AN: This is actually my own version of my challenge Consequences of Contempt. Hope you like it.

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Tony slowly eased forward as he entered the warehouse that he believed the serial killer they were after was at. Seeing no one yet he spoke quietly into his headset, "Ziva McGee, Status update?"

Tony frowned when he received no reply, "Tim Ziva, what's your status?"

A lump formed in his throat at the fact that there wasn't even static on the other side. That could only happen if the headsets were off or broken. Lips pinched and heart racing Tony turned to Agent Lee. Nodding his head to her they quietly left the building and went to the back were Ziva and McGee were supposed to have entered. Seeing no one he picked up his cell and called Marks SFA, Simon.

"Hey Simon this is Tony. I need you to send backup for us to Howen Warehouse 22 quickly. Ziva and Tim have disappeared." Tony spoke hushed.

"What do you mean they just walked in? They left during -" Tony felt sudden pain at the back of his head and then everything went black.

Simon rubbed his temple as he finished another request form. Looking at his still full stack he idly wondered if it was somehow breeding. Standing up his attention was drawn to Agent David and McGee as they entered bickering. Shaking his head in disgust at the two spoiled agents who had been getting away with insubordination among other things against Tony. He was about to go get a cup of water when his cell rung.

"Hello? I'll send backup but you should know that your two agents just walked in," Simon glared at the two bastards. Jesus why weren't the two fired yet? Who was protecting them?

Suddenly he heard a grunt, "Tony. Tony! Tony are you there?! Answer me dammit!"

"Hello Agent Simon. I'm what you are calling the Navy Chopper. Since the agents right here aren't what I usually kill; we're going to play a little game. Just a little advice. You might want to keep checking your cell." Simon paled as he grasped the situation. Tony and his team went to investigate something about their serial killer. David and McGee left them mid search or something and now Tony and his probie were in the hands of the sicko himself.

Suddenly it was like he snapped. Before he knew it he had hit McGee in the jaw and was being pulled off. The Director was standing before him looking livid, "You have five minutes to explain your actions Agent Walter before I fire your ass."

Simon answered through clenched teeth, "The fuckers left Tony and Lee during an investigation on their serial killer. He has them. The Navy Chopper fucking has them! Let me go! They need someone to knock some fucking sense into them!"

Everyone looked around shocked while the Director herself look horrified and as if she needed to sit down. Then pandemonium erupted and everyone was shouting at the two agents and some even looked like they were going to take a swing themselves.