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I wrote this because I do believe that Shishio and Yumi are indeed the "Eternal Couple". There is no one else in the entire series that showed their love for each other like these two did. Even though they were a bit misguided, they still had a love for each other that everyone deserves. So here is my tribute to "Shishio and Yumi" my Eternal Couple. (To all K&K fans, yes they do love each other but they didn't profess their love to anyone, even themselves.)

My Eternal Couple

They defied the natural laws of love, simply by loving each other.

He was a burned shell of a man who fought for reasons at first only know to him. Then the reason he shared with his predecessor was for Power.

She was a courtesan, beautiful, and charming but disillusioned with the way her life was going until she found, in him, the love she needed to fulfill her life.

Together, he planned to rule the world starting with Japan.

He confided in her secrets about the boy that traveled with him, that no one else knew but would, one day, be important to his taking over Japan.

She stayed by his side, even though she could do nothing but just soothe his burning desire to take control of Japan while they waited for the right moment. She comforted him, making him feel like the man she though him to be.

He doted on her, giving her, his eternal love and offering her a position at his side once he obtained the power he believed rightfully belonged to him.

She only doubted him once but he quelled that doubt with his knowledge of her love for him.

She guided his enemy's to him, knowing about his time limit. She understood his need to fight for what he believed, even so she worried about him. She tried on several occasions to convince his enemy's to turn back, leave and never return. But she was unsuccessful.

He trusted her to guide his enemy's to him, if they completed the course that he had laid out for them.

She showed her concern and fear on her face when they reached the top of the tower. But he put her fears to rest when he kissed her. A simple kiss that showed the world how he felt about her.

He fought his enemy on top of the steel tower, able to overcome each man in turn. Until his first enemy stood back up with a desire that out surpassed his own.

And when he fell, she came to protect him in spite of the danger to herself. When his blade pierced her heart, she was happy that she was able to give him an edge so that he could win his battle.

Dying in his arms, she asked that he win for her as she would be waiting at the gates of hell for him.

Determined to win he pushed himself pasted his limits succumbing to a fiery death, following her into hell.

Meeting her at the gates of hell, they started assembling their army once again to fight for control of yet another place.

My Eternal Couple didn't stay there long before being brought back onto the pages of our stories.

Always the villain, gangster or general bad guy, he always has her at his side.

Their love for each other transcends time itself, for when we think of him, she is not far away.

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