Act 1

The Collision of Snow and Night

Snow is white and black is the night, each different, yet so alike


Glistening white snow fell upon the earth. Snowflakes danced and twirled on the icy wind, each unlike, yet so comparable. The boy conveniently dubbed 'Red', held up a slightly blue and quivering hand upwards towards the spectacle above him. A single white snowflake landed upon his palm, the boy gently brought it closer to his slivery-blue eyes. When he peered closely, he could just make out the intricate patterns of crystal that formed the snowflake. It was somewhat hard to fathom that ice could we woven into such complex designs, each one unique and irreplaceable.

Such a thing could only be the work of God, Red assumed.

But then, why would God let something so beautiful melt the instant it finally reached earth? To that, Red had no answer.

Snowflakes were like humans, individual but similar. Each one interacting with one another in an elaborate dance, every snowflake had its place. But what if say, a red snowflake were to fall from the sky; where would it fit? Most would think it to be cherished, admired for its rarity and splendor. Red thought differently, in the world of snow that might be, but humans were not the pure snow that drifted from the heavens. Infants are pure at birth, but because they are fundamentally human, that child is easily susceptible to the evils of the world. Eventually they become corrupt like the rest of humanity, jealous, spiteful, eschew of anything different.

He watched the snowflake melt on his hand.

Red had experienced the scorn of humans firsthand; because of his disfigured arm, he had been shunned and labelled a monster, not human. After all the years of disdain, he was starting to believe it.

Sighing, Red shoved his one usable hand in his fraying pocket, trying to regain warmth in his fingers before they developed frostbite. In the end it was a futile endeavour as the material of his pants were so worn they let out all the heat anyway.

Red sighed again, picking up the shovel awkwardly with his numb hand; he apathetically trudged through the recently snow-cleared area to the next snow-covered spot.

Even with his handicap, Red had figured out ways of adapting; so shovelling snow was no impossible task, although it was no walk in the park either.

A quiet whimpering noise interrupted Red's concentration. Looking up, he glanced around; the source of the noise seemed to be coming from a man sitting in the snow. Normally Red would have overlooked the man without a second glance, but unfortunately he seemed to be right in the very site Red was going to clear snow next. Muttering profanities under his breath, Red made his way over to the man, shovel dragging in the snow.

"Sir, ya gonna need to move." Stated Red cantankerously.

The man looked up; two puffy tear-streaked eyes peered out from under a ridiculously large top-hat. Red was slightly startled by the sight of a fully grown man crying.

"Ahh, Sir? Why are you cryin'?" Asked Red, generally curious but befuddled at the same time.

The man rapidly blinked, eyes focusing on the scruffy waif with the reddish hair.

"…Oh…It seems I have lost something precious to me." The man said, wiping the tears from his eyes. Red was confused at this; what possession could possibly be so valuable that it would have a man in tears if he lost it? Jewels, gold…a pet maybe? Red felt like cussing; obviously this man wasn't going to move anytime soon.

He knew that the best way to get a crying child to stop was to console them and give a hopeful solution to whatever was ailing them. Although he wasn't sure how effective it would be on an adult, Red figured it was worth a try if it got the man to move.

"Have ya tried lookin' for it?" He asked, clearly stating the obvious.

"Yes. But he's nowhere to be found, it's hopeless…" The Man said dejectedly. Hunching over in the snow like a sulking child, he crossed his arms and pouted. Red once again blinked, the man had gone from crying to sulking in a matter of seconds, he had only thought spoilt little brats—like the ones that came with their posh parents to the circus— could change moods so quickly. Either this man really was a child, or he was quite clearly mad; Red was inclined to believe the latter. Well one option down, give helpful—but not necessarily true—advice was next on the agenda; if that didn't work…well he couldn't exactly force the man to move and if Cosimo saw that he hadn't finished… Red shuddered; he didn't even want to think about what that devil in clown's clothing would do to him. He'd have to change his name from 'Red' to Blue.

"Ya know, it doesn' matter how lost somthin' is it always turns up eventually. 'Everthin' that is lost can always be found'." Red quoted. The man stiffened upon hearing these words. He sharply turned his dark blue—almost indigo—eyes to Red, the boy felt as if the man was quite literally staring into his soul.

"Lost and found…" The man murmured, cocking his head to the side. "Yes, I'm an idiot. What is lost can always be found. How could I have forgotten about the next incarnation?"

Red once again became confused by the man's choice of words, incarnation? What the heck was that?

The finely dressed man rose from his position in the snow, towering over the waif.

"How does one so young as yourself have such words of wisdom?" Queried the man. Red snorted, seven wasn't that young.

"When ya live round here ya have to learn quickly or die, specially' with a handicap." His left hand twitched slightly.

"Handicap? If you have an impairment then why are you shovelling snow? Where are your parents? A child shouldn't be out the cold alone, especially dressed in rags." The man said in a concerned voice. Stupid Noble was as thick as bricks; couldn't he see that Red was a stray?

"I don't av' any parents, they abandoned me the first chance they got." Red Muttered bitterly.

The man looked taken back by this. "You were abandoned?"

Red's grip tightened on the shovel making his knuckles go white.

"Why wou—"

"STOP IT!" Red shrieked, shaking in anger. "Stop pretendin' ya care! J-Just go away! Once ya see my arm like everyone else you'll call me a monster! So go away!"

The man didn't get angry like Red expected, nor did he go away. He simply stood there a sad look on his face.

"May I please see your arm?" The man asked politely. Red was left completely speechless, but none the less nodded his head. The man reached down and gently took Red's gloved left hand. Red turned away, not daring to look, he felt the mitten slide off his hand, Red squeezed his eyes shut in preparation for the shouts of anger, they never came.

"You poor child, I truly pity you. Curse the detestable God who burdened you so." The man spoke softly. "Child tell me your name."

His name? No one had ever asked for his name before. He didn't even have a name, only a label given to him for the sheer use of convenience. Red, the colour of his arm and the colour of his hair, very appropriate one would think. Red, it may not have been his, but it was the only one he'd ever known.

"I don't av' a name… but ya can call me Red."

"Red." The man repeated. "Well then Red, I am the Earl of Millennium, but you may call me the Earl." The Earl bent down to Red's eye level.

"You see, I am searching for someone and I think you may be able to help me. How would you like to come with me and become part of my family?"

Red didn't know what to say, he was…he was seriously creeped out.

"No." Red deadpanned. The Earl's face drooped, appearing to go back into a childish pout.

"Oh. Well then I guess I'll be off, it was a pleasure Red, Thank you." The Earl said disappointedly walking off. "Till next time."

Red sighed, well at least now he could get back to sh—

"Brat! Where the hell are you! This path isn't clear!" Came the voice of the devil clown himself: Cosimo. Red froze up, the word blue flashed through his head. Taking a quick glance behind him he saw the Earl still walking off. Now that he thought about it, the Earl's offer sounded pretty good. Dropping the shovel, Red made a frantic dash towards the Earl. Grabbing the back of his coat tails, Red added rather breathlessly, "I…huha, changed my… mind. I'll come—ha with you."

The Earl of Millennium had a smirk upon his face, it as if he knew that this would be the outcome all along.

"Oh of course, my boy. This is excellent news, come now." The Earl held out a gloved hand for the boy. Red's outstretched hand hesitated; he could feel it, the weight behind this decision. It was as if two large fates were colliding, as if he was standing at a crossroad, each path representing a world changing destiny. And all it took was for Red to take the hand and go or reject it. To reject it meant to go back to shoveling snow and getting beat up by Cosimo for who knows how long. Taking it meant a family and a fate ultimately unknown; either way, there was no way he could ever go back after this.

Red took the Earl's hand.

"Good boy. Now let's go forth and meet your new family." The Earl led Red forward towards his new life.

Little did he know that this one choice would completely change the course of history itself and ultimately lead to the rebirth of the 14th himself.

A/N: So yes I did start another story but I couldn't help it, I just liked the idea of Allen Joining the Earl, but not as a Noah or Exorcist. In this case Allen will from now on be "Red". I wonder how the Earl will cope with the 14th right under his nose without him even knowing?

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