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First Person View…

"Run!" A shout was heard.

They're running after me. A platoon of police officers in blue uniforms spread out in formations consisting of three people each. Damn. Running around them isn't easy, but it's worth a—


Damned can. Freakin' street garbage.

"There he is! Follow him!"

Great. Avoiding any more unnecessary garbage alarms, I jumped on a car and over the wall, narrowly dodging the shattered glass scattered on the hollow blocks.

"Hey, where did he go?!"

"Let's split up! I'll go here, and you two go over there! Don't leave any stone unturned!"

Finally, time to catch my breath-


Oh hell no!

"Tabane, find me a clear route!" Panic ran through my veins as the dogs start increasing in number.

"Oh my~. Say please!" She teased.


"There he is! After him!" A policeman whistled, summoning his fellow agents in the pursuit.


"What's the magic word~?" She teased again in that infuriating singsong voice.

"….PLEASE?" I groaned. This woman…

"Yay! Now, turn right on the next intersection, then keep going forward until you see a small curb behind the fast-food chain. From there, you can sneak to the back of the school and go in!"

Sheesh. Pushing off the stacks of boxes to delay the dogs, I jumped over the fence and quickly sprinted towards the intersection. The passing truck of swine halted the dogs as I ran to the right and into the curb.

"Hey! Keep the noise down, people are trying to sleep here!" A person shouted from his window.

"Sorry, sir…!" The police bantered as they held the dogs down momentarily. Good.

Feeling and smelling my way through the darkness, I was at a loss of words from the stench. What the hell are these things? Can't even identify them…

Walking on, I finally arrived to the swimming pool of the regional university located just behind the College of Science. Perfect.

"Okami-kun, did you bring the thing that I gave you?"


"Open it please~."

"Uh…sure." I said, bringing out the smartphone that she handed to me earlier. Upon unlocking the screen, there was a chibi form of Tabane there.

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Since that is a safe area, feel free to scan yourself!"

"What for? How to? What? I'm confused."

"Just put your open palm on the screen~! Oh, duck!"

Doing as I was told, I barely missed the flashlight of a security guard patrolling the area. I continued on as the phone continued to scan me. Upon reaching the back door, the scan finished.


The words were written in bold, light-green Arial in a black Matrix-like background. Crouching, I wait for Tabane to hack open the door.

NAME: Emmanuel Guevarra


The electric lock that was once red earlier turned green and opened. Slipping in, the door closed on itself and turned red again.

AGE: 16 ½

Creeping through the dark hallways, I walked on slowly and gently, using my forefeet to step forward before the heel as to avoid as much noise as possible. The corridor I was in turns out to be mostly made of cement, with steel cabinets lining the walls. They are filled with different types of cleaning materials. Mops, vacuums, bleach, you name it, they got it. On the other side of the wall are also lockers, but this time they are filled with uniforms, aprons, rags, and other "handcarry" cleaning materials. At the end of the hallway there lies a single white door.

BODY TYPE: Endomorph


"Gah. Stop surprising me Tabane." I scolded her in a hushed whisper.

"Do you see a door on your left?"


"What does it say~?"

"Hmm…it says 'Authorized Personnel Only. Enter at your own risk.'."

"Go in then~."

"On whose authority?" I asked suspisciously.

"Mine! The Genius Tabane and inventor of the IS! Now go!"

"Geez…" As I tiptoed towards the door, Tabane spoke up again.

"Don't forget to check for traps!" She reminded.

Cautiously feeling the door and tapping it twice, I gently pushed it open.

"Why is this thing unlocked?" My question didn't go unanswered for long as I heard the sound of a girl struggling, along with a low grunting noise.

BODY WEIGHT: 96 kilograms

"I do hope you're not a fan of voyeurism, Okami-kun~."

"I'm not. Probably you." Silently walking up to the door, I peeked through the slight opening of the door. The crack showed little light, but what light it gave was more than enough to show me what's needed. A professor is trying to rape a girl but, oddly, she doesn't fight back. Upon closer inspection, it seems that she is out of sorts.

"What the hell…" Peeking closer, I can see that the girl is rapidly losing her strength and consciousness, with the dude getting impatient and ripping her uniform off. He's not very good at it though, since while he manages to rip off a few spots off, overall the uniform is still quite wholesome.

"So…" She trailed off, but I think she already knows what I have in mind—


Good Lord.

The wannabe rapist turned around, only to see nothing. The girl however was able to see my shadow just before I went behind the large shelf, though she didn't recognize the human shape from the looks of it. Either she's too drugged to think properly or she thought that was only a rat.

"This building really needs to be checked by an exterminator…tsk. Nearly thought that a guard was there. So…where were we, darlin'?" The way he said 'darling' pisses me off. A lot.

"Try not to make a mess, Okami-kun~."

"I'm not going to kill him, y'know…" I whispered. Silently grabbing a baseball bat conveniently lying on the in front of the dude's table (Why the hell is a baseball bat in a maintenance office?), I snuck up behind him, tapped his shoulder and…

"Sire, there seems to be some more garbage lying in the room, and I'd like to take care of the mess." I tried mimicking the janitor's voice. Elaine has dragged me to this university a few times when she was visiting her friends so I'm quite familiar with the works.

"Ah, yes, thanks Jose, now go—" Seemingly realizing his mistake, he turned around quickly, meeting the full swing of a bat.

"SMACK THAT!" I whooped involuntarily.


"Smashing…" Throwing the bat aside, I approached the girl.


"Are you okay?" She tried answering me, but she was only able to dish out gibberish before passing out.

"Of all the time in the world…" I sighed, not knowing what to do. A light bulb lit in my brain as an idea appeared.



"Can I call on this thing?" Wait a minute…


A facepalm was heard.


"IT'S A PHONE! OF COURSE YOU CAN! Stupid Okami~. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!" She laughed hysterically.

"I'm asking for permission, but I'll take that as a yes." Turning the volume of the earpiece down, I put the phone next to my other ear after dialing a number.


After a few seconds, she picked up.

"Yo!" A lively voice greeted.

"Elaine, I need your help."

"What for?"

I picked up the ID of the unconscious girl. The name was ripped off and so was the school name. The student number was still intact though.

"Um, do you know this person? 20XX0213?"

"20XX0213? That's a weird name." She giggled along with her friends, judging from the noise.

"I'm serious here."

"Oh…wait, gimme a second." She then, based on what I heard, put the phone on the table and did something. The girl beside me is now sleeping, probably tired from all the struggling and what have you.

"Alright, she stays in the third floor of the dormitory, the fifth door from the elevator. Where the hell did you find her? She's been missing all day!" She exclaimed.

"…Secret. I'll just drop her by the back of the girl's dormitories. Just pick her up, okay?"

"S-Sure, but where—"

"Sorry, can't really tell." After a few seconds of silence, she sighed heavily.

"Really, you have a knack for finding trouble, don't you?"

"Yep, yep. Now go, I can't waste any more time."

"Whatever! Bye~." She then ended the call.

"Geez, what a waste of time, but…" I take a single look on her. No, I can't just abandon this person…And I better stop looking before I get aroused.

Grabbing the surprisingly young pervert's jacket, I put it on the girl, carried her to the girl's dormitories, and sat her on a nearby bench.

"What's with the dilly-dally, Okami-kun?"

"Oh…Where did you go? It became quiet all of a sudden so I thought…"

"No, I just got a sandwich~." She ate happily.

"Don't worry, she'll be safe there…" She continued between munches.

"If you say so…" Running back to the original mission site, I crept quietly into the building, slipping past the sleeping guard. The smartphone made easy work of the sensors, allowing me to slip in easily.

"What the hell is this all about anyway, Tabane?"

"You'll see…" She teased. It's "Tabane's Special Fun-Fun Surprise!" again…I hope it won't endanger my life this time.

"Oh, and don't use the elevator! It automatically locks itself if you try to hack it, and I'm too excited watching you to be bothered de-activating the booby trap~."

"Ugh…where's the room?" I asked, exasperated.

"Eighth floor, through the vault behind the secret passage of the museum! It's really fun to crack that firewall, you know. So many countermeasures~."

As I listened to her babble about how "intricate" those codes were, I somehow managed to feel my way in the dark leading to the staircase. Footsteps can be heard every now and then so I can't risk using the smartphone's light. Come to think of it, this scenario gives me the creeps…

Slowly climbing up the stairs, I managed to get to the glass doors of the museum. They opened a second after I positioned the smartphone in front of the lock. As I moved on, I went to the bookcase Tabane was talking about and pulled the lever disguised as a book.


"That sure was noisy…" I whispered to myself as I saw the vault. It was very similar to those in the banks, with the giant lock and all, but unlike those this one has a lock leagues above them.

"What now, Tabane?"

"What 'what now'? It's open." She said nonchalantly. Sure enough, one heavy push and…

A door.

"What the hell, Tabane?" I whispered to myself. Turns out the door leads to a long, harmless corridor. My footsteps echoed as I approached the end of the path, another ordinary door. Cautiously opening it, I checked again for traps before entering. Inside was…

An IS unit. A single IS unit lying in the middle of the otherwise empty room. There was a spotlight shining from above on the IS. From what I see, it looks like a Raphael Revive, but there's something…different about it. Also, its color is obsidian black.

"So…what am I going to do about this invention of yours?" I asked her.

"Well…touch it! Feel it!" She cheered.

"Um, in case you didn't notice, I'm a boy."

"So? Touch it!"

"What's the point here Tabane? You better not be plotting some prank again."

"No, no! I promise! Pinky swear~?"


"Just do it!" Her voice had a bit of annoyance. Calmly walking towards the machine, I placed my right hand on the chest piece. Suddenly, information surged through my brain like a waterfall down a canyon. Numbers and formulas I didn't understand somehow were made clear. Theories that don't ring a bell I now know like the back of my hand. It felt like…


"Hold it right there!" Suddenly, around ten S.W.A.T members appeared behind me, all in bulletproof vests and standard riot armor. Following them is the head of security and the dean.

"You're not even supposed to be able to pass that door. It's rigged with a C4 and the long corridor is filled with lasers that can slice even through diamond! No matter, you won't be able to escape now." The captain of the team smirked.

At first, I wasn't sure what to do, then…

Use me.

Who was that? I turned around, and nobody seems to have spoken.

Now. Or they'll kill you.

I then realize that it was the IS that spoke to me. It was the voice of a low bass or baritone human with a robotic edge. Following on my instinct, I "willed" the IS to life (or operation).

"How did you…you, you're a boy! How is this possible?!" They gasped. Even I was shocked. Hell, I don't even know how to make this work, yet somehow…I can. I don't know how, but I can.

"Did you enjoy it?" Tabane's voice suddenly rang through the room.

"Is-is that, Shinonono Tabane? The creator of the IS?" One of the S.W.A.T team asked nervously.

"Yep, it's me! The gorgeous genius Tabane! Speaking of which, can you guys do me a favor~?"

"W-What is it?" The dean spoke.

"I'd like you to send this young man to IS Academy!"

And lo, all was silent.

"EEEEEEEHHHHHH?!" All of us present shouted in surprise as Tabane's disembodied voice giggled heartily.