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Tori smiled as she walked into Hollywood arts high school. she had been one of the lucky 10% to get into the school through scholarship. As she walked down the hallways of the school, she saw a girl who had on a sickenly fake smile and looked like a junior walking towards her holding out a pair of keys.

"here are your room keys, Tori" she said. "thanks" Tori said.

The girl walked away without asking if she needed a tour of the school. 'well, that was rude' Tori thought 'i'm so grateful that i brought a brochure'. "okay, this says its 'cantrix hall', i just need to find cantrix hall" Tori said looking at the brochure until she bumped into someone and spilled his coffee on his shirt and her brochure. "oh man, i'm sorry" they both said at the same time. "i'm so sorry for your shirt, i was just looking at my" she immediately stops after looking at her ruined brochure "brochure".

"I'm so sorry about that, but i could give you a tour, i'm Beck and you're?'' he said. "Tori" "i'll just go change and i'll be back in a minute" Beck said and walked the opposite way. ' wow, he's nice even though i just stained his shirt' she thought. Beck came back with a fresh new shirt. "thanks a

lot for this, i mean won't take your school time and i poured your coffee on your shirt" Tori blabbed on. "it's saturday, it was my coffee and i spilled on your brocure, so its cool okay?".

"thanks Beck, this really means a lot to me" that's when Tori took in Beck's appearance, he had long brown hair and you could tell his eyes were brown even through his glasses.

"i'm going to just tell you the dangers of this school, then tommorow i'll give you a tour" Beck continued "don't ever mess with Jade West and her boyfriend, they are the terror of hollywood arts"

"wait did you say Jade" Tori asked.

"yeah, why?"

t"oh nothing". I think things are gonna get a bit hotter in this school, Tori thought as she and Beck walked to her room

i hope you enjoyed it, i'm really sorry for the long wait. I just had a 'little' problem putting this up. i'm sorry if this is too short but its a prologue. expect longer chapters.