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Chapter 3: Welcome to Republic City

Naruto had been in a very depressing mood for the past three days. Why? Well the main reason is that the shock and repercussions of being frozen in ice for over 10,000 years. And what set off his shock and depression? The fact that ramen may no longer exist in the world.

However despite his depression, Naruto knew how to handle it. He had lost friends before. He was in a war. He had seen one of his best friends die right in front of him. He had seen his grandfather figure die. It was hard without the comfort of sweet ramen, but he managed. Besides, that granny could sure cook. Not to mention the very attractive Korra kept him company (not like that).

He was outside of the White Lotus compound at the moment training with Kurama watching.

Speaking of the now chibi fox, he and Naruto had decided that unless they were alone, he would not talk. This was just to stop the White Lotus from asking too many questions. They had relentlessly grilled Naruto on his origins, despite him becoming very annoyed because he wanted to train to keep his mind of the past. But nooooo, they needed to know.

"So…" the fox drawled, "what are we going to do?" This had been something that was on both of their minds as well.

Naruto stopped going through his katas and walks over to his where he left his shirt and coat, as he was training without either. He puts on his blue, semi-long sleeve shirt that just reached below the elbow and the blue, fur-lined coat. With that he also is wearing tape the reached his forearm, blue baggy pants, and some very comfortable boots. But seriously what is with these people and blue?

"I don't know Kurama," he says to the fox. "The toad sage said that I had to write a book, which I did, and train an 'eternal student', which I haven't."

"I have been meaning to ask, what did he mean by 'eternal student'? Did he actually say you had to train him?"

Naruto gains a pensive look and puts his fist against his chin. "Well," he begins pausing as he thinks back on that day. "He said that I would have an 'eternal student' who would take the title of Avatar. I don't remember him saying that I had to train him. And the 'eternal' part I don't get. Maybe his name is Eternal?"

Kurama's tail twitches up and stiffens. "Maybe you didn't have to train him personally. Maybe your writings on peace created followers and this student was one of them?" Naruto looks at the fox as if he was crazy. "Just stay with me. It is a possible idea. You said that because of your writings of peace would be accompanied by 10,000 years of peace, right?" Kurama gets a nod. "Well even you know that peace cannot last forever. Let's assume that tension becomes high after 10,000 years peace. Your book is old and no one reads it anymore."


"So one person named Eternal or whatever reads the book and sets out bring peace again, gaining the title of Avatar. Now, this Korra claims to be the Avatar and from what we learned from the people in the compound, the Avatar is one spirit that maintains balance in the world. So every Avatar from to the first to the girl is a reincarnation. You follow?"

Naruto blinks once before nodding. He decides he could do something productive while this theory was being spat out so he begins doing pushups.

"Good. Ok, so… it's rather simple. The first Avatar is possibly a disciple of your teachings. That's it. I'm done." He pauses for a moment and his tail came up and supported his chin… or whatever it is called for a fox. He gains a mischievous grin. "Isn't your girlfriend's firebending test in a few minutes?"

Naruto popped up from his pushups in a panic. "Oh crap!" He immediately dashed off propelling himself with firebending from his feet.

"Hehe, he didn't even den-"

"AND SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Naruto zoomed right back to face Kurama so fast the fox didn't even notice it. And just like that he was gone again.

Kurama could not help it. He fell on his back and started to laugh his ass off.

White Lotus Fortress

Korra had just started her firebending exam when Naruto arrived back at the fortress. She had seriously been enjoying the company of the first bender of the elements. He was smart, funny, had what appears to be an addiction to this ramen or whatever he calls it, and handsome. Wait- handsome? Where did that come from? Well he was also great with Naga and she trusts her opinion of someone's character over anyone else.

Korra was just throwing fireballs at two of her three opponents when she notices out of the corner of her eye that Naruto had shown up and was situated right next to Korra. He flashed her his smile and she smiles to herself. She felt a lot better now that Naruto is watching her test.

Focusing back on the task at hand she sees two of the firebenders bend towards her. Swirling her arms, she dissipated the fire and shot off two fireballs at her opponents. After that she saw the other bender that was behind her run towards her. Propelling herself up and back over the bender. Throwing fire below her, she took out one opponent. Landing in a crouched position she dashes up throwing away whatever fire that her other competitors were throwing at her. Throwing her fists forward, her fire connects and sends the other two to the top of the roof.

"WHOOHOO!" she cries out as she throws her hands into the air. Everyone except Naruto and Korra had a deadpan look on their face. "Hey! What's with all the doom and gloom people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go."

"You are getting ahead of yourself," the fire White Lotus member spoke up first. "We haven't even decided if you past your firebending test yet."

"Ahhh, come on, she did great!" Naruto spoke up.
"Regardless," the leader of this fortress spoke up now, "even if she has always excelled at the physical aspect of bending, she has ignored the spiritual side of bending. To be the Avatar you must master both."

"But that is why I should start my airbending training with Tenzin," Korra retorts. "He is mister spiritual."

"Do you think she is ready Master Katara?"

Katara closes her eyes and nods, "If there is anyone can help her, it is Tenzin."

"Then it is decided. It is now time to start your airbending training."

"YES! Finally!" Korra had jumped up and frozen in a fist pump position when she noticed the White Lotus had an exasperated look on their faces. She brings her fist into her hand and bows. "I mean, thank you for believing in me." When Korra starts to walk back, she jumps again and cheers to herself.

Naruto is about to follow but, one of the White Lotus members put a hand on his shoulder. "Mr. Uzumaki," he spoke, "what is your opinion on the Avatar?"

Flashing his smile as Kurama had shown up again and climbed on the blonde's shoulders. "She is very talented. But, I think she needs to have more of life than being cooped up here. I believe that her airbending training should be outside the compound." Naruto raises his hand to stay their protests. "Airbending is about calm and peace. Those are the fundamentals of the art. But, there is another fundamental to it. Freedom." Seeing that he will not be interrupted he continues. "She cannot be coddled in the ways of airbending. For a bird to learn how to fly it must leave the nest. At the moment, even if this Tenzin and I helped her while in this compound, she would never learn airbending. Let her leave, but make it her idea. So, my opinion, is that with her talent, I think she could become one of the better Avatars." And with that he walks off towards Korra to offer his congratulations.

Timeskip (3 days)

It was sunset when everyone in the compound spotted the sky bison with five passengers pass over. Katara, Korra, and Naruto with Kurama sleeping on his head were standing outside the gate when the large bison touched down.

Naruto could not help but chuckle when he heard the squeaky voice of a little girl, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

"Yes, Ikki," spoke the male who Naruto assumes is Tenzin, "for the last fifteen minutes, we are finally, here." He spoke the last bit in a sigh. Naruto could tell that the man is very tired. While he never had kids of his own, he could relate with his dreaded D-rank missions. He had to suppress a shiver when that thought crossed his mind.

The littlest of the family that was chewing on his father's head shows off his impressive mastery of airbending by flipping into Katara's arms. When he gets a good look at the old woman's face he flails his arms and says, "Unhand me, strange woman!"

"Meelo," Tenzin spoke exasperatedly, "that is your grandmother." Stopping his flailing, Meelo jumps out of Katara's arms to go start building a snowman like his sister Ikki. "Hello mother," Tenzin spoke turning his attention to Katara.

"It is good to see you all," replies Katara.

"Gran Gran," Jinora, the oldest of the airbending siblings looks at her grandmother in awe, "I've been reading all about your old adventures. I've been dying to ask you, what happened to Zuko's mom?"

Offering her oldest grandchild a loving smile, she replies, "Well, Jinora, it's an incredible tale!"

She was interrupted by Ikki who kept asking a bunch of different questions while she notices Tenzin helping his wife Pema off the sky bison. "Pema, let me help you. Careful now, careful."

"Tenzin," Pema sighs with a smile, "you need to stop doting on me. I'm not helpless, just pregnant." Tenzin just could not help himself.

Katara walks up to Pema and puts her hands on the pregnant woman's belly. "Such a strong baby. I can see another Airbender in your future."

Pema gains a frustrated look and expresses her wish for a non-bending child, her point being made when Meelo blows snow all over her face.

It is at this point that Tenzin takes notice of Korra standing behind Katara with a blonde young man near her. The young man was wearing a traditional Southern Tribe attire that he looks out of place in. Deciding to ignore him at the moment he turns his attention to Korra. "Well look at you, Korra. You look so big and strong," he said as he places his hands on her shoulders. "You've grown into quite the young Avatar."

"Master Tenzin, I'm so glad you're here," she said with a big excited smile on her face. "I can't wait to get started."

Tenzin gains a regretful expression. "Yes well…" He lets out a sigh.

"I don't think he has good news," Naruto whispers to Korra. She, unfortunately, had to agree with the blonde haired man.

"You're not staying, are you?" Katara said with a sad expression. As his mother, Katara knew Tenzin's expressions better than anyone. She knew when Tenzin felt guilty of something.

The look on Korra's face said it all. She was fairly disappointed that Tenzin will not be staying.

Seeing the look on Korra's face, Katara decides to avert a situation in the cold and get everyone inside for dinner.

Hut for Dinner

Naruto could tell was something wrong. He is good at reading people and he knew that other than not training Korra, this Tenzin is deeply worried about something else. It couldn't be his pregnant wife; from what Naruto gathered, Katara is the best healer in the world. If that was the problem then the airbending family would stay in the South Pole. From conversations with the old lady and Korra, Naruto knew Tenzin is one of five members in a council in Republic City, the city Avatar Aang worked very hard to build. So if anything is troubling Tenzin, then something is going on in the city that unites all the nations, and that is very bad.

"So when do you plan on teaching me?" Korra asks rather aggressively. She is very annoyed. She had been looking forward to becoming a fully realized Avatar and it is now out of her grasp for the time being. "A week, a month?"

"Possibly longer than that," Tenzin replies with a sigh.

Naruto brought his hands together under his chin and brought his elbows onto the table. This gesture brought the attention of everyone in the room. "There… is trouble going on in Republic City? No, not trouble. There is a situation. Right?"

"Hmm… who are you?" Tenzin wouldn't say it outright unless this man is someone he could trust.

Naruto, however, nearly fell out his seat. Regaining composure and the position he was in, but with a smile this time. "Ha, where are my manners? I am Naruto Uzumaki. Your future student found me in a block of ice." Tenzin actually fell out of his seat at that one.

"Ah, yes, well," Tenzin clears throat. "What do you mean by situation other than trouble?" He continues to divert the conversation.

"I am gifted with the ability to sense emotions," Naruto began to explain. "I can sense negative emotions fairly better than others. I can sense a lot of worry in you. Too much for it to be trouble. Trouble is problem that can normally be solved easily. Trouble refers to a problem that is like single person. A situation is a problem on a larger scale. By the look on your face," at this time everyone looks at Tenzin to see that his face shows that Naruto is hitting it on the money, "I am right."

Tenzin composed himself. "Yes, you are very perceptive. The situation is as you say it is. It is on a large scale, but it is not as big as you may think. But it does require my attention and presence in Republic City. My relocation to the South Pole has been delayed due to this."

"But why don't I just go to Republic City with you?" Korra interjected.

"Absolutely not," the White Lotus member at the table slammed his fist onto the table. "Avatar Aang tasked us with keeping you safe. We cannot let you go into Republic City until your training is finished."

This response got glares from both Naruto and Korra but the White Lotus member didn't seem to care.

"Protecting and sheltering are two completely different things, old man." Naruto ground out. Naruto stood up from the table and left. Korra soon joined him. They did not get this situation.

1 Day Later

Naruto and Korra watched the airbending family leave just 2 hours ago. Now the Avatar was sneaking around the compound, and towards the pin where Naga is being kept.

"Nice night for an escape, isn't it?"

Korra turned around to see Katara and Naruto standing at the entrance to the pin.

"I have to leave," Korra pleaded. "I have to find my own path as the Avatar."

"I know you do," Katara replies.

"And I am going with you," Naruto says. This elicits a surprise from Korra. "You break me out of that ice cube after I have been in it for more than 10,000 years and you think about leaving me in this frozen hell?"

"Watch it, bub," Korra mockingly threatens, "That 'frozen hell' is my home."

Kurama, who was resting on Naruto's head, yips and smacks Naruto on the head with his tail. "OI!" Naruto let out indignantly. The fox just gave a snicker and fell back asleep.

"Aang's time has passed," Katara spoke again shaking her head. "My brother and many of my friends are gone. It's time for you and your generation to take over the responsibility of keeping peace and balance in the world. And I think you're going to be a great Avatar."

"Thank you."

"Goodbye, Korra." Naruto and Korra began walking away out of the pin with Naga following. Katara let a smile grace her face. 'Those two are going to change this world.'

On the Ship to Republic City

Naruto was looking out of the window at the sea while Korra is asleep against her polar bear dog. Kurama is lightly snoring on top of his head and Naruto could also feel sleep taking him.

Naruto had finally gotten some clothes in orange. It was pretty much the same style of the Southern Tribe's traditional clothing, just in his favorite color now. He was in a burnt orange loose, sleeveless shirt that is open at the top. He had a brown fur pelt and brown baggy pants that are tucked into the fur lined boots. He even had bracer like gloves in the same burnt orange color of his shirt (imagine Korra's bracers in the 2nd season).

Naruto could tell by the air that there was something coming in the near future. Not only could he feel the energy in the air, but he could feel the evil intentions coming from Republic City. It was so potent that it woke Kurama.

"You feel that, partner?" Naruto questions the fox.

"Yeah… It is as potent as Obito's, before he repented," Kurama answered. "Whoever is producing this potent evil intention is most likely the source of that Tenzin's situation."

"Yeah, this 'situation' that Tenzin said was not that serious needs to rethink that position."

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