Artemis POV

We waited for the approaching sun just on the horizon. Percy stood towering next to me on my left still in his wolf form and the hunt was on my right. The campers were on the left of Percy with Bianca's brother closest to him.

A blinding light appeared over the ocean and descended into the clearing next to the cliff. The light got so bright that everyone except Percy and I had to turn away for risk of being blinded.

When the light died away a red sports car was sitting in the middle of a burn circle. I felt a bump on my shoulder and I quickly looked at Percy.

I'm going to sneak behind him moonbeam, keep him distracted. He spoke in my mind as he slinked back into the trees.

Ok, I'll keep him busy I said back to him as Apollo opened the door with that annoyingly bright grin he has.

I kept my usual emotionless mask on as he waved at me like he was far away when he was really ten feet away from me. "Hey little sis! How's it going since the meeting. Did you find out what the monster activity was up here?" He said walking towards me and away from his car where Percy currently was hiding behind.

"Yes Apollo, as a matter of fact I did find out what it was up here, I would love to explain after a quick race to Camp Half-Blood." I said allowing a small smile as Percy creeped around the car and crept towards the distracted Apollo.

He frowned in confusion at my unusual mood then narrowed his eyes at me." What are you pulling sis? He asked cautiously. Percy was right behind him now," We haven't race in a millennia, since Percy... You know—."

"Since I died?" Percy said with his muzzle right next to Apollo's ear. My twin jumped so high in the air his feet reached Percy's chest and fell to the floor in a heap.

"Jeez, who do you think you are sneaking up on a god like that." He cried turning around to find a hysterical Percy rolling on the ground with his tail wagging.

"Percy? Is that you?" an incredulous Apollo gaping at him.

"Yes little bro, I'm back in black! How have you been lately?" he said still laughing. But Apollo just stood their dumbfounded.

After hugs and reintroductions, warnings and threats to Apollo about flirting with my hunters from me (well I was warning, Percy was threatening), and the request for a ride to camp, we were finally ready to go.

"Alright Apollo who's gonna be driving this time. Choose wisely, this race is double or nothing, twenty drachmas to the winner." I said to him, he nodded and turned to look at the assembled group for a driver. His eyes rested on the punk girl, Thalia I think it is, the daughter of Zeus.

"You there." He said pointing to her." Daughter of Zeus, what better candidate to drive the chariot." Fear shown in her eyes at that mention of driving.

"This isn't a good idea," Percy whispered in my ear," The child of Zeus is afraid of heights."

I gave him with a funny look before saying," Are you sure? She is a daughter of Zeus, how can she be afraid of heights?"

"Positive. Look at her face. She's terrified. This should be an easy win ey Arty?"

I laughed at that as the hunters and demigods piled into now bus formed chariot." Oh Percy, always the competitive one." I said as Apollo walked over to us.

"I'm the competitive one am I? That's rich coming from you. You shot me the last time we went hunting so you could shoot that one deer!" He exclaimed at me.

"You ran in the way of my arrow." I said innocently giving him the big eyes.
"Whatever." He grumbled as he laid down for me to climb on his back. I climbed on and he turned to Apollo who was standing right next to us. "Alright Apollo, should I give you a head start or maybe an extra head start since you have a student driver?"

"Whatever Perce, just don't cry when I'm waiting for you at the finish line." My brother said as he walked back to his chariot. He entered and we were ready to begin.

"Alright, first one to Chiron wins twenty drachmas, no intentional burning from you Apollo and no arrows from me we begin on three." I said," One!"

"Two!" Apollo said

"Three!" Percy yelled as he took off sprinting as fast as he can through the forest. Trees passed by us so fast that I could barely see any detail, soon we broke from the treelike onto the highway zooming past cars. I looked up to where the sun chariot was and wasn't surprised to see Apollo hot on our trail. Suddenly Percy jumped into the air, landed, then kept running. I looked back to see a car crash with one of those large trucks mortals use for land trade (semi-truck) and a smaller car. "Hold on Moonbeam, evasive maneuvering time." Percy said jumping on top of and over cars as we neared New York. We shot past Manhattan straight into Long Island passing through the barrier as Apollo entered over Long Island sound. I saw Chiron walking out of the breakfast pavilion. Apparently Percy saw him too because we sped up heading straight the poor centaur. We were twenty yards away when Apollo took a nose dive towards Chiron just as Percy leaped the last ten yards. Chiron had no idea what was about to hit him as both Percy and I and Apollo fell straight for him."