The Point of No Return

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Chapter Four



1992: The events of the first Jurassic Park.
1993: Hurricane Clarrissa his Isla Sorna, all staff are forced to evacuate, Doctor Laura Sorkin (Game character) releases the dinosaurs into the wild in order to give them a chance of survival. This includes three of the four unlisted breeding experiments, the Spinsaurus, the Troodons, and the aquatic Tylosaurus. The flying Pteranodon was deemed too dangerous to release into the wild and remained within the Aviary.
1994: (June) Harry crash lands on the island with Cedric's body. Takes his (Cedric's) wand and buries the body.
1997: The events of Jurassic Park 2. Set during Summer (As guessed by the San Diego scenes). Events that took place on the island lasted three to four days, during which Harry was ill with infection after a Troodon attack.

2001: The events of Jurassic Park 3.
July 18th: Eric and Ben land on the island. Harry rescues Eric from the Spinosaur, Ben dies of blood loss, internal bleeding of the lung, and concussion/brain haemorrhaging.
July 31st: Harry turns 21.
September 12th: Mr and Mrs Kirby abduct Dr Alan Grant and his student, landing on Isla Sorna.
September 13th: Alan spends the night sleeping in the water truck with Eric. Billy, along with Mr and Mrs Kirby sleep in a tree.
September 14th: Alan and the Kirbys stay are attacked by the Spinosaur during the night while on the river. They then reach the coast where they are rescued.


That Harry...

William (Billy) Brennan watched him from the corner of his eye as he fussed absently over his camera, he was crouched upon the ruined top of the small plane, eyes scanning the trees carefully, head tilting to every sound even as he laced a flint-blade to a new spear shaft, fingers working quickly and dexterously with long born familiarity. Six years out here alone, damn. And somehow he managed to survive. Though, not without harm, he noted, eyes trailing the white streaks and marks across his tanned skin – what little that was available to the eye.

He sighed, climbing to his feet a moment before his eyes caught sight of... a perfectly preserved footprint in the mud. Huge, definitely. He shook his head, hearing the distant conversation of the Kirbys' as he lifting the camera to his eyes and snapped several shots of the print.

"How would you classify it?" Alan asked, coming to a stop beside him and crouching down at the top end of the print. Billy had to refrain from grinning, even in a life or death situation like this, Alan was still acting like a Professor, like a teacher.

He hemmed and hawwed a little, "Obviously a Super-Predator." With that size, level of aggression, not to mention the fact it took on a Rex and triumphed... "Suchimimus, that snout," he decided, making an elongating gesture with his hand toward his face. Not many dinosaurs had skull formations.

Alan shook his head, close but no cigar, "They never got that big," he refuted wryly. If it were a Suchimimus they wouldn't have had such trouble.

"Baryonyx?" Billy ventured further.

Again, Alan shook his head, "Not with that sail," he stated before reaching back and pulling something from his pocket, a broken half-rotted tooth, "Spinosaurus Aegypticus."

Billy frowned, accepting the tooth, "I don't remember that on InGen's list."

"That's because it wasn't on their list. Which makes me wonder what else they were up to," Alan complained grimly. The idea of unknown dinosaur species potentially stalking them through the undergrowth was not a comforting thought, even with someone like Harry guarding their back. Speaking of, even as they turned and spotted Mr Kirby struggling with his backpack, they could also see Harry having climbed down from his perch and was now looking over Mrs Kirby's scrapes and bruises. She looked very uncomfortable as he speared unknown pastes over the grazes and cuts before pressing a leaf over them and adding more paste of a different colour. He then moved on to Mr Udeski and did the same. Billy nodded, he recognised those leaves as some of the ones the wildman picked as they made their way into the camp.

The two palaeontologists stood, exchanging unhappy glances as they turned to Mr Kirby, going in circles as he tried to get his arm through the other strap on his backpack. For a man who had supposedly gone on every adventure tour that had ever been conceived, he was...

"So, Mr Kirby, tell me, when you climbed K2, did you basecamp at twenty-five or thirty thousand feet?" he asked, watching as the man turned to eye him with something close approaching panic and horror as he tried to think of a suitable lie. He appeared to think about it for a moment as he fidgeted with the straps on his backpack.

"T-Thirty thousand, I think. Closer to the top," he lied, looking skyward as if trying to remember before looking between the two of them with an expression that wouldn't have fooled a toddler.

"About a thousand feet above it, actually," Billy corrected, almost gently as he spotted Harry turning to them – Mr Udeski patting a little at the leaves stuck to his skin, only to have his hand firmly slapped by the wildman who didn't even turn to look at him.

"No – No, that's a common mistake!" the small man tried to defend even as Billy sighed heavily.

"There's no such thing Kirby Enterprises, is there?" Alan asked heavily.

He shuffled, chastised and guilty, "It's... Kirby Paint and Tile Plus. The... The plus stands for bathroom fixtures, erm, we're in the West Gate Shopping Centre, Inid Oklahoma," he muttered unhappily.

"I don't suppose that cheque you wrote us is any good?" Billy summed up grumpily, twitching a little when Harry was suddenly there with a wet rag wiping at his bloody arms, he was quick, he would give him that.

"Alright, now, now, listen to me, I'll make it up to you, I'll pay you that money! No matter what!" the older man babbled anxiously as Alan laughed miserably in disbelief.

"This is good. This is good. We're in the worst place in the world and we're not even getting paid," he lamented, turning away – looking to leave, or would have if Harry's hand hadn't shot out and grabbed his shirt.

"Not yet," he stated bluntly. "You're still bleeding."

Alan paused, looking down at the red dotting his forearms. He sighed and unslung his backpack, setting it down and sitting back on a near-by rock.

"When are you going to take us to Eric?" Mrs Kirby demanded tiredly, looking desperately at the young man.

Harry ignored her a moment, carefully applying an odd almost toothpaste blue coloured chalky paste to Billy's cuts, he seemed to be really trying to work it into the flesh before covering it with those oddly soft, fuzzy leaves which were then covered with a second paste, more gooey, and yellow shaded. "Dinosaurs have very good noses, Mrs Kirby," Harry finally explained as he stepped away from Billy and went to Alan, gently taking his hat from his head and setting it into his lap, using a free hand to tilt the man's chin so he could see that head wound properly. "They can smell blood very easily. Not only that, but the humidity means bacteria and germs breed exponentially, making even the smallest of cuts potentially gangrenous without at least a little attention. We will start moving when I'm certain you're all up to it. While you're on the island, you're under my care. You don't know how to survive here. I do," he explained, odd rough intonations smoothing away the longer he spoke into something smooth and – British. His voice was actually... almost melodic when it no longer sounded like gravel scraping across treebark.

The blonde woman subsided obediently into silence, clearly understanding that there would be no moving the young man from his course of action now that he had settled onto something. Alan's wounds were cleaned with a damp cloth, smeared, 'plastered' with a leaf, and then smeared again before they were deemed acceptable.

"Stop fussing. Or it will come off," the dreadlocked man huffed, once again slapping at Udeski's hands before reaching into his bag and pulling a very old, battered map from the depths within.

He spread it out and they could see marks here and there made with pencil. "This is us," he said, pointing to a green space not too far from the airfield. "This is where I've hidden Eric." On the edge of a river by the look of the blue line on the map. "This is raptor territories," he explained, pointing to each of the red outlined areas. "We stay quiet, and we move quick. If I say climb, climb above twelve feet, Raptors jump very high and they are smart. Always hunt in groups, so if you see one, move quickly and towards it, before the two behind and to your left jump. Always choose the enemy you can see and hope you're fast enough to dodge the first attack," he explained grimly before rolling up the map.

But before he could stow it back in his bag, Alan quickly reached for it, "May I take a look?" he asked. Harry shrugged a shoulder and easily handed it over before getting to his feet.

"Let's get moving. You, Mrs Kirby, please stand in the middle of our group," he ordered, pointing to Mr Udeski, "You are the most injured, and she is the only female. You will be targeted on that alone," he explained upon seeing the confusion that twisted their faces a moment.

That was right, this kid didn't even know who half of them were!

"I'm Billy. Billy Brennon. That's Doctor Alan Grant, and he's Mr Udeski," the student told him watching as the boy glanced between them, committing each name and face to memory before nodding.

"Alright, Mr Udeski and Mrs Kirby, please stand in the middle of the group. Mr Brennon could you please bring up the rear, and Doctor Grant, follow closely behind me," the wild man listed before turning and marching off into the trees.


The journey was surprisingly meandering. Harry didn't seem to go in a straight line, instead, moving through the terrain barely disturbing anything as he lead them around bogs they hadn't known were there, patches of nettles and other nasty plants. Every now and again he would stab at something in the undergrowth and Mrs Kirby would turn white as he withdrew a dead snake, or rodent, or even a compy a few times and tuck it into his bag. He also regathered various leaves and berries as he went, stripping twigs and bringing it to his lips to taste before either throwing the whole lot down or tucking it into a bag.

Given the salves he had been using on their wounds, he must have been accomplished in herbalism, or just learned through trial and error.

The Kirbys' had yet to stop arguing, even Mr Udeski seemed to have grown fed up with them, muttering to Billy as he passed that if they had to split up, he was sticking with him and Alan instead of the husband and wife duo. In the end, Harry abruptly vanished, only to drop down out of the trees directly in front of the two with a hissing snarl that had Mrs Kirby shrieking and falling backwards. Harry treated them to his best glare and reminded them that they needed to be quiet, that meant no arguing, please and thank you, before returning to the front of the group, nodding when he caught Alan's grin of appreciation as he passed.

It wasn't long though, before they reached another clearing and Harry suddenly stopped dead, his eyes widening with a mutter of, "I had forgotten..." under his breath as Mrs Kirby gasped and promptly sprinted past them all into the clearing where a somewhat sorry looking para-sail could be seen caught on the trees overhead, Mr Kirby not far behind.

"This is where you found them?" Alan asked, glancing back to Harry who was hovering at the edge of the clearing, trying not disturb the Kirbys' as they found that red life-jacket that he had first found Eric wearing.

Harry nodded, "This is Sail-Fin's territory. We didn't come back," he admitted uncomfortably even everyone turned, and then began to cluster around a camcorder displaying the day that Eric came into Harry's life. It was horrible, yes, and for a moment he felt a little shamed of himself, but Harry was somewhat grateful that it had happened. He was a little sad that such a nice, seemingly fun loving man like Ben didn't survive, but that was just the way of the world, something had probably come along and used his body for food so that it could live another day. And when his time came, the same would happen to him. That was the world that he, now they, lived in now.

"Can you fly one of these things?" Alan asked Billy, eyeing the para-sail still hooked into the trees.

Billy's eyes skimmed the fabric, "Mmmm, maybe. If the sail's not torn," he muttered.

"Well, let's take it with us," Alan decided, beginning to pull at the fabric, jerking it a little to get it unhooked from the branches, "If we spot a plane it might be a good way of getting attention," he said as Billy came to his side and started to help.

With the sound of breaking twigs and branches, the sail came loose and Mrs Kirby suddenly started screaming, causing Harry to yank a blade from his waist and whirl around, crouching on the floor ready for an attack.

The smell hit them before they saw what it was. Rotting meat. Putrid pork and sewage.

Screaming filled the air as the woman whirled and flailed, shrieking as she tried to untangle herself from the mess of cords, rotting flesh, and decomposed fabric that made up the body of her late Boyfriend Ben Hildebrand.

Harry huffed in annoyance, sheathing the blade as he marched over and seized the flailing shrieking woman by the shoulder and pushed her down, casually looping the cords that she had tangled herself in over her head – freed, the woman shuddered with a moaning whimper as she tried to wipe the rot from her body and promptly turned, running away. Harry growled as the stupid woman left, making a great deal of damn noise as she did so.

Did he not tell her this was raptor territory?!

"Get her back, Mr Kirby!" Alan called, pointing after her. Harry watched with gimlet eyes as the husband chased after her and sniffed in annoyance. Why Eric seemed to think so highly of the woman, Harry would never know. Though he supposed he could put that down to a child thing, most children thought very highly of their mothers – Harry certainly did.

"Harry, think you can get up that tree and help us unhook this?" Alan asked, turning to him and gesturing at the para-sail. The wildman gave him a look, then the tree and the way thesail was hooked on before nodding and jumping up – grasping the branches overhead and easily hauling himself up. Billy tried not to be envious, but he had never had that kind of effortless strength. Ten minutes later saw them with the sail on the floor, Ben's body set to one side, and both Alan and Billy in the process of rolling up the sail when Mr Kirby's voice floated over to them from in the distance.

"Doctor Grant? You should come take a look at this!" the man's voice told them.

Harry growled, "Can we not leave them alone for ten minutes?" he hissed before gesturing at the older two, "Go. I will stay with Billy." He didn't like it, especially because predators would rather go for a large group than a small one (better the chance of catching prey in a herd), but this was raptor territory, they were more comfortable going for a single prey than for a large group.

"Where were you before you ended up here?" Billy asked as they worked.

Harry rolled a shoulder, "I went to a boarding school in Scotland for the Gifted," he explained, "A classmate and I were abducted during a sporting event by a terrorist. I don't know what happened to him, but we both ended up here – only he didn't survive the journey." That was just one more thing that both he and Eric had in common.

"And no one knew where you two were?" he asked curious as they started to stuff the sail into his bag.

Harry shrugged a shoulder, "No. We'd never even heard of Jurassic Park before we landed on it," he admitted as the two of them started to walk to where the rest of the group were. "I doubt anyone has even the faintest idea of where we are..." he trailed off, freezing when he saw just where the Kirbys' had brought them.

Pearl's nest.

And it looked like her daughters had been fortuitous as well. Six sets of eggs. Shiny and hard.

"We have to go," he told them quietly before speeding right around them, skirting the egg sites at as much of a distance as he could. Steel had pitched a fit when she saw him near her eggs, stands to reason Pearl would have the same reaction. Raptors were surprisingly parental, more so than he would have guessed before, being reptiles. Pearl and her pack were the reason why he avoided this area, and this wasn't where she had nested before. This was bad, this was very very bad. He had a hard enough time warding them away from Eric, never mind the rest of the group with Mrs Kirby being so brightly coloured, Mr Udeski not only being the smallest but also the most injured of them, and then there was Alan who was the oldest. Any of the three, four including Eric, would be prime targets for the opportunistic hunters. Harry ignored the Kirbys' talking about Eric, or rather, Mr Kirby trying to reassure his ex-wife about their son's resourcefulness. He had to agree on that front, even if Harry hadn't been present, with a little luck, he just might have managed to survive here, he had a different knowledge set compared to him, one that meant what was left behind by InGen would have held him over quite nicely. If the facility hadn't been there, well, his chances looked a hell of a lot more grim.

"Where's Billy?" Alan blurted from behind them, Harry froze, whipping around at his question as the older man began to head back. Harry hadn't heard any thing. Not even the thud of heavy footfalls. He hadn't seen motion either. The sight of the curly haired man had the wildman relaxing, not attacked then. "Where were you?" Alan demanded in relief.

"I was photographing the nest," he assured the older man.

Alan shook his head, smiling wryly, "Don't do that again."

"Sorry," Billy laughed.

"If I lose you, it's just me and the damn tourists. And Harry," Alan scolded him.


"Well, why don't we cut through?" Mrs Kirby demanded shortly, folding her arms and stopping in the middle of the clearing, scowling at the barbarian who had been leading them to her baby – who was now insisting on taking the long way around! Eric was out there all alone, without her, without Ben or Paul! He was out there. Alone. With those Monsters surrounding him.

The dreadlocked man shifted uncomfortably, he clearly couldn't come up with a good answer for why they shouldn't go in, but the looks he was giving the facility alone more than made his feelings clear. It disturbed him, and he didn't want to go in there, too scared. Though why, none of them could guess.

"It'll be twice as fast as going around and the big dinosaurs won't be able to follow us inside, will they? It's too small for them!" she pointed out triumphantly. "Plus, we might be able to use the phones or something if anything's still working."

Harry shifted unhappily, "You... have good points," he acknowledged hesitantly. He couldn't explain it properly. Inherently, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the facility aside from the fact that it was too small. Too small and yet too open. He wouldn't be able to observe his surroundings, wouldn't be able to climb out of reach or escape in whatever direction suited him. And she was right about Sail-Fin and Rex being unable to reach them within the building. The place just... His magic churned uncomfortably inside of him, the whole place yet felt... wrong.

But Mrs Kirby also had a point. For them, it was the most defensive position. All they had to worry about were the smaller predators, such as compys' or those species the size of a raptor or smaller, not many of which were a threat during the day. White Eyes may be a problem, but he had every intention of getting his people into the canopy or into the water truck before nightfall.

"Alright, let's go," he muttered, stalking toward the facility while Amanda Kirby shot her disapproving husband a triumphant glance, hurrying after him almost immediately. The sooner they got to her baby, the happier she would be.


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