The Phantom and Red Death

Ch. 0 Punishment

Grell was battered, beaten and worse for wear. No one had had given him much a thought. The only one there was Ronald Knox, his one true friend. This was the welcome he got from being dragged in by his hair by lovely William T. Spears. He sat in his cell and no one had a kind word to say to him. William with his cold domineer didn't join in but he also did nothing to stop it either.

Grell sat waiting for judgment which when William returned he did not look happy. "Well Mr. A average it looks as if you just got your self expelled and exiled indefinitely." To make his point clearer he showed Grell the orders. He bit back tears. His glasses would be collected and destroyed as would his death scythe. He readily surrendered his glasses His vision was burly. William entered the cell took a hold of Grell and then phased out of there.

Grell looked around half blind. William took some pity and handed him a pair of mortal glasses equal to the strength of his reaper specs. Grell put them on. He watched as William removed the cuffs. He said "Your in Paris France in 1919. You are to have no contact with any super natural being, Reaper Demon or Angel. Good Luck and try not to do anything that will get me on your ass got it?" Grell only nodded.

Soon William left and Grell was alone. He saw he was in a grave yard. He saw a grave that got his attention. It read:

Here lies Christen Daae

Vicomtess of Chagny

Beloved wife and mother

Died 1917 aged 63 years

At the grave lay a music box in the shape of a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals. There also lay a red rose with a black ribbon tied around it with a diamond ring attached to it. He senesced a shadow behind him then his world went black.