NPU4: Battle of the Labyrinth

Chapter 1

Not Just High School Evil

Been awhile, eh? I know, I have been doing…other things like reading other stories, the local festival with garage sales, watching bits of other anime, new video games, and trying to return to this story to see where I left off.

Well, I am back! And will going back to the original way I did this since last time there was not many songs….and there still won't be. I am really doing them for the girls. Silena and Zoe have yet to do one and I have picked some good ones.


Camp Half-Blood. It is a safe haven for those that are not quite human. They are something more. They are half human, half god, otherwise known as Demi-gods. Many are probably wonder why these Demi-gods would have to hide there.

Well, they are hiding from monsters of Greek Mythology. They hide there while they train to eventually protect their new found home or they go out in the world to live their lives. However, most of the human population doesn't know about their people or the dangers they have to face every day of their lives. They are blinded by the Mist that protects that world from knowing that creatures of old still live.

And it is better that way.

Right now, one of the more well-known campers was on the roof of the Big House, looking at the night sky with a peace look on his face. In his arms was Zoe Nightshade, one of his girlfriends. Now many would think that statement is a bit weird and he was one of those guys that chronically cheated on his girlfriend, but that far from the truth.

The truth is, he is a rare Demi-god. A son of the Big Three due to his parent, most would think that would make his like his older siblings of the past. A very dark person. Again that is not the case. He is not just the Son of Hades, God of the Underworld. His blood is combined with that of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Nyx, the Primordial Goddess of the Night. Plus, he was claimed by Hera, Queen of the Gods of Olympus, making him further protected from Hades' dark blood, as some would call it.

All that and more had molded Naruto into that man he is today, a caring man that looks lout for his friends and family no matter what. A stark contrast to his many siblings of the past who have taken the path of darkness.

But there is a reason that darkness exists. Being in the underworld for so long has sparked it and what fueled it was the constant death and torture of wicked souls within the underworld. It has all seeped into Hades' very being and then passed on to his many children. But it is not truly his fault. He is just a victim of circumstance. Thankfully with the addition to his family in the form of his second wife and his life in the Elemental Countries, he has lightened up considerably.

But back to Naruto, his mixed blood has given him a chance in this world and with his uniqueness, blood and personality alike, it has made him desirable to some women. Normally one would not be able to handle this, but with each individual interaction with these girls, they have each fallen for him and with some reluctance for some, have agreed to share him.

In this case with Zoe, he had respected her as a woman and proved to her that he was a worthy human being that she could grow to love. The ex-hunter who once fell for the legend that is Hercules and then got her heart broken by the same man, had fallen for a man who was better that Herc the Jerk in her eyes. He was everything she wanted and despite being able to defend herself, he made her feel safe. He made her happy.

Zoe leaned back into his chest with a happy smile. Yes, he made her happy and loved and that's was all she ever wanted when she was with him. Back during her hunter days, she had felt a void that neither her sister hunters nor Artemis herself could fill. The problem was that she had tasted love once with Hercules and when he left, it hurt. It hurt so much that she threw herself at Artemis and became a hunter to try and fill the void, but once one has tasted love they are forever bound by it. Such is life.

Looking at the sky, they were treated to a rarity in the night sky. A supermoon. To the mythical world, it was a sign that Artemis was at her strongest. To the rest of the world, it was explained with science that the moon was on its closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. Whatever the case, it was beautiful and it proved to be a romantic sight for the two love birds.

Naruto was happy as well. Even if he had things to do tomorrow, like go with Percy to check out the open house at Goode High School tomorrow and then meet up with Annabeth. He just wanted to enjoy his time with Zoe for a little while longer like he did with Silena earlier that day.

Zoe also felt a bit odd at the moment. She was extremely happy and that was good, but there was a certain urge in her as well. Thalia and Clarisse had both warned her off it since Naruto did it a lot due to his fascination with Disney movies. Oh well, it can't be helped and she liked everything about Naruto, even his oddities. If she had to sing, so be it. She had a great voice and she often sang with her follow hunters, so why not.

With her smile growing as she looked at the moon, which was larger and brighter now, she felt like she could touch it. She also saw a multitude of stars in the night sky and that made her want to sing even more. So closing her eyes for the moment, she began her song.

"All those days watching from the windows, All those years outside looking in, All that time never even knowing, Just how blind I've been." Zoe began with a quick peek on the cheek to Naruto, making him smile even more. "Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight, Now I'm here, suddenly I see. Standing here, it's all so clear, I'm where I am meant to be!"

Looking up, the stars seemed to get brighter around them and her voice carried itself on the wind, making the already quiet camp, even more so as those that were still awake listened in with smiles on their faces.

And at last I see the light, And it's like the fog has lifted. And at last I see the light, And it's like the sky is new. And it's warm and real and bright. And the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different. Now that I see you."

Naruto knew this song very well. It was from one of his favorite movies, one of the best Disney movies and it made him smile as he sang along. "All those days chasing down a daydream, All those years living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing, Things, the way they were. Now she's here shining in the starlight. Now she's here, suddenly I knew. If she's here it's crystal clear, I'm where I'm meant to go."

They had both gotten up at this point and instead of staring at the view of the beautiful night, they were staring into each other's eyes and both sang. "And at last I see the light."

"And it's like the frog has lifted." Naruto sang with a smile as he lifted a stray hair on her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"And at last I see the light!" They sang.

"And it's like the sky is new." Zoe sang next.

"And it's warm and real and bright,And the world has somehow shifted." The two sang as their faces seemed to get closer and closer. "All at once, everything looks different, Now that I see you. Now that I see you."

They ended the song with a kiss with only the night sky as witness to their love. Well, it was not the only witness. Annabeth, was by the Big House door had been close and listening with a smile on her own face.

As she slowly walked to her cabin with the other children of Athena, she wondered if she would be like that with Percy. Honestly, she was still confused about her feelings about Percy and then Luke, but maybe soon she would figure it out. If Naruto, the man she saw as an older brother, could do so with love, maybe she could figure it out.


"Finally! I finally have his blade done!" Naruto said as he held a new black and silver pen. No one but him and Beckendorf had ever seen it and Naruto wanted to keep it that way until Percy actually got his new sword.

"That's nice and all, but we still need to finish that other blade. It is only half way done and the last quarter of it will require something of great power that I doubt the Gods will willingly give you." Charles replied.

"Yeah, but if worse comes to worse I'll just seal the strongest monster I meet into it and it will be the next best thing." Naruto while rubbing the back of his head and then looked at the clock. "A crap, I'm going to be late."

"I guess you're right." Charles said. "Well, hurry up and get back so we can finish Clarisse's new spear."

"Right-O!" Naruto said as he walked out the door of Charles' smithy. It was a great little place to go to work and leave your mind to wander.

As soon as he was outside, a Hispanic kid, a few years younger than him, walked right up to Naruto and smiled. "Oh? Hey, Chris. How are you doing?"

Chris' smile seemed to grow a lot at that. "A lot better thanks to you. If you hadn't convinced Mr. D. to cure me of my Labyrinth induced insanity before he left, I would probably still be insane and I think I would have driven Clarisse up the wall."

"Yeah, no doubt about that." Naruto replied with a good natured laughed. "But would have been worry."

"Yeah," Chris said a little embarrassed. "She is awesome like that. She is like a big sister to me, which is weird since she is a daughter of Ares. But whatever, she was cool to me before she saved my ass and she would not stop talking about you."

"Really?" Naruto asked a little surprised.

"Yeah. She was worried you, the ninja demi-god, would get hurt trying to help Artemis and the Hunters." Chris explained but then paled. "Don't tell her I said that. She is still not above kicking her new brother's ass."

"HA!" Naruto laughed and he patted Chris on the back. "That's true. She is strong will like that. That's why I like her." Come to think of it, all the girls in their own way were strong willed. Awesome.

"Yep…now I gotta go man." Chris stated, thinking that he would be late for one the camp's activities.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'll be late too if I don't go now." Naruto said, but Chris just nodded. It was no secret that Chris didn't want to talk about Percy…or any other son of Poseidon. After, one of them was the cause of his insanity in the labyrinth and he was going to be wary of Percy.

So Chris left to do his own thing at camp and that left Naruto by himself again. As he passed through camp, he passed by many of his friends like the Stroll Brothers that he often pranked people alongside and then one of his girlfriends in the form of Silena.

"Hey, Silena. What are you up to today?" Naruto asked when he saw a scroll in her hands.

The girl smirked at him and said, "Oh, I am just getting ready for cabin inspections. I hope yours is not too dirty."

Naruto smiled at her said, "Oh I am sure you will like it."

"Good!" The girl chirped happily as she pecked him on the cheek and started on her merry way. "See you when you get back from get Percy!"

"Yeah…" Naruto said as he watched her leave, her ass shaking in just the right way, making him wonder if she was doing it on purpose. Finally, he shook his head and a panicked look crossed his face. "Crap crap crap! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" The shadows around camp morphed into two more of him. "Ok guys, get our cabin clean before Silena checks on it!"

"Right!" The two copies shouted and then rushed off to do as ordered.

"Ugh, thank you for reminding me." Naruto mumbled to himself.

"Wow…do all of you have him whipped?" Annabeth's voice asked, but not to him. That made him turn around to see Annabeth and Clarisse smirking at him.

"We wouldn't be good girlfriends if we didn't." Clarisse stated with her arms crossed and a smug look on her face.

"Ha Ha." Naruto deadpanned, but in the back of his mind, he knew it was true. "So, Annabeth, You taking the long way or do you want to catch a ride with me?"

"Well, you are the one that needs to take the orientation with Percy since his mom asked you to. I'll go ahead and take the long way."

"Suit yourself." Naruto said before Clarisse grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "Can't help you?"

"I never did properly thank you for helping my new little brother." She said before she smashed her lips to his. This led to a small war of the tongues that made Annabeth blush. Reluctantly pulling away, Naruto smiled at her and said, "You know, that kid is not that small."

"Meh, whatever. Small to me since I see him as a little brother. He is younger than me, so he is small." Clarisse replied.

"Fair enough." Naruto said as he back up and then saluted. "Later!" With that, Naruto disappeared in a black flash.

"Man that is badass." Clarisse replied with a grin.

"I am still trying to figure out that book of seals he gave me." Annabeth said, shaking her head at all the weird symbols appearing in her mind's eye, giving her a head ache.


Naruto appeared in the back on Mrs Jackson's car. He was greeted to the site of Sally embarrassing her son. They hadn't noticed his entry yet, so he decide to watch the show with a smile.

"It's not a date!" Percy protested. "It's just Annabeth, Mom. Jeez!"

"She's coming all the way from camp to meet you." Mrs. Jackson replied with a serious face, but he was having trouble not smiling.

"Well, yeah."

"You're going to the movies."


"Just the two of you."


Sally held up her hands in surrender, but Percy could tell she was trying hard not to smile. Naruto, however, chuckled, making the two jump in their seats. "Someone is protesting a little much. Besides, even if I am there, I could just do my own thing and let you lovebirds fly."

"Naruto! When did you get here?" Sally asked, knowing about his strange teleporting ability, but it still scared the crap out of her. Percy on the other hand, his face grew red. Sometimes it was annoying to have a friend with the blood of Aphrodite in him.

"Oh, a few seconds ago." Naruto replied with a good natured smile. "However, instead of announcing myself, I decided to sit back and watch the show."

"Jerk." Percy said, but with the smile on his face, it was not in anger.

Sally shook her head. "Well, you two better get going. Thanks again Naruto for coming along and thinking about joining the school with Percy."

"No problem Mrs. Jackson." Naruto replied while he saw that Percy looked a little distracted. Looking in the boy's line of sight, he saw the girl from Hoover Dam. Huh, small world.

"Percy?" Sally asked. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Percy stammered. "Does the school have a side entrance?"

"Down the block on the right. Why?"

"I'll see you later." Percy said, quickly getting out and running to said entrance.

"What was that about?" Sally asked.

Naruto sighed. "Oh he just saw a girl we met back at Hoover Dam." That made Sally raise an eyebrow. "Apparently in his panic against those walking skeletons, he sliced her with his sword…but thankfully our metal doesn't hurt mortals. After that she helped us get away. Oh and she is like you, able to see past the mist."

"Did not expect that." Sally said surprised.

"Yeah well, this reunion should be interesting. I'll seeya later." Naruto said as he got out of the car with Sally saying her good byes.

Naruto sighed as he walked right up to Mr. Blofis, who was greeting students at the door. The red head from the Dam was still there as well and when she caught sight of Naruto, she froze for a second, thinking that more of their troubles were nearby. She wasn't far off.

Naruto took her hesitation to speak with Mr. Blofis. "Hey, Mr. Blofis."

"Ah! Naruto!" The man said, having met the boy when the blond came over to visit Percy. He had offered a position at the school as well and was glad too him there. "I am glad you took my offer!"

"Thanks for that by the way." Naruto said but then frowned. "Hey, I saw Percy go around to the side entrance. But he might be having some trouble with the cheerleaders blocking the door. You know, high school evil and all that."

Mr. Blowfis sighed as he held the bridge of his nose. Right, how could he forget that. He ran the school after all. "Right, I'll go check on him." He said, turning to leave.

"Oh and before you go, read this after you help him. It will explain a lot of our situation and it might give you a little insight on our messed up word."

Mr. Blofis took it with a raised eyebrow, but shrugged and walked off to greet Percy.

Naruto watched him leave and felt the red head's stare on his back. Deciding to stop ignoring her, he said, "Long time no see. Has the cat let go of your tongue yet?"

"Oh don't give me that blondie!" The red head replied a little miffed from before. "The hell are you doing here….and if you're here, I bet Percy is too. I have some worlds for him after he tried killing me!"

"Tried being the operative word seeing as you are still vertical and breathing." Naruto replied with a slight smirk. Percy had told him that she was a little annoying. Well, so was he and Percy rarely complained about that.

"Har Har." The red head replied. "Anyway, my name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare. I remember Percy's name….well his first name anyway. But I don't remember yours."

Naruto motioned the girl to walk with him asn they made their way to the gym for orientation. "Name's Naruto Uzumaki."

"Nice to meet you then." Rachel replied. "So what was all that before? Did you get away from the walking skeletons or are you both hiding out here?"

Naruto chuckled. "No, the unrelenting bounty hunters of the dead are dealt with." At that, the red headed girl looked him like he had grown a second head.

"So wait, those things were actually real?!" Rachel asked.

"Yeah and it would seem you have a unique ability for a mortal."

"There's that word again." Rachel said, "Percy called me the same thing. Are you telling you aren't human."

Before Naruto could answer, Percy appeared down the hall, took a look at the two and then bolted for the gym, making Rachel look at Naruto to answer her first question and then to what was Percy's deal.

Naruto sighed before looking back at the girl. He could tell she had an interest in the son of Poseidon. Seems his grandmother's magic was working to make Percy's life interesting for her. Go figure.

"To answer your question….sometimes. We are human but with something else." Naruto replied, not knowing if he should give her the full explanation or not.

"You're not very helpful." Deadpanned the girl, making the blond shrug his shoulders. "So what is with Percy?"

"Probably freaking out about how you will react seeing him again after 'he tried to kill you.'"


"Yeah, come on." Naruto as he led her into the gym. "You can have you fun with him in a few minutes with this thing is over."


Paul Blofis was a rational man that had sympathy for the less fortunate. He did have a great life, he was a teacher. An English Teacher to be exact. And he had a girlfriend that he met at a seminar. Yes, he was happy.

However, he felt hat Sally and Percy were hiding something from him. That was the feeling he got when he heard about Percy's record for the many schools he had attended. However, he didn't think that was Percy's felt or that the boy was purposefully doing these things. The boy was mentally healthy, that he could attest to.

But he could not figure out the problem!

Thankfully, that Naruto kid, one of Percy's friends, had given him something to think on. The letter in his hand had indeed explained a few things, but again, they were vague. Monsters in reality was a bit farfetched.

Still, the way Sally reacted to certain people….it made him wonder. Thankfuly Naruto was smart enough to see that he would need actual proof to believe him. However, that was in the form of an odd drawing at the bottom of the letter that had Japanese letters in it. All he was supposed to do was put his thumb on it and he would have his proof.

Of he would be skeptical that a drawing would give him the sight needed, but he was also afraid. Afraid of seeing the truth of things.

Shaking his head, he would figure this all out later. Still he kept the letter in his hands with the odd drawing outward in case he was tempted to see. He quickly walked into the gym and was accosted with the many sounds of a school orientation.

He saw the many students getting to know each other, teachers greeting students, the marching band playing the school song, and the student council members and cheerleaders trying to make the students feel welcome. This was his environment and while he knew about the typical high school evils, he was not prepared to know what other evils lurked in his school.

As he contemplated everything that was going on in his own life, he completely ignored his boss, the principle's speech. Not like most of the students could hear the man anyway. They needed new speakers.

He looked around to see Percy in the bleachers with Naruto and the red headed girl he met earlier. They were quietly talking to each other, like the two boys knew the girl from some place far away and are seeing each other again.

As the main cheerleaders, Tammi and Kelli, if he remembered correctly, started their own speech and general pep to get the crowd going and making the student feel welcome, he noticed something odd. The red haired girl took one look at the two cheerleaders and look of fear grew on her face. Like she was seeing something he did not. Like Sally.

Soon after, she seemed to urge to boys to leave, like they were endanger. When they didn't, she just got up and ran like her own life was on the line. Paul caught Naruto's eye and the boy nodded at him before he seemed to flicker, but that was it and it was odd. Looking at Percy, the boy just seemed confused.

Paul looked down at the drawing on the paper and took a shaky breath. He needed to see and he would take Naruto's advice to not freak out at what he saw. Shakily putting his thumb over the drawing, he suddenly felt disoriented as he vision was filled with what looked to be mist before that cleared up to reveal the world as it was.

Looking at the cheerleaders, his face paled at what made the red haired girl scared and run for her life. They were not human at all and he felt that he knew that these…things…were from Greek Mythology.

"My god…" He whispered with wide eyes before they narrowed. He needed to expand his own studies once more if he wanted to be with Sally and protect Percy.

Still, it brought a question to mind, what was Percy to these creatures if they were always tormenting him?


Naruto and Percy managed to find Rachel in the band room of the school. She was hiding behind a bass drum in the percussion section. "Get over here!" she said. "Keep your heads down!"

Percy frowned as he felt silly hiding behind some bongo, but did so anyway. Naruto just shrugged as he sat down next to her.

"Did they follow you?" Rachel asked.

"You mean the cheerleaders?" Percy asked.

She nodded nervously.

"I am pretty sure we weren't followed." Naruto replied, both boys noticing that her green eyes were wide with fear. She had a sprinkle of freckles on her face that reminded me of constellations. Her maroon T-shirt read HARVARD ART DEPT. "You…you wouldn't believe me."

"Really?" Naruto drawled out, not believing her. "Did you for about the skeletons already?"

Percy looked at Naruto for a moment as he too remember the skeleton warriors that tracked all across the U.S. He shook his head and said, "Yeah, we will believe you since you can see through the mist."

"The what?" She asked.

"The Mist. It's…well, it's like this veil that hides the way things really are.

Some mortals are born with the ability to see through it. Like you."

"And Percy's mom." Naruto offered.

"Right." Percy confirmed.

Rachel studied the boy carefully, her earlier conversation with Naruto coming back into her thoughts. "Mortal…you called me that at the Dam and then Naruto called me that earlier. What are you then?"

Percy gave Naruto an annoyed look but sighed. He should have known Naruto would say that as well. It was not like it was top secret information after all.

"Tell me," she begged. "You know what it means. All these horrible things I see?"

"Look, this is going to sound weird. Do you know anything about Greek myths?"

"Like…the Minotaur and the Hydra?"

"Yeah, just try not to say those names when I'm around, okay?" Percy asked with a panicked look on his face, like the creatures were going to start crawling out of the walls.

Naruto noticed this and patted the boy on the back. "Lighten up man, we killed those, remember?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow at that one but continued with her line of thought. "And the Furies," she said, warming up. "And the Sirens, and—"

"Okay! That's enough please!" Percy said, not at all comforted by the fact that they did die, but monster do respawn often enough….like the Furies. "I would rather not talk about those three crazies right now!"

"Oh they are not that bad." Naruto said, waving him off. "They are more like grandma's to me" Naruto paused at that as he struck a thinking pose while Percy gave him a deadpanned stare. "We haven't run into Sirens yet."

It was at that point that they heard a lot of noise. It seemed that the orientation in the gym was over and students were piling out a exploring the school. "All those monsters," Percy said, "all the Greek gods—they're real."

"I knew it!" she cried, making both boys wonder how long she has been wanting that answer.

"You don't know how hard it's been," she said. "For years I thought I was going crazy. I couldn't tell anybody. I couldn't—" Her eyes narrowed. "Wait. Who are you? I mean really?"

"We're not monsters." Percy stated, making the girl roll her eyes.

"Well, I know that. I could see if you were. You look like…you. Butyou're not human, are you? Blondie here mentioned that you were only half human."

"Do you want the long version or the short version?" Naruto asked.

"Short!" The girl said.

"We're half bloods." Naruto said, making the girl more confused.

"We're half human." Percy said, not sure if they should actually tell her."

"And the other half?" Rachel asked.

"Think about it. What do ancient greek mythological creatures usually hunt?" Naruto spoke with a riddle, making Rachel go quiet as she thought about it.

Just then Tammi and Kelli stepped into the band room. The doors slammed shut behind them with Kelli staying by the doors to keep a look out.

"There you are, Percy Jackson," Tammi said. "It's time for your orientation."

Kelli looked at Naruto and smiled. "Oh and you brought Naruto Uzuamaki as well, this should be fun!"

"They're horrible!" Rachel gasped.

Tammi and Kelli were still wearing their purple-and-white cheerleader costumes, holding pom-poms from the rally.

"What do they really look like?" Percy asked, but Rachel seemed too stunned to answer.

"Oh, forget her." Tammi gave Percy a brilliant smile and started walking toward them. Kelli stayed by the doors, blocking the exit. Her beauty had Percy captivated and Naruto couldn't blame him, but he knew they were dealing with something dangerous, so he wasn't as affected. Plus, he already had a few girls.

"Percy," Rachel warned.

"Uhhh?" Percy replied…a bit distracted.

"Oh come on!" Rachel hissed before turning to Naruto. "We could use your help….Percy sees the opposite of what I see."

"So it is not just high school evil then?" Naruto asked.

"Duh!" She said, and then shouted at Percy to snap out of it.

"Great…evil evil." Naruto dead panned as he smacked the back of Percy's head as he cut off the annoying mist, revealing the girls' true forms. The color drained out of the girls' faces and arms. Their skin had turned a pale white and their teeth grew into fangs and then was not the weirdest part. Below the cheerleaders skirts, the left leg was brown and shaggy with a donkey's hoof. The right leg was shaped like a human leg, but it was made of bronze.

"What the…a vampire!" Percy shouted, noticing the top half first. The he looked down and saw the legs. "With…"

"Don't mention the legs!" Tammi snapped. "It's rude to make fun!"

"Great…due to the setting, I am getting a twilight vibe from this." Naruto deadpanned, a little annoyed.

"Argh! I hate that movie. Tarnishes the image we created all those years ago!" Kelli screamed.

"Oh I like these monsters?" Naruto asked. "but why don't I hear a Transylvanian accent?"

"Because you idiot!" Kelli screamed. We are empousai! Servants of Hecate!"

"Mmmm." Tammi edged closer to the boys. "Dark magic formed us from animal, bronze, and ghost! We exist to feed on the blood of young men. Now come, give me a kiss!"

"I'd rather not." Naruto said as he and Percy drew their blades, to which Tammi just sneered at, but before they could do anything, Rachel gained some courage and threw a snare drum at Tammi's head.

The demon hissed and batted the drum away. It went rolling along the aisles between music stands, its springs rattling against the drumhead. Rachel threw a xylophone, but the demon just swatted that away, too.

"I don't usually kill girls," Tammi growled. "But for you, mortal, I'll make an exception. Your eyesight is a little too good!" She lunged at Rachel.

"No!" percy slashed with Riptide. Tammi tried to dodge his blade, but he sliced straight through her cheerleader uniform, and with a horrible wail she exploded into dust all over Rachel.

Rachel coughed. She looked like she'd just had a sack of flour dumped on her head. "Gross!"

"Monsters do that," Percy said, a bit sheepishly. "Sorry."

"You killed my trainee!" Kelli yelled. "You need a lesson in school spirit, half-blood!" Then she too began to change. Her wiry hair turned into flickering flames. Her eyes turned red. She grew fangs. She loped toward them, her brass foot and hoof clopping unevenly on the band-room floor.

"I am senior empousa," she growled. "No hero has bested me in a thousand years."

"Oh really?" Naruto said from behind her. The shell shocked monster looked behind her to see that Naruto was indeed behind her, with his black blade, Destruction, on her throat and the red fox like blade, Fear, point at her side, ready to impale her. "Then I think you are overdue."

"Gah! So it is true what they say about you!" Kelli growled. "The demi-god from that ninja based world…fine, you win, but not for long! Soon your camp will be in flames and all your friends will be our slaves!" She laughed, before bursting into a strange powder, coving Naruto with it.

"Ugh! Gross!" Naruto replied.

"Did not expect that." Percy said, a little miffed about that being too easy.

"So what, the monsters can now use a clone jutsu that covers you in itchy powder?" Naruto asked a little annoyed and itching all over the place.

It was then they heard more voices and it sounded like they were coming closer. "Oh crap, you guys need to get the hell out of here. This place looks like a mess I am not sure what people will think." Rachel told them.

"Right, but we are not leaving you to deal with that." Percy said before looking at Naruto.

The blond shrugged before taking hold of their shoulders. "Hold your breath."

"Hold me wha-" Rachel started to say before they disappeared from the room in a black flash. Paul Blofis opened the door a few seconds later to find the room empty but trashed.

"Ugh, the music teacher is not going to like this." He groaned.


Annabeth was in a good mood as she strolled on East 81st. Percy and Naruto were almost done with the orientation at their new school, so she was going to meet them. With Naruto there, it wasn't much of a date between her and Percy, so she decided to wear jeans and an orange camp T-shirt and her clay bead necklace. Her hair was in a ponytail.

Still, if Naruto decided to go and do his own thing, then it would be a date and she was a little nervous about that.

Suddenly the air in front of her burst into black flames, signifying that Naruto was going to appear. Good thing no one else was around. When the black flames disappeared, Naruto, Percy, and a girl she never met before appeared, with said girl falling on her side and groaning, looking a little green.

And just like that, her good mood was gone. What the hell happened in that school to make them do this?! "What did you do now Percy?"

Percy looked up and say the girl and then it registered what she said. "Hey! Why are you blaming me?!"

"Because you're the like source of trouble." Annabeth replied with a serious tone.

"Oh come on. It could have been Naruto!" Percy whined.

"True." Annabeth relented, knowing that both of them could get into trouble a lot.

"Ugh…." The red haired girl moaned as she got back up.

"Don't worry, you get used to it after a while.

"No you won't." Both Percy and Annabeth deadpanned.

"I don't want to do that again." The girl stated.

Annabeth finally decided she needed to know who she was. "And she is…whom?"

"Oh, Rachel—Annabeth. Annabeth—Rachel. Um, she's a friend, I guess." Percy stated.

"Hi," Rachel said. Then she turned to the boys. "You both are lucky at those Empousai, or whatever they are called, didn't cause more damage. I am not even sure what the mist showed to everyone else. Now, I get the gist of what you two are….maybe her as well, but you still owe me an explaination!"

Annabeth heard the name of the monster that was after then and sighed. "Great, seems that we need to go…now."

"I want to know more about half-bloods," Rachel insisted. "And monsters. And this stuff about the gods." She grabbed Percy's arm, whipped out a permanent marker, and wrote a phone number on Percy's hand. "You're going to call me and explain, okay? You owe me that. Now get going."


"No let's go!" Annabeth demanded, sounding even more annoyed now after what she just saw.

"Fine…" Percy said as they started walking away.

"Remember, either you or blondie owe me an explanation!" Rachel called.

"Yeah yeah, seeya later Red." Naruto called out.

"It's Rachel!"

"And mine is Naruto!" said blond replied with a big smirk at being able to annoy her.

"So…" Annabeth started when they were further away. "How due to two know her and why did you tell her about our world!?"

"She can see through the Mist. She saw the monsters before I did." Percy said.

"So you told her the truth?"

"She recognized me from Hoover Dam, so—"

"You've met her before?"

"And he almost killed her too." Naruto said, putting his two cents in.

"By the gods Percy!" Annabeth raged before she calmed down. "She is kinda of cute."

"I—I never thought about it." Percy stammered.

"Liar." Naruto said under his breathe.

"Well crap, we better get out of here if empousai are after you two. There goes our day." Annabeth said while they walked down York Avenue.

Percy thought about that the monster cheerleader said before he noticed Naruto's smile. "What?"

"Oh, just thinking." Naruto stated. "You almost kill the girl and she gives you her number. Are you sure you don't have Aphrodite's blond in you?"

Percy stared at his ninja friend while Annabeth seemed to let out an annoyed growl. "Not funny."


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