Chapter 13

Walking up the steps of Orange Star High felt harder than it normally did. He had been away for a long time and he hadn't actually left with a reason why. He'd only hoped that Videl or even Vegeta had covered for him. As he made his way towards his first class he racked his brain for an excuse in the emergency that they hadn't provided on for him. Holding his breath, he stepped into his first classroom. "Ah, Mr Briefs, we were beginning to wonder if you were ever going to return. I trust your business venture went well?" Said the teacher, moments after he entered.

"Uh...yeah, all good."

"I should hope so considering how long you were gone for. I am aware that you most likely have your work obligations for capsule corp, but please try to actually attend the school you are hoping to graduate. You can pick up all of your missed homework assignments after class."

"Uh, thanks?" Gohan breathed a sigh of relief when the teacher pressed no further and took his seat next to Erasa.

"Gohan! We missed you! Well, I missed you, Sharpner, not so much. Videl did too, no matter how much she tries to deny it. You never said goodbye after the party! I was looking everywhere for you but then Videl said you had to leave for some sort of urgent business trip. You know I went on holiday once and I had this disaster of a time at the airport. I had just bought these wonderful pair of shoes that..." Gohan fazed out the rest of Erasa's ramblings and began to daydream.

'So Videl missed me huh?' A smirk appeared on his face as he spotted Videl trying a little too obviously to not look his way. 'I really should thank her.' His mind drifted towards possible gifts he could give her as the lesson progressed without him. Eventually the lesson concluded with him still stuck with nothing. Deciding to wander down the hallway for his next lesson he kept an eye out as he saw Marker and his gang strolling down the hallway. They didn't seem to have noticed him among the crowd and continued on to where a kid was being bullied at his locker. Marker and two of his thugs immediately went and gave the bully a menacing shove away. The others in his gang went and helped up the kid and dusted him off. Gohan stared at the scene confused, he had assumed that Marker would have gone back to old habits after he had left and was ready to deal with them as such. As if reading his mind Videl said, "I told them that I was keeping you up to date on what they were doing and that if they stepped out of line you'd be here to push them back in. They took to helping people quickly after that. Eventually they seemed to be less scared of you and actually enjoyed helping people." Gohan stared incredulously. He hadn't expected to have THAT much of an effect on them. Still, it wasn't exactly unwelcome.

When the bell went for lunch he immediately headed for the roof to clear his head. As he sat down the sound of a jet copters engines caught his ear. He spotted Videl flying towards yet another crime being committed. 'Time to go save her I guess. Oh...dang, I've been away for ages and I'm about to suddenly reappear. Well...that won't be obvious at all. Perhaps I that won't work. Ah screw it, I'll just tell her. It's the least I could do for her, besides it wasn't like it was much of a secret anyway.' Reactivating the disguise he hadn't worn in so long he began to fly after her energy signal. When he arrived there was a bank robbery underway with goons trying to escape with hostages at gunpoint. Videl was hidden behind a police barricade trying to think up a strategy. 'So how should I do this? Subtle and quick? Or loud and flashy? Perhaps I'll try some extra intimidation this time around...' As the goons opened fire on the police he came to a decision. 'Alright then, time to scare the crap out of some pieces of human garbage. Gently he floated down to the ground, his golden aura glowing especially bright. The guns stopped when he landed on the ground in front of the bank. "Well well if it isn't yet another band of thugs asking for an ass kicking. What's the matter boys? Not get enough attention as a child so you had to throw a tantrum in the street?"

"You shut your mouth!" Screamed one of the robbers before firing a shot at him.

The bullet harmlessly bounced off and hit the ground. "You'd think they'd have learned from last time..." He muttered before calmly walking towards them.

"Stop or I'll shoot!" Yelled another robber, pointing a gun at an elderly mans head.

Gohan stopped and looked him in the eye. "Don't blink or you'll miss it."

"Wha-" the robber was cut off when Gohan closed the gap instantly and punched him through a nearby window.

"Yeah he'll probably survive that." Gohan then focused on two others who were now shaking uncontrollably. "As for you two however..." He smirked before rushing in front of one and kneeing him in the stomach. The second guy panicked and began to shoot at Gohan before the clip ran empty. Gohan stared him down, unharmed. "Hey, you know what?"

"Wha-what?" He stuttered.

"Bitch slap." Gohan gently backhanded him across the street to and towards awaiting policemen who promptly arrested him.

"Hey! Bardock right? We need to talk." Ordered Videl as she marched towards him.

"That we do, hold on tight." He wrapped a hand around her waist and took off into the air, leaving her to squeal as he did.

When they landed on the school rooftop Videl promptly stepped back and glared at him. "You know, a little warning would have been appreciated."

"I said hold on." He teased. She glared even harder and folded her arms. "Alright then, I brought you here because I wanted to thank you and this was the first way I could think of." He deactivated his super Saiyan aura and swapped outfits. "Ta da." He said as she looked at him weirdly.

"Well wasn't much of a surprise, I mean you look exactly the same."

"It was a pretty big secret, kept you confused."

"Anyone with a working brain could have worked it out."

"Like I said, pretty big secret."

She glared at him before relenting. "Well not that I don't appreciate it but...why?"

"Like I said, I wanted to thank you. You helped me go through rehab and get off the booze, hopefully for a good long time."

She flushed with embarrassment before looking at him with hope filled eyes. "Could you...could you teach me how to fly?"

"Sure, it's easy enough once you know how. But that is a pretty big deal, perhaps you should do something for me in return."

She eyed him suspiciously. "Like what?"

"Wear something pretty." She gave him a confused look. "When I pick you up this Friday at 7." He turned to walk back down the fire escape before her voice stopped him.

"Hey Gohan!" He turned. "Make it 6." He chuckled before walking off.

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