Simon felt like bulldozing past the agents guarding McGee and David and giving them a good thrashing. Ignoring what was happening on the feed he continued trying to see if he could figure out what Dinozzo found out. So far all he was finding was further evidence of David's and McGee's immature behavior. Dinozzo was doing his the SFA paperwork. Not only that he was redoing their reports because it seems that suddenly they couldn't remember how to do it. Jolie had gone into rant a thirty minutes ago about how according to dumb and dumber's logs they hadn't even been going to work full time. Susan from accounting had then informed them that they were all receiving pay for time they weren't even here for. Simon had smirked a little when Lead Agent Michael Borris, a legend in his own right with cold cases, had stormed into the Director's office to have 'a little talk'. While no one could hear the words everyone could make out murmurs of his raised booming voice. Rumor around the office was that IA was being called on the Director and the two stooges. While IA agent gave him the chills he along with everybody else was salivating at the thought of IA getting there claws into the She-Bitch. Quite frankly she hadn't endured herself to anybody and NCIS had been going downhill in her reign.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts he decided to just start over with the case as he couldn't find Tony's reports through all the extra paperwork on his desk. Looking through the file he went to autopsy to ask for more information about the bodies. Mark was already going through the evidence and other material on the case trying to make a profile and for now he thought it was best for the rest of them to continue sorting.

"You mind explaining why you're paying agents for hours they are not working, Director?" Michael spoke his velvet tone filled with hidden danger if she gave a wrong answer.

Director Sheppard gave him an unimpressed look as she replied, "I'm sorry I was so busy doing my job that I must have missed my secretary announcing you want of a meeting. Surely someone of your ranking would never storm into a superior's office and make demands they aren't entitled to?"

"Cut the crap, Director. You paying money for unworked hours could be twisted by some prosecutors as embezzlement and it is in my power to investigate as a Senior Team Leader. You would remember well that Gibbs isn't the only one with that power. Not to mention the population would not be happy at their tax dollar being mishandled. So explain or I will skip giving you the privilege of hearing your side and I'll call the SecNav and IA myself to investigate you." Michael's was nearly hissing as he spoke. His amber eyes could have melted glaciers. He was done putting up with her dragging NCIS through the dirt and as far as he was concerned Dinozzo getting kidnapped was as much as her fault as the two backstabbers.

Sheppard looked shocked for a second before she seemed to stare unseeing, "I didn't want to draw attention to them. I thought that they would clean up their act and accept Dinozzo as a capable leader. I was wrong and two agents are paying the price for it."

"So let me get this straight. Instead of protecting an agent who was doing their job you protected the other two who were acting like children throwing tantrums. What behavior did you want his probie to learn? That it's okay to be insubordinate? That you can laze about and get paid? That victims and team mates don't matter if you don't get your way?" Michael felt absolutely no pity for the woman. She had a duty to this agency and so far he hadn't seen her do it. Now because of her favoritism and inaction Dinozzo and his Probie Lee might end up being collateral.

"Hey guys I finally got past Lee's firewall. She has here reports on the case here. Maybe it'll have something," Jolie shouted excited.

Mark turned to her, "Are you close to getting past Dinozzo's firewall yet?"

Jolie shook her head, "He's got top grade. I have to figure out his password and so far I got nothing." Looking through the reports she smiled as it was filled with comments Tony's made about the case. It seemed almost like the girl had a bit of hero worshiping going on. This was probably more of a journal that she then edited to turn into reports."

"What can I do for you Simon?" Dr. Mallard asked.

Simon was confused. Wasn't it kind of obvious? Then it clicked that the Doctor probably didn't know what had happened. Shaking himself out of his thoughts he asked, "Do you know what happened to Tony?"

"No I haven't heard a thing about young Anthony. Is he okay? Not another concussion I hope? Please tell me it's not his lungs?" The Scottish talkative man was now staring searchingly at him.

Simon sighed running a hand through his auburn locks," McGee and David left him during a bust on their killer. Tony and Michelle got kidnapped. There on the screen upstairs. The killer is streaming the video.:

"I see. I take it your here to take over the investigation and find them?" The medical examiner's face was like stone and voice emotionless. Though Simon could see the worry and anger in his eyes.

Seeing Simon nod Dr. Mallard continued, "I'll be glad to help in any way I can. All of them were starved for a week and received a moderate amount of water. They showed evidence of sleep deprivation. Most likely the killer played loud noises to keep them from being able to sleep. Then their limbs were stretched until dislocation and received varying numbers of lashes. He then at some time would strangle them and revive them. Eventually they died of this and he would chop off their head and limbs off. He shipped the head to the family and the rest to their Naval Base. I sent Jimmy to get the poor soul. I'm sure he'll tell me anything else. Don't worry about me and go find them."

Simon nodded and exited through the doors almost to be run over by Palmer coming in with Morris's body. Nodding to the harried man he moved around him.