It was a dark stormy night, a child was born from Kagome Higurashi. Though it sounds wonderful as it may seem, the child was not Inuyasha's, it was Koga's, leader of the demon wolf pack. This all began when Kagome and Inuyasha got into a huge fight about Inuyasha's wondering. He wouldn't show up for days, weeks, she had finally had it. This fight was the big one. It was so big that Inuyasha disappeared for five years. In that time, Koga tired to ease Kagome's pain and sadness. One night, during their usual get tog ether's, they both had to much to drink, and had sex. The amount of alcohol they had wasn't enough to make them forget the night before the next morning. They both woke up, it was awkward, very awkward indeed.

It wasn't like it was meant to be, Kagome still loved Inuyasha, and Koga was married to Ayame and with a son on the way to top it all off.

"We have to keep this to ourselves, we tell no one." Said Koga, looking at Kagome.

"Yes, it's nobody's business but ours." Kagome replied, agreeing to every word.

So they both agreed to keep it hush hush. However, when Kagome got pregnant, things went from bad to worse. She already had a son with Inuyasha name Suka. She could easily say he knocked her up before he left, but it would never work. You see a year after Naraku was defeated, she became a Hanyou for Inuyasha to live with him forever.

When a Hanyou and Full Fledged Demon Conceive, the child will be full fledged and resemble the male. Kagome knew this when she looked upon the infant and realized she could never hide it as Inuyasha's, this baby was her daddies spitting image.

"Oh No! She looks just like him! I'm doomed!" Kagome said, looking down at the infant. "Lady Kagome, you have to face Inuyasha sooner or later." Lady Kaede said.

"Get rid of it!" Kagome belted, making the infant cry into the thunder storm night.

Kaede slapped Kagome and talked some sense into her!

"Kagome! She is your daughter!" Kagome started to weep, as she knew she could never kill an innocent baby. "I know I didn't" "It's okay Kagome… We'll get through this. You have to understand that she is Koga's and there is nothing you can do. We both know he would never accept her, you are all she has, you must love her and cherish her."

Kagome nodded and replied. "Yes, I promise."

So Kagome raised the child. She knew she had to face Inuyasha when he came back, but she had to focus on being the infants mother. She raised it, and gave her the name Kotae, Kotae Higurashi.

Chapter 1

Inuyasha's return, Kotae's fate

It had been 6 years to the day that Kotae was born, 11 since Inuyasha left. Kagome was so lonely it was unbearable. The worst part of it all, Kotae was now 11 years old and looked exactly like Koga.

'This is bad! Really bad! What if Inuyasha does come back? What will he say? What will he do?!' "Hey mom, where do I put these?" Kagome was pulled out of her thoughts and turned to Kotae, who was holding a basket of herbs. "Oh umm, they go in the cellar dear." Kagome said, faking a smile. "Oh, okay then." Kotae then headed for the cellar.

Kagome fidgeted and folded her ears down in fear. She paced across the porch on her house that Inuyasha built, worried sick. She then smelled something, it was Koga heading this way! No he was already here!

"Hey Kagome, how are you, haven't seen you in years. Sorry I haven't been visiting much." There was Koga now standing in front of her house. "Uhh Koga, umm remember that night uh-" "Yeah I don't want to-" "Mom? I put the herbs in the cellar, can I go train now?" Koga's eyes widened when he saw Kotae, he knew she was his. His bushy tail, his blue eyes, and his ears. "Holy shit…" Koga uttered, as if he was standing in front of a mirror. "Hey mom, who is that?" Once Kotae raised her eyebrow like he always does, Koga nearly had a heart attack!

"Kotae, go inside, your room is a mess." Kagome ordered. "Awe come on mom! It isn't that bad…" Kotae replied , putting her arms behind her head. "Kotae, go, NOW."

Kagome said, glaring at Kotae. Kotae sighed and went inside. "Fine fine, jeez." Kotae said, before closing the door behind herself.

It was now very awkward again. Kagome sat down on the porch, looking down. Koga scratched the back of his head and sat beside Kagome and spoke. "She's mine, isn't she?" Kagome gasped, but them replied while lifting her head. "Yes, she is yours."

Koga scratched his head again, not knowing what so say. He then finally uttered some words.

"You know Inuyasha will kill me if he finds out we- well did things."

Kagome leaned back and huffed in anger. "He has no right to say anything about it... If he returns after all these years I'll be surprised. "Koga replied while huffing."Come off it Kagome, I know you have been smelling him. He's getting closer every day."

Kagome rolled her eyes in defeat and replied.

"He's most likely going to be back by tonight." Koga nodded and replied. "Yeah, you better think of something." Koga then dashed off without a word. Kagome had to face Inuyasha…. Soon, very soon…..

Later that very night…..

Inuyasha came back to the village, it was dark and cold, but he was glad to be home again. He wondered if Kagome was still waiting for him. He then smelled Koga in the village and ran to the house. He didn't see him, he ran inside to find Kagome tucking in an 11 year old that resembled Koga. "WHO IS THAT?!" Inuyasha belted, staring down at the bed. Kagome spiked up and took Inuyasha outside and explained everything. The conversation lasted all night until morning….

The next day…

"So, your not mad?" Kagome asked, worried. Inuyasha leaned back on the wall were their futon was and spoke. "No, just disappointed. I understand what you did in a way though. You were lonely, and I deprived you of that. I am sorry, I just had to talk to someone. Anyways, it doesn't matter. She can stay, but if she does anything to threat this family, she is out." "Right, I got it." Kagome replied.

From there on out, Kotae was accepted. However, her life was going to change in 5 years; a tragic accident would occure, which leads to her exile.