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Act 9—Interlude

A different perspective

The perspective of one is as good as none

Clause 1

(Innocence and Ignorance)

There weren't many things that could surprise him.

In his relatively long life he had seen and experienced more than the average man ever would, had his fair share of surprises as well, but this, this just took the cake. How could three fully able men loose a seven year old child? He had handpicked them himself, checked, double checked, and then triple checked that they were competent enough to discreetly watch over the boy. But no, the child had vanished without a trace one snowy evening, more than a week ago. The age old saying 'if you want something done right, then do it yourself' was clearly the universe's way of saying, Karma's a bitch. Really he should never have relied on the Order; they had a tendency to be more trouble than they were worth.

'Reliable employees' pft, as if; well, he could be counted among those, considering his lacking work ethic—the pile of reports to hand in was slowly becoming a civilization all on its own—and his habit of disappearing for moths at a time.

The man sighed, completely blocking out the droning he was supposed to be listening to. His thoughts returned to the red haired child he had met twice now.

The first time had been nothing but a mere glimpse—a flash of hair similar to his own, and a hint of silver-blue eyes—he hadn't realised until it was too late, how familiar the child looked, by then he had already disappeared in amongst the crowds of people. The second time had been by sheer coincidence. He had been assigned a mission near a travelling circus; out of no-where the boy had run into him, carrying stacks of circus flyers. To say the least, he was not impressed—about to yell at the child for his carelessness had stopped, coming face to face with a pair of cold silver-blue eyes. Before he could even react, the boy had quickly apologized and run off. The man had almost gone into a state of shock.

It just isn't possible, he's dead, that man had been gone for almost thirty years. No. He was just a bratty child. He had thought to himself. Soon after, he had sent three men to watch the child's movements. He had been hopeful but as he had expected, the boy was just like any other street urchin—completely doleful and totally mundane, just like so many others.

And then the child disappeared, once again making him doubt his earlier judgement. Somehow he knew that the Noah Family was somehow involved in this—one way or another…


Hmm, that didn't surprise him.

"General Cross."

That fat bastard had been quiet lately…

"General Cross! We are in the middle of an important meeting! Please pay attention!" Snapped the Head Inspector, Malcom C. Leverrier.

Cross sighed, Leverrier—or as he liked to call him, Ass-face, complementary to his seemingly permanent screwed up facial expression—was exceedingly difficult to ignore. With good reason too. Could anyone really wonder why he avoided this place?

"Important meeting. Right got it. Please do continue." He replied dryly, smirking at Leverrier's expression.

"As I was saying, the Millennium Earl has been inactive as of late, he nor any member of the Noah family has been sighted in the last one and a half weeks. And before this, Akuma sightings and attacks have dropped by more than triple. Something has the Millennium Earl distracted. Is there any suggestions as to what?"

"He could be gathering his forces, or amassing an army." Suggested a man.

"Unlikely, the Millennium Earl has never been one to simply stop. He has obviously suffered some kind of loss." Another man responded.

"You're both wrong. I'd say depression or insomnia is most likely." Supplied Cross, picking at his teeth idly.

"Depression and insomnia requires human sentiments, General. The Noah possess no such thing, especially a man such as the Earl. Quite evidently your thinking process is flawed." Said a Science section worker quite matter-of-factly.

Cross rolled his eyes; apparently he had the great displeasure of meeting one of the ignorant ones.

"Are stupid or just retarded? Obviously your logic is flawed to think that the Noah are just cold emotionless killing machines—which they are—but there is a lot more to the Earl and his family than one would think. Reasoning like that is what gets you killed."

"General Cross, the Science Division has run many tests we are cer—"

"You idiot." Cross stated bluntly.

The woman blanched. "Excuse me?!"

"Aside from the other Generals, how many of you have actually been on the front lines? Tests and theories will only get you so far, you haven't seen what it's really like. Don't be so ignorant as to think the Enemy is less than us, doing something like that is the first thing to get you killed in a battle. Never underestimate the Millennium Earl or his allies; they are far more resourceful than us." Growled Cross, glaring at the woman.

"Enough Cross, you have made your point. Leave the poor woman alone…The fact still stands; we must take advantage of this opportunity the Millennium Earl has left us. Chances like this rarely come around. While the enemy is in recession we must build our forces as quickly as possible. By first light tomorrow, I want the search for innocence doubled, and all new recruits training tripled. Do you understand?" Said Leverrier, glancing around him.

"Yes sir!" Everyone responded, rushing to carry out the Head Inspector's orders.

Cross just watched, shaking his head sadly. These fools were following an idiot to their deaths. They had no idea that Central was even worse in some ways than the Earl, at least he could be reasoned with. Central, they just wanted an all-out blood bath, or at least that's what they were headed to if they continued to meddle with things that weren't theirs. The Second Exorcist program was testament to this, it was bound to fail; testing children would only go so far. If this continued then the Earl would catch wind of them—he'd been pretty lax in the last fifteen years or so—it was only a matter of time. Sooner or later one of the Black Order was going to mess with the Earl's family, and oh God, if that happened then there would be nowhere to hide, the entire Order would be wiped out in one fell swoop from the Earl's wrath.

Because if there was one thing the Earl never tolerated, it was a threat to his family. He would literally die for them, just as they would do the same. His family was his world, his everything. Once you were in the Millennium Earl's grasp, he would never let go. God help the poor soul that should ever run from him or his family, because they would never relent until you were safely in their embrace—or fist—again.

He had seen the consequences of such a thing firsthand. It wasn't pretty.

The last one had been the Earl's very own brother.

Clause 2

(Watch and Wait)

. . . . .





Why wouldn't he answer?

He called and called and called. Hoping, begging to be answered.

No, he never was.

The little child never heard him, ignored him even when he called at the top of his lungs.

He was frustrated.

Although sometimes the boy would call back, he never seemed to listen.

Not at all.

He was sick of it, being nowhere, yet everywhere at once.

He couldn't reach out.

He could not see, yet he could.

He could not hear, yet he could.

And he could not speak, yet he did.

He hated it!

"Please, listen…" He said half-heartedly, not really expecting an answer.

That is when he felt a tug, a rough pull. It was wrenching at all sides, dragging him back together.


God it was painful. But it was something, not the limbo he was stuck in, different, and that was good.

But none the less, extremely painful. Like getting squeezed through a tube the size of a needle eye.

He could feel now:

His torso, it was on fire

Arms and legs, burning.

His fingers and toes still numb.

But still, he was almost there again.

He could see! Although it was hazy. And he could hear, but only muffled.

More pain.


It stopped, taking the fire and pain with it.

No. It couldn't leave!


He ran, for the first time in so long, ran as fast as he could.

"Please! Don't go! You're not done!"

It wasn't, he was a being between nothing and something.

A shadow.

A mere shadow of himself.


A blurry stark white moon shone eerily above him, an almost reflective surface between it and himself.

Two white orbs reflected back at him.

Yes, he was still here, that was better than nothing.

An eerie smile crept across his shadowy face.


A shadow, but still here.

He was no longer, nothing.

. . . . .

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