Once, the world was a different time.

A time of magic and enchantments.

A time of myths and legends.

A time of Gods and Goddesses.

But as the time changed with the coming of a new age, all these that make up this time had ceased to exist. And the great Gods and Goddesses of the old – the very Gods and Goddesses who had roamed and ruled these very lands – are forgotten from our memories.

And it was then that they fell from grace.

All that was left to remind us of their existence are the statues carved in their supposed images, the hymns and ballads written for and dedicated to them by artists of the old, and their stories, which leave many in a state of imagination.

However, they will arise once again.

They live among the mortals of the new age, and they wait. They wait for that time. They wait for each other, so that all will rise to grace once again. They wait, as they searched for the one thing they truly want.

They wait.

And when they finally rise, it would be in the beginning of a new age.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I'm back after a one-month hiatus!

Welcome to the prologue of Divine Reborn! As many - or some - of you may know, this is a rewrite of my original story, The Reincarnation. Those who are new and would wish to read that story, go to my profile page to check out the similar plotline (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS). But those of you who wish to read this story by itself, then go ahead!

I'm sorry that this is only the prologue, and nothing exciting happens yet :( But do not worry! I have decided to go for my usual 'Monday and Friday' update, so the first chapter will be published this Friday!

Do stay tune until then!

I can't wait to see how this goes!

Muse of Fanfiction