Chapter 3

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The next day, Naruto was the last to meet at training ground 7. He noticed that Menma glared at him like usual, but Kaeru seemed to be in deep thought. The blond just shrugged it off, not really caring at all. A few minutes later, Kakashi arrived. Oh…timed that one good. Naruto thought with a smirk as he looked to see the man.

"Well it is nice to see you all." Kakashi stated with an eye smile. "Now that we are all here, I believe we should begin and see if you all have what it takes to be shinobi." He took out two bells and attached them to his hip. "You will have until noon to get these off me. Whoever doesn't get them, gets sent back to the academy."

"But there are only two." Kaeru pointed out.

"Which means one of you will be going back." Kakashi said before looking at the sun. "You will have to come at me with the intent to kill. Good luck and yes, you may begin." With that, all three disappeared….well two of them did. "Uh, what do you think you are doing Naruto?"

The blond shrugged before walking off and sitting under a tree. "Sitting down. No way in hell will some like me be able to do this by myself. Oh well, like I care." He said, but the last part with a glint in his eye as he looked at Kakashi.

From the trees, two slaps to the head were heard.

Come on Naruto! At least try! Kaeru thought angrily.

"Sooo…you are not even going to try?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto sighed like this was expending too much energy before he brought up a hand and waved it in a circle like motion. They were stunned to find energy building up around said hand into the form of a ball.

"What is that?" Kakashi asked, almost thinking it was the Rasengan. He wasn't far off.

"Chakra Ball." Naruto deadpanned as if it was the most obvious thing in the world before lazily tossing it to the man. Of course Kakashi dodged it by leaning to the side, but the man was not expecting the results.

As soon as the ball hit a tree, it exploded, taking out a good chunk of the tree and making it fall.

So…this is the thing that could make you lucky enough to be chunin. Menma thought as he remembered Jiriaya's words. The technique had promise and Menma was not sure how good it actually was.

Awesome! I knew you had power to protect yourself. Kaeru thought happily. Question is, would mom and dad accept you for this? After all, they seem to be against you no matter what and I can't figure out why!

Just how did he make that? Kakashi thought with a wide eye.

"There, I tried." Naruto stated before leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

Hmm, he is hiding something, maybe I will find out during this escapade. Kakashi thought before shrugging outwardly, walking off, and disappearing.

Soon the scarecrow like man found Kaeru and from what his old sensei told him, the girl was still really bad at genjutsu…but that was kind of expected for a jinchuriki. However, she should be able to detect the illusions and dispel them. Still, he would have to do an emotionally shattering one to get past the girl. He just hoped she forgave him later on. "First lesson: genjutsu."


Kaeru was almost hiding perfectly from Kakashi…or so she thought. She knew that the man was a Jonin and while she was strong, she was barely a genin, despite being a jinchuriki. That's it! I have to have them help me in getting the bells. Teamwork. Duh! She was about to get up, but a wind started blowing and things changed.

"Kaeru, I found out the true test." came Naruto's voice.

"You too?" Kaeru asked before a smile crept on her lips. Her mother was wrong, he was not worthless.

"Its te-" He started but was cut off by a three pronged kunai to the stomach, followed by their father appearing in a yellow flash and back handing Naruto into a nearby tree.

"Dad?" Kaeru asked in fear from his enraged face. On the outside of the genjutsu, Kakashi rose an eyebrow at that. What would he be doing in the hell viewing technique?

"You need to grow up Kaeru." Minato replied as Kushina appeared in the scene in full battle attire.

"Mom?" Kaeru asked in disbelief. Ok, now Kakashi was concerned. What was this girl seeing that had her parents in it?

"I told you before honey, he is nothing but worthless trash. Something that needs to be put down."

"No…" Kaeru whispered, rooted in place as tears started falling from her face.

Kushina ignored her. "Menma, would you please be a dear and bring that failure over here, we are going to be helping your sister with her little problem."

"My pleasure." Menma said as he walked onto the scene and dragged Naruto to them before slamming his foot into Naruto's back to make sure he didn't escape. All with a cruel smile on his lips.

"What do you mean mother? Why is Menma in on this?" Kaeru asked.

"He is just helping us get rid of this trash." Kakashi replied as he appeared on the scene.

"You too sensei?" Kaeru asked, visibly shaking now on both sides of the genjutsu. "Please don't!" The real Kakashi was really starting to regret his genjutsu decision now. Her worst fear maybe something very terrible.

The illusion Kakashi took out a tanto and held it at Naruto's neck. "From this point on, you will not have this worthless trash for a brother. He will be forgotten and you will become a great shinobi with the great Kyuubi no Kitsune inside you, no longer held down by your sick love, and be one of my two students."

"NO! Don't do it! He can be better. I'll help train him. No please! I love him! Don't kill him!" She shouted both ways, scaring the crap out of the real Kakashi, but the fake was not even fazed.

"Not good enough. Once a failure, always a failure." Illusion Kakashi replied and brought the blade down on the blond's neck, all the while the girl was screaming in the negative. Then it was over, the blond's head came rolling over to her, with a look that said that she was not able to protect him.

Kaeru carefully picked up his severed head as she fell to her knees, a waterfall of tears running down her face. "No…Naruto. NOOOOOOOO!" She screamed out to the heavens in agony, making Kakashi look at her sadly, but also in a bit of pride for not resorting to the Kyuubi's power yet. If he continued this, he was sure the girl would bring out that power.

And he was right. He soon felt that dark chakra leaking from her, changing her eyes from their violet color to a blood red. "You really want to fight the great kyuubi's power, Kakashi sensei? FINE!" She screamed as her hair waved around menacingly.

The strange thing about all of this though was how quickly it ended with Naruto's presence.


A few minutes earlier, Naruto was sitting under the tree, contemplating on how he would reveal his powers. He figured he should wait for a bit, but there was no harm in using them now to get the bells without being detected.

It was then that he felt Kakashi engaging his sister with a genjutsu. Also, a clone of Kakashi was fighting Sasuke. He himself went to see that fight while he sent a clone to 'help' his sister. So as the wind blew, he disappeared from that spot to see what was going on. A few seconds later, he was viewing the end of genjutsu cast upon Kaeru.

Rolling his eyes at the sobbing and enraged girl, he walked up to her with a kunai in hand. Kakashi watched this with confusion and fear. It was no secret that Naruto had a deep dislike for his siblings, but it looked like to him that Naruto was going to put her out of her misery with that look on his face.

However, all Naruto did was stab her in the foot, shocking the girl out of the illusion and bringing her back to reality as he walked in front of her. "N-naruto?" The girl asked in shock.

"Genjutsu…and I thought you were smart." Naruto replied before walking off, deep into the forest where there were a lot of shadows, purposefully not showing his hands.

"Wait! I know what do!" Kaeru shouted after him, but when she reached the spot, he was gone. "Huh, where did he go?" However, she was still feeling the effects of the genjutsu and the Kyuubi's chakra in her system, so she walked away, wary of her surroundings and holding her arm nervously…and with a disappearing limp due to the kunai in her foot.

Kakashi stood in place, trying to figure out where Naruto went as well. He felt his chakra spike a bit and then he was gone! No…the boy literally walked into a tree and disappeared. What the hell was that? It was then he received the memories of his clone that went after Sasuke. He was so distracted that he never noticed the pair of hands silently grab the pair of bells from his waist.

What was odd about them was the fact that there was nothing connected to him and the fact that one of them was using a tiny ball of dust release to cut the string while the other silently caught them before disappearing completely.


The real Naruto walked toward an admittedly hilarious sight. Menma Namikaze was buried up to his head after his fight with Kakashi's clone. Menma though that brute force was going to work for this, so he immediately channeled a good amount of Kyuubi's chakra and bum rushed the jonin. "Well, this is quite the sight." Naruto said with a smirk. "I have to admit that I am enjoying it."

"Fuck you dead last!" Menma shouted. "Get your worthless ass over here and get me out!"

Naruto snorted. "Oh yeah, that will get someone like me to help you."

"Damnit, get me out of here or so help me-"

"Or what, you'll glare at me to death." Naruto replied with an annoying smirk before it became dark as he got in Menma's space. "You know brother. I could kill you with ease right now."

Menma snorted. "Like you know how to hold a kunai the right way, much less kill someone of higher skill."

"Are you sure." Naruto asked darkly as he placed his hands on the sides of the red head's face. "On twist and no more Menma. Or I kick you so hard the same affect happens."

Menma paled considerably. "You wouldn't dare. You think it would go well, the failure of the family killing the son of more worth? I highly doubt it."

"Nah, I am good. I am not a murderer." Naruto replied cheerfully, but his tone darkening still as he put a hand around Menma's neck. "But I want you to remember this moment, my hand at your throat, ready to kill you. Remember that in this moment, I had the power."

A pale Menma sneered at his brother. "Is this why you came, to threaten me?"

"Nope!" Naruto replied, his cheerful demeanor returning as it cut all the tension in air, making Menma groan in annoyance."I was going to tell you the true meaning of this test, but….seeing how you are acting, I highly doubt someone like you would willingly work with me."

"Oi! Where are you going?" Menma shouted once he saw that Naruto was walking back into the shadowed forest.

"Somewhere quiet." Naruto said with a smirk as he looked back at his buried brother out of the corner of his eye and then disappeared.

The Namikaze blinked at that. It must be the heat because I just saw that dumbass walk into a tree and disappear. What the hell is going on?


Noon came around sooner than they thought and the group found themselves sitting against some training posts with a disappointed Kakashi looking down on them. Kaeru looked sad, Menma was scowling, and Naruto looked like he just didn't give shit.

"Well, it looks like you all failed. None of you even tried to grasp the concept I was trying to get through to you. I expected more."

"Oh and what was it?" Menma asked snidely, pissed that he was beaten by Kakashi and then mocked by his failure of a brother.

"Teamwork. All of you were supposed to come at me with everything you had to get these bells." He said, gesturing to the nonexistent bells at his side, which made two of the three blink in confusion. "Naruto barely even tried, Kaeru got caught in my genjutsu, and Menma rushed me head on without really thinking how a genin, Jinchuriki or not can beat a jonin."

"Feh, Jinchuriki are superior." Menma mumbled.

"Sensei, there are no bells on you." Kaeru decided to speak out ignoring Menma for the moment.

Kakashi's head whipped down so fast, they thought he broke his neck. "Huh?! How could I have lost them? Did I drop them somewhere?" He asked as he frantically looked for them around and on his person.

While that was entertaining the three, Naruto finally had enough and took out the bells, jingling them a bit to get everyone's attention. "I get what you did with this test." Naruto begin, "You wanted to us to fight each other to see who would get the bells, but also wanted us to work together to get them. The whole thing about only two of us being genin was total bullshit. Konoha is founded on teamwork and teams usually have four on them. You want only three though? Fine, those two can have the bells." Naruto then tossed the two bells to either side on him, knocking the two out of their shock.

"How the hell did you get them dobe?" Menma asked.

Naruto shrugged. "He must have dropped them because I found them on the ground."

Kakashi didn't believe that for one bit, but just outwardly went with it. Is that connected to that disappearing power he has?

Kaeru was smiling softly. So, you do have some skills. I never doubted you bro, but still, why hide them?

"Well." Kakashi said regaining his voice just as Naruto got up to leave. "It would seem that with Naruto's last act, you three pass. Congratulations, we are now officially Team 7. Oh and here are some words of advice. Those who abandon the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. Meet me here tomorrow, same time."

"Great, we really are a team now." Menma grumbled before he took hold of the front of Naruto's shirt and got in his face. "You better pull your weight bro, the team is already weakened just by your presence alone. And don't think I have forgot what you said to me." With that, he threw Naruto away and walked home.

Kaeru glared at Menma as he walked passed with a self-serving smirk on his face. She shook her head and held out her hand to Naruto. "Come one bro, get up!"

Naruto, however, growled and batted her hand away. "I can take care of myself. I've already been doing that my whole life."

Kaeru flinched at that, a reminder of how different their lives were.

"Ah, Naruto, can you stay behind, I need to speak with you." Kakashi said after observing the truly dysfunctional family. Something he would be seeing for the time being. The blond nodded as Kaeru, albeit reluctantly left to catch up with her other brother.

"What do you need, sensei?" Naruto asked, a bit bored.

Kakashi took on a serious look….despite the fact that most of it was covered. "Naruto, I saw the technique you used. It is something I have never seen before. How did you make it?"

Naruto snorted. He should have known the jonin saw him. "Heh, I made it from my father's failure. One failure using another…ironic." He said, confusing the silver haired man. So he held up an arm with a smirk as a truly intricate seal appeared on it. Kakashi's eyes widened to epic proportions when he noticed that part of it had the Hiraishin seal in it.

In truth, Minato, in his anger, tried to replicate the Intangibility Jutsu that the Masked Man had used on him. In the end, it failed and Minato cast it aside. Naruto found it and kept it. He didn't really know what to do with it until he was friends with Sasuke and Naruto asked if he knew anything about seals.

Sasuke replied in the negative, but he did ask Itachi. When Itachi saw the seal and purpose for it, he was shocked, but he had a way to help Naruto. There was a jutsu in the Uchiha's vault that was similar to the Sharingan's Kamui. He gave it to Naruto hoping it would help. Plus it was kind of a sad thing to admit, but in recent times, no Uchiha could use it since they were not good with seals.

Naruto worked his ass off to learn everything he knew about seals and thanks to his Uzumaki Blood, it came easy to him after a while. Plus he was able to imprint his medical knowledge to create something else, but that was for another time.

But it was true that Naruto learned all he could of the Hiraishin. Although he had to do so in secret, just like with all his training, including the Rasengan and a few spin offs. Anyway, he was not able to use the Hiraishin because it was tied only to Minato, still he used a few seals from that jutsu into his new jutsu to prefect the Intangibility Jutsu.

The end result was something better. The power to be nowhere and everywhere at the same time. He still needed a name for it. Plus, he found a way to get passed the Hiraishin if his father ever tried to kill him.

"That is, a pretty impressive seal, Naruto." Kakashi replied, a little rattled before he sighed as he noticed another seal around Naruto's wrist. It was small, so he had no clue what it was for. "Look, I am on your side. And I want to help." Even he saw that Naruto had trust issues because of the boy's parents. Who wouldn't, but he was trying to help.

"We'll see." Naruto replied before he walked away, but took a risk. If Kakashi really was on his side, then he would not speak about what he saw today.

Naruto disappeared in a swirl in the air. Kakashi could not help but gawk.


Naruto arrived at the door to his father's office. It was nearing dusk and after a long day of dealing with the village and paperwork…he still had more paperwork to do. He was very irritable and just wanted to get shit done. Now was the perfect time to enact the first part of his plan.

Knocking on the door, he received an 'enter' and did so.

Minato, seeing that it was his son, just scowled and kept on working. "What do you want?"

"Since you are the Hokage, would you mind signing these for a couple of my friends?" Naruto asked in a civil tone of voice.

Minato snorted. Friends, right. They wanted his autograph? Why couldn't they come directly to him instead of asking Naruto to do it? "Sorry Naruto, but I am busy, I need to get this shit done so I can sleep tonight."

"Please father." Naruto said while trying not to roll his eyes. "I won't ask for another thing ever again. I won't even bother you unless it is ninja business."

Finally, Minato just groaned. He was not really thinking straight and just wanted some peace. "Fine!" He said as he grabbed the two pieces of paper, which looked blank, and signed them. "Now get out of my sight!"

Naruto nodded and left the room, "With pleasure." He mumbled so the man would not even hear. Further down the hall, he released the genjutsu around the two papers and smirked. He was no longer part of that family. The Hokage unknowingly emancipated his own 'son' and with the other paper, created a new clan.

He quickly took them to the administration building, where he got the papers from, and gave them to the lady working there. She looked shocked that the Hokage had actually signed them. Sure, she thought Naruto was just joking around and was going to threaten the man with them so that he could be treated better, but never in her wildest dreams did she think this would actually happen! Sighing, she took the papers and filed them. She would have a talk with her clan head, Asuma, later on. "Good luck, Naruto."

"Thank you." Naruto said politely with a bow before walking away with a dark smile.


Naruto traveled through the seedy part of the village, walking along a path he had been doing for a year now. No one bothered him because the people there knew he could hold his own and kick their asses. They knew that Naruto was not the failure he made himself out to be to his parents.

The blond reached an apartment complex that with a large amount of money, he now owned. In reality, he had been saving up his allowance since he was little. He had wanted to get out, so he did. He took meager amounts of money from his parent's bank account, just small amounts so that his parent's wouldn't get suspicious and it worked. He now lived in his own home.

Naruto smiled and said, "This is my home now." He then walked in, never noticing a figure on the rooftops go poof, signifying that they were a clone. Question is, who was it?

Of course Naruto didn't care at the moment. His attention was solely on one object in the middle of his sparsely furnished apartment. A pure white mannequin that held its arm up, showing off open palms. The mannequin had no discernable features other than the complex seals that traveled down its arms and ended at the palms, showing odd circles that had two eyes in it. Artificially created Sharingan there were fully matured.

He remembered when he decided to do this.


A nine year old Naruto was bored. He had just split ways with his friends, one of them being Sasuke now. But he didn't feel like going home to where he wasn't wanted. His Medical Seals were going well. But he had created one that you were supposed to put something in it for it to work.

Question was, what?

"Naruto?" asked a voice to his left. Naruto hadn't noticed he had ventured close to the Uchiha part of the village. Which wasn't that hard thanks to the wall that was taken down. After their incident with the Masked Man, Itachi offered to take down the walls separating the Clan from the rest of the village so that Minato wouldn't get even more suspicious of them.

It turned out to be a blessing because the village got friendlier with them around and the economy went up as well. It turned out well despite Minato having his anger towards them as well as Naruto.

The person who called out to Naruto was none other than the clan head, Itachi Uchiha.

"Hey, Itachi-sama." Naruto replied in boredom.

"Naruto, I have told you before, call me Itachi-nee-chan." The man said with a small smile. "After all, you and Sasuke are friends now."

"Still odd." Naruto replied.

"True." Itachi shrugged. "So what's on your mind?"

"Well…" Naruto started, unsure if he could trust Itachi or not, but the man did introduce him to Sasuke and their mom, so he guessed he could trust him. "Please don't tell anyone in my family, but I am working on a special seal that lets me use the power of someone else."

Itachi narrowed his eyes before he asked Naruto to explain and when he got the explanation of how it worked, he smiled and said, "Maybe I can help."

"How so?" Naruto asked with his head cocked to the side.

"Well, we could make it so that you can use the Uchiha powers?" Itachi suggested.

"But wouldn't your elders get pissed?" Naruto asked.

"Most likely, but I have never cared what they want….and neither has my mother." Itachi said with a smile before he led the young Namikaze to the hospital.

End Flashback!

In the end, Itachi gave him a vial of his own blood to experiment with. Later, a box with a pair of normal eyes was sent to him by a strange ANBU with different symbols on his mask.

So Naruto just shrugged it off by inject both Itachi's DNA and his own DNA into the eyes, creating a pair of Sharingan ready for him to use, which he used for his new Medical Seals that he could turn on and off at will.

It was great.

And it would help him greatly.


And that's the end of that chapter. I hope you all liked it and I bet you all know who else has helped Naruto, despite their own agenda.

Now, the power to be everywhere and nowhere at once. It is the Jump Ability and the Intangablity Jutsu mixed in one but like I mentioned before, I need a name.

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