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Everyone knows the adventures of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. They know the tale of Orion, of her cruelty to men, her habit to turn boys into jackelopes. But do they know the reason she is so bitter towards men. Do they know the story of her guardian, her protecter, her friend, her savior. The man who gave his life for her so long ago. This is the tale of Percy Jackson, protecter and lost guardian of the hunt.

Artemis sat on her throne, listening to he family bicker over petty matters that really had no interest to her. She sighed and looked up at the stars in the throne room, looking at the constellation of her lost guardian. It was a series of 20 stars that formed a wolf. As always when she looked at the constellation she missed the mutt that had made her life so vibrant. The ways his eyes looked when he laughed. The way he would pout whenever he'd get caught by one of his own traps he had set. He was never good at traps, he always preferred to hunt, which was understandable since he was a werewolf.

He had always lightened up her mood and always made her laugh, even without trying. But that was a time long past, she would never find someone to live up to her guardian, men were pigs, and could not be trusted.

"Artemis." Zeus said.

Artemis POV

I woke from my thoughts with a scowl on my face," I'm sorry father, what did you say."

My annoying brother snickered before I gave him my death glare.

"I was saying my dear, that I need you to look into some monster activity near a school named Westover Hall."

"Yes, father, I will leave immediately." I said as I flashed to my camp.

Third Person POV

Artemis flashed out and Zeus looked at her throne a while before he spoke." I don't know how much longer I can watch her like this. Did you see her zone out. It's been happening more and more often lately.

Artemis's brother Apollo nodded, " I'm worried about her father."

Her sister Athena spoke up,"She will be fine, she has handled it for centuries."

Poseidon spoke up," We all miss him, but the pain was unbearable for her."

"Maybe one day she will come to terms with it," said Hera.

"Maybe never." Said Ares.

"Only time will tell." Said Aphrodite

"She needs more cereal." Said Demeter.