I am so pissed off right now.

As you all know, I had became sick with fever two Fridays ago, which made me unable to update this story last Monday. But while I had said I would return with an update on last Friday, it did not happen.

And do you guys want to know why?

While I was sick, my computer finally decided to give up and die on me. This certain computer had been with me since 2011, so I had expected it to live at least a little while longer. Unfortunately, it didn't, and it died. And when it died, it took everything along with it.

Long story short; I lost EVERYTHING.

I lost all my documents, my drafts, my ideas and the future chapters of Divine Reborn. I lost the update chapter of Death's Lonely Past. I lost my outlines for upcoming stories.


Right now, I have a new laptop, but I have no backup of the stories. It will take time for me to rewrite all the chapters once again, and what with the fact that I have just started school, I am unfortunately unable to compete it at any time soon.

So I am so sorry to say that I am forced to take a short hiatus in order to recreate whatever that I had lost. I am not sure as of when I will be back, but I am seriously hoping that I would be able to get it done soon.

I am so sorry, everyone... I really am T_T