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"I'll find you a way home!"

Kagome stared into blue eyes that were not unlike her own in obvious surprise, "I don't want to be a bother," She swirled her fingers in the water, still a bit startled to find that the water followed her movements in an unnatural, yet somehow natural way, "I know you're busy training and all."

"I'm the Avatar!" Korra said proudly, throwing an affectionate arm over the Miko's shoulders, "I'm here to help anyone who needs it!" She grinned, letting out a nervous laugh when Kagome threw her a knowing expression.

"You just want to get out of your training session with Tenzin." Kagome had to bite her tongue, forcibly holding back the 'sama' since they didn't use honorifics in this world that she had been sent to by the Shikon for some reason.

"If you would let others know about you, maybe you would see just how frustrating Tenzin can be," Korra mumbled, her pout fading slightly when Kagome threw her a sharp look, "Yes, yes – I know. Don't worry, I'll never tell anyone without your permission."

Kagome let out a sigh at the reassertion, "Why aren't you angry with me?" She asked in a lightly depressed manner and Korra's brow rose in question, "In this world, you're supposed to be special. The only one who can control all four elements, but then I come out of nowhere – just found unconscious in the snow... with the exact same abilities as you."

Korra shrugged, "You really think I should be jealous?" She asked with a smile, "Actually, I was kind of happy that there was someone else like me. Being the Avatar is great and all, but it also can be very hard. At least there's someone out there that I can share my problems with."

The water rippled when Kagome clenched her fingers, "Before waking up in this world, I didn't have power over the elements. Actually, no humans where I came from did. Only the most powerful of Demons did, so it's kind of hard to adjust myself."

Especially since she no longer had her Reiryoku...

Kagome let out a squeak of embarrassment when she was suddenly forced into the side of Korra's ample chest and the arm squeezed tightly around her shoulder, "Even if I can't get you back home, I promise that I'll never let anything bad ever happen to you. I'll protect you, Kagome!"

The bold words immediately had her blushing and her heart beating a little quicker until she unconsciously relaxed in Korra's comforting hold and a smile slowly spread across her pale face, thinking of very familiar golden eyes and silvery hair.

"Thank you, Korra."