's over.... that the pain is gone for ever. But it doesn't work. The pain will never be gone... and in a way I know it. I remember a time where I wondered what life was worth living for. A time where I wished there was something more than just getting up in the morning and going to class. And now, painfully so, I am fully aware that there is something much more than just that.

I've figured it out. There is a reason to live. And now that I've found out that I'm not here for the reasons I originally thought I was, I kind of wish I hadn't. I've gotten through this battle with Voldemort.... but what about the next one? Maybe Malfoy and Snape won't be there to help Harry and I. Maybe I won't be there to help Harry. But I want to be, I really do.

Harry. He'll never be free of this either. When I think about how life is so utterly unfair to Harry, I feel as though I'd willingly switch places with him in a second. But perhaps it wouldn't fix anything, for I'm only slightly less screwed up than he is.

And then.... I want to cry. So I lie on my bed when everyone's down in the Great Hall eating lunch, front first in bed. I wait for the tears to come, but they don't. They won't come! I want so desperately to cry that I think back to everything in my life that's ever made me angry or sad. I'm there a long time. And finally, when I've almost given up hope of being able to shed even a tear, they come. And they come like a waterfall. But I make no noise, nor do I move. I just lie there and let the tears soak my pillow and when that side of the pillow is so damp I can squeeze the tears out of it, I turn it over so I can cry into the other side. I'm not sure how long I'm there for and when my pillow is all used up I proceed to use George's old sweater, the one with the G on it. I found it in my trunk just the other day. It gives me many more reasons to cry. I think I must cry myself to sleep, for I wake up later that day and realize I've missed all my afternoon classes.

The saddest thing about all of this, is that there's no closure. I don't have any reassurance that no one else I love dearly will be snatched away from me by the cruel hands of fate. And instead of being upset, I'm jealous. George got out of this world..... and I didn't.

Fred. When I look at him, I know - I don't have to think about it for even a second - that Fred's going to leave us too. I watch the way he slumps down the hall, or the way he eats nothing or the way he stands by the lake, contemplating whether or not to jump in and end it all. Perhaps right now, he's too scared to do it. But later.... when he realizes wherever George is, it's a better place then here, he's going to top himself. And I'll probably let him get on with it. He was meant to do it.... just like I'm meant not to.

And of course little Ginny. The one who asks me what life is worth living for so often I can't keep track any longer. She asked me again just a few days ago.... and this time I answered truthfully. I pulled her into my lap and put my arms around her. I thought a moment.

"Honestly Ginny....." I watched as her eyes filled with tears and I knew she was thinking about George every minute that I was and I knew I had to give her a straight answer, "...I'm not sure that there is a pleasant answer to that question. George is in a better place and the most disturbing thought for me, Ginny, is that I couldn't go with him. I hate being here.... and not because of you or anyone else that I hold dear to me, but because.... you know that feeling you get when you know think there's something you've forgotten to do?" Ginny nodded her head and I smiled weakly before I finished. "I constantly have that feeling. Like life played me cards and I forgot to put one down when I should have. But Ginny, there's every reason to live in this world. Because, if you drop off the planet, the people around you are affected. Ginny... don't contemplate suicide," I said, and put my chin on her shoulder, "I've been there..... it's not a pretty feeling."

Ginny looked at me and started to cry. She said she was sorry for what I go through. And I told her that it was okay and that I was sorry for what she goes through as well. We sat in the common room like that for awhile. I didn't cry that time. But Ginny did. Enough for the both of us.

Four months is how long it's been..... and I can still hear Voldemort's laughter. I don't think I shall ever forget it.

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Lyrics to Perfect by Simple Plan

Hey Dad, Look at me, Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I'm wasting my time, Doing things I wanna do?

But it hurts when you disapprove all along. And now I tried hard to make it, I just wanna make you proud. I'm never gonna be good enough for you. Can't pretend that I'm all right, and you can't change me.

'Cause we lost it all, Nothing lasts for ever. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

Now it's 's just too late, And we can't go back. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

I try not to think, 'Bout the pain I feel inside. Did you know you used to be my hero? And all the days you spent with me, Now seem so far away. And it feels like you don't care anymore. And now I tried hard to make it, I just wanna make you proud. I'm never gonna be good enough for you. Can't stand another fight, and nothing's all right.

'Cause we lost it all, Nothing lasts for ever. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

Now it's 's just too late, And we can't go back. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

Nothing's gonna change the things that we said. Nothing's gonna make this right again. Please don't turn your back, I can't believe it's all just a talk to you, But you don't understand.

'Cause we lost it all, Nothing lasts for ever. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.

Now it's 's just too late, And we can't go back. I'm sorry, I can't be Perfect.


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Well anyway! Don't wanna brag. (Yes I do). I'm simply making a point. If you can get a release through something other than alcohol or drugs or pain, then that's a pretty good thing. If you're here, then you probably love to read. Some people get a release through reading. What about you? What do you do that makes you over the moon with happiness? What makes you happier than ever? What is it you do that creates the wonderful world of complete bliss? Find it, and do as much of it as you can. It'll make you a much happier person. Don't ever let go of that special thing you do. I absolutely loathe to see talent wasted. Especially if it's exceptional talent.

So if you like to write; Write. If you like to play a musical instrument; Play. If you like to draw; Draw. If you like to read; Read. If you like to laugh; Laugh. If you like to sing; Sing. Do what makes you happy. It makes all the difference.

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