Ch. 6 MIA

Though they had been in the army a short time they rose through ranks quickly. Grell had obtained the highest rank possible of General of the Army. Erik rose to the rank of General. They both were pleased although Grell's mind wandered to William who was all but a ghost of his past. He recalled a happy moment with Will. On the day of their graduation from the academy on to full fledged reapers.

Grell shook his head. *It's his loss that he's not here beside me.* They had been in Pairs France when Grell felt someone guiding him and guarding him…but it was not Madame Red, it was someone he didn't know. He and his troop split off from Erik's as planed to head north into Germany. As he parted ways from Erik he left him with a kiss and his red striped ribbon. Erik tied it around the barrel of his rifle and hugged his lover one last time before leaving.

Four days later they got reports that the 177th regiment was MIA completely. Erik worried for that was Grell's regiment. Erik clutched his rifle and summoned his Punjab Lasso noose. "Those dammed Nazi's will pay for what they did." Erik hissed in anger and then sang "Down once more to the dungeons of black despair down we plunge toward the prison of my mind down that path into darkness deep as hell!" as if in answer to a privet's question from earlier he sang "Why you asked was I bound and changed in that cold and dismay place not for any mortal sin but the wickedness of my aborit face."

He turned a heel and all of a sudden he cried "The Phantom of the Opera is back." and as if in response the enemy troops that were trying to sneak up on them turned a heel to run only to be cut down. Erik took hold of one Nazi and asked in German where the P.O.W's were kept but he said nothing but a word...Erik could have sworn he heard Hydra. What could of it meant?

They were soon met by S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain Steve Rodgers. The 67th regiment was now under Captain Rodgers' command as they were to track down Hydra. So he heard right...this just got a hell of a lot more interesting.