1: France cannot burn toast. He's tried with a lighter, but didn't manage it.

2: China really doesn't like My Little Pony.

3: England will never admit defeat in a game of Hangman.

4: Hong Kong is a fan of Panic at the Disco.

5: Canada has an allergy to peanut butter.

6: America is rubbish at Dragon Quest.

7: Scotland can drink everything but white wine and hold it, but that drink made him throw up.

8: Japan once tried to make cucumber flavoured scones when he was drunk. This is why he doesn't drink much, because the memory of food poisoning sticks.

9: Prussia once woke up tied to the top of the Empire State Building.

10: Hungary buys frying pans from Sweden every time she wears one out. Only those two know about the arrangement.

11: Poland does actually buy half his clothes from France.

12: Denmark never wakes up without a hangover. He's good at hiding headache pain.

13: Sweden is not a cat person. He doesn't really go to Greece all that much.

14: Iceland hates red liquorice because it tastes wrong.

15: England is a fan of Elton John.

16: Belarus likes One Direction, but not as much as she likes Russia.

17: Latvia is addicted to Charmed, the TV show.

18: Germany has a plush toy of Squirtle from Japan. He actually kept it.

19: Romano is always tripping over his tomato plants. He still loves them…

20: Austria is actually good at playing the drums but he never does practice, simply because he prefers piano.

21: Estonia reads fanfiction because he thinks it shows people's emotions.

22: Romania hates Twilight because he likes the character of Cedric Diggory

23: Switzerland was Poland's secret Santa last year. He had to get Liechtenstein to help him pick out the present.

24: Lithuania takes care of the sunflowers for Russia because he truly likes gardening.

25: Greece can play the violin, but only cat songs. Like Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from the Aristocats.

26: Turkey is actually friends with Seychelles. She teaches him to fish with a spear sometimes.

27: China has never seen Howl's Moving Castle. He wants to, though.

28: Japan has a slight crush on Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean

29: Spain doesn't like artichokes as much as he used to after England cooked his entire supply into soup and forced him to eat it.

30: Finland thinks of Norway as his big brother… even though he never says anything about it.