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Summary: this story is inspired by the Kyu No Ken's Avatar of the Four Dragons (which if you have not read do so now. It is in the Naruto and Avatar: the Last Airbender crossover section). Sealed in ice for over 2000 years, the first Avatar, who learned bending from all of the sources, is found by the successor of Avatar Aang, Avatar Korra. A man known as the Peacemaker and God's Chosen is finally released by the curious Southern Water Tribe girl. Naruto Uzumaki is back.

Chapter 1: Awakening of the Peacemaker

'Daaaaaaaaammmmn' thought the young Southern Water Tribe girl as she was taking her faithful companion, Naga, the polar bear dog, for a walk. 'Those teachers are running me ragged and the firebending test is in 3 days. Uggggghhhhh!' She grabbed her head in frustration, not watching where she was walking. She walked right into large block of ice, knocking her on her butt.

"Ouch!" Korra yelled out. "Who put this ice in my way?!" She immediately attempted to waterbend the ice to melt. Nothing happened. A confused look appears on the Avatar's face. This is weird. This has never happened before. She tries firebending to melt the ice. Still nothing, however she does notice part of the snow covering the ice melted revealing a paper tag with an inscription she couldn't read. "Huh… I wonder what it says. Maybe the White Lotus masters or Katara can take a look at it…" she said as she pulled off the tag, not noticing the flash of two red eyes coming from the center of the ice.

"Come on Naga, let's get back as quick as we can girl!" She jumps on top of the polar bear dog as they take off, still not noticing that the red eyes got brighter.

Back at the White Lotus training grounds, Katara the widowed wife of Avatar Aang, was healing the burns of the poor individuals who happened to be Korra's firebending spar partners. Sighing she reflected on the over eager girl who was driving the White Lotus crazy. Chuckling she remembers when they found out that Korra was the next Avatar. To have already such good control over three of the four elements at her age was nothing short of amazing.

And for her to have such an earbender attitude was pretty odd though, especially for someone who was born in the Water Tribe. They normally aren't that hardheaded. It is very difficult to get the girl to focus on her spiritual training, which is more than likely why she struggles with airbending so much.

Her thoughts were interrupted by said Avatar bursting into the medical tent.

"Master Katara! I was walking Naga outside and I accidentally walked right into this BIG ice block," using her arms as a demonstration of just how big it was, "and I got frustrated and tried waterbending the ice to melt, but that did not work! And then I tried to firebend and melt the crappy ice block away and it still did not melt," takes a deep breath, "and then I saw this paper tag with writings I did not understand so please what does it say?"

Katara blinked as she looks at Korra who just finished a very long winded explanation in two breaths. Chuckling to herself she took the paper out of Korra's hands and gave it a hard examination. It was a paper tag but despite it being paper it was very rigid. It had a red border surrounding the paper with a bunch of writing in the middle. Dead center of the paper was a single symbol that she could not understand. The symbols looked similar to the writing of today but at the same time it did not. There was also some kind of energy that was being given off from this paper. There was something going on with this.

"We need to go see this ice block, Korra," Katara finally said. "We need to gather the White Lotus members and investigate this. Go get them for me please." Korra gave a mock salute and ran out of the tent.

At the Ice Block

"Where did this come from?"

"How can it be this big?"

"Why is it here?"

These were all questions being asked by White Lotus members present at the ice block. Korra could not but help but think the same thing. All of the members present tried everything; waterbending, 'Yeah like I didn't try that!' firebending, 'Again, already tried!' and earthbending, 'Ok I will give them that!' The ice was not clear, so they could not see if anything was in the ice.

This was a phenomenon that has never been heard of. And unbreakable ice block. It is really unthinkable, but here before them was proof that such a thing could exist.

"This is unbelievable," one of the White Lotus said. "We have done everything and yet it has not even a scratch on it. We need to infor-" he was silenced by two piercing red lights came from the depths of the ice block. "What in the name of- what is going on here?"

The piercing lights got brighter and brighter as the seconds passed until they blended together. The entire block was filled with the red light and soon became too bright for those present to look at it. Whatever is going on is also melting the ice.

"What is it?!"

"There is something in the ice!"

Korra thinking fast pulled up some earth to block them from the light and whatever is going on in the ice. "The ice is melting! How is that happening?!"

"This must have something to do with the paper tag you found on the ice!" Katara exclaimed.

"How is that possible?! A single piece of paper can't possibly be responsible for this!" Korra replied. She was about to say something else before she remembered something. "Was it like this when you released Aang from his ice prison?"

Katara just looked at her like she is crazy.

Whatever she said though fell on deaf ears as Korra's mind started going through some… things that were not hers… Memories? Yes, let's go with that.

The Memories

There was absolute chaos. She had read about some of the battles from the 100 year war, but this was awful. Bodies littered the coast, the ocean, and the cliff. There were these white human like bodies among the others as well. The 'regular' bodies were all varied in uniform, green vests, white vests, brown vests, and gray vests.

And then she saw something… Blood. There is so much blood. She had to force down a mouthful of bile that had risen up from her throat. The bodies was one thing, but blood? (I can't remember one time where there was blood in Avatar)

After calming her stomach down, she took notice that she was floating and the earth started moving below her really fast. Just as the earth was slowing down she felt a large amount of hatred. She looked to see a bunch of people using the elements in the most confusing way towards two men.

One looked like the devil incarnate. The left side of his body was completely cracked. His skin and hair is pale white and it looked like his skin is coming off of his shoulders and forming a cloak. He is wearing black robes from the waist down beneath his skin coat and had horns coming from his head. He is carrying a rod with rings on the top that jingled with every movement.

The other just looked evil and corrupted. His skin was normal except that fact that he had several cracks on his face, just like five other people involved in this battle. He had on red like armor that looked outdated compared to the some of the others out there. But the worse part of this man was the large blue spirit that surrounded him. She didn't need to be the connection between the spiritual world and the physical to tell that was a spirit of pure hatred.

And these two people that looked like evil had given birth to them, just took on all of these elements bent towards them. But the odd thing was they weren't bent, they were just… directed.

But there was one fighting that was bending the elements and she was sure that he is bending. And he is, just all the elements as well. He was the Avatar of this time! There are only two things to describe this man's appearance, two blood red eyes that shines brightly just like the light she saw in the ice. And he is covered in gold like flames.

He was doing some awesome things! He was bending the water in the air, he sending massive streams of fire that would be impossible without Sozin's comet, bending massive amounts of earth, and using air like no bodies business! (Korra's perspective)

Before she could watch more of the battle, the earth started moving again. This time it stopped at what looked to be a funeral service with… "Holy AGNI! That is a lot of people!"

In front of the… LARGE crowd was a pile of white flowers in front of a large statue. When she got a closer look she saw that it was the man who was bending. Even though she knew she did not recognize the writing on the statue, she could still understand it.

"Naruto Uzumaki, God's Chosen, Child of Prophecy, Master of the Elements, Rokudaime Hokage, Peacemaker, a teacher and a brother."

Then Korra's vision goes blank.

End Memories

Gasping for breath like she had been holding her breath, Korra's vision finally returned to see Katara and the White Lotus masters looking at her. It seems that the red light was still shining brightly and they were still behind the earth wall.

Katara is the first to speak, "What did you see?" She looked worried. She had a right to. She had just seen Korra go into some sort of trance for a solid minute.

Korra just stood there for what seemed like an eternity. "I, I don't know what I saw…" she finally replied. "There, there was so much b-blood and bodies Master Katara… It was a war! I saw an Avatar bending the elements in ways you wouldn't believe! And then it all stopped at a funeral with a statue of the Avatar calling him several things like 'God's Chosen', and 'Peacemaker'! Then everything went blank."

However before anyone could respond to Korra's description of her vision the red light stopped shining. In place of the red light there was a soft gold light that was giving off a very comfortable warmth. Korra, the ever curious Avatar, lowers the earth wall to look at the ice… that was no longer there.

In place of the ice was the man that Korra saw in her vision, with the same gold flames coming off of his body. He was in a meditative stance and floating in the air! But as quickly as the warmth that this man was giving off was there, it disappeared.

The man lost his gold flames and gravity finally kicked in for him landing on the snow, with a small fox landing on his back, both unconscious.

All those present looked stunned for a moment. Nobody spoke. Until Korra leans over and whispers, "Shouldn't we… I don't know… get him some place to warm up? He was encased in ice for who knows how long."

In the Medical Tent

There were a lot of questions being whispered going around, Who is he? Why was he in the ice? Just to name a few.

Katara had taken the man, and the fox, into a secluded part of the tent to look after him in peace. Outside of the secluded part of the tent Korra was pacing back and forth in a thinking position.

'So that was the man from my vision. But didn't they have a funeral for him? Ugh, this is so confusing! One hour ago all I had to worry about was my firebending test in 3 days and now I have a man that came from a block of ice that was an Avatar. But I wouldn't be the Avatar if he was at one point. Aang wouldn't have been Avatar either. And that war was not the 100 year war.' Gasp! 'Didn't Master Katara fall in love with Aang after finding him in ice? What if this is a thing for girls who find Avatars in ice?! I don't know if I can fall in love with him! I don't even know hi-' her mental tirade was interrupted by a small squeak.

Looking down she sees the fox kit that was with the man they had brought in.

"Well, don't you look cute!" (Tough or not she is still a girl and therefore susceptible to cuteness)

"Yip!" the fox replied and ran away from her and jumped onto one of the benches in the tent. After that the fox just sat and looked around then ran towards her and bit into cloth of her boots. The fox started pulling and for a little guy, he was strong.

"Wha-what are you doing? Stop pulling! We can't go in there!" she yelled as the fox pulled Korra into the secluded part of the tent where she will realize that her life will never be the same.

When she crossed through the flaps where she actually bumped into someone and they both fell forward.

"I am so sorry Master Katara!" Korra exclaimed thinking she had bumped into the only person she thought was conscious in the room. Korra quickly opened her eyes to see that it was not Katara but the man that they had found.

From Naruto's Perspective

'Ugh, what hit me?' was the first thought that came through Naruto's head. He had just woken up and was trying to sneak out of the medical tent. 'I need to get back the fight.' However when he opened his eyes he was staring straight into the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen.

After a while of just staring he realized that he was in a very compromising position with the woman that was on top of him while he was only in his underwear!

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screamed, jumping out of the position he was in. After three years with Jiraiya he had quickly caught on that half naked in front of a lady, especially an attractive one like the one in front of him, spells disaster in the form of a beating. "I am so sorry for bumping into you!" he said putting his head to the ground. "Please don't hit me!" He was sweating profusely by this time as any minute she would be kicking him and he couldn't do anything about it.

About half a minute passed by and nothing happened. This confuses him. Opening his eyes to take a peek at what is going on he sees that he was just being looked at like he grew a second head.


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