This just popped in my head. I hope you like it. Its bori at the end but it will have jyder, tyder and cabbie. While, my oc (alyssa) will be paired with andre. Here's the summary: Ryder and Jade are the hottest couple in hollywood arts high school. Tori just started her sophomore year in hollywood arts high school and falls for ryder. She then meets Beck who tells her about Ryder and Jade. Unfortunately she and Jade were best friends in middle school but they soon became enemies for a reason. Not before she meets her roomates and Beck's roomates, Cat, Alyssa, Robbie and André and they all become friends. Why did Ryder ask Tori out all of a sudden? Why is Beck acting all strange to Tori? And why did Tori and Jade become enemies?. Long summary, i know but its gonna be nice. I will update with the prologue.